Disney Cruise 2022 Prices – All That You Need to Know

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Disney Cruise 2022 prices might be an important line of inquiry when planning a Disney trip. One of our first introductions to cruises or long ship journeys has been through the iconic film Titanic. So, if you want to superimpose the amenities and fun inside the Titanic on a Disney Cruise, you will have to know all the nitty-gritty details about it.

A detailed layout of Disney Cruise 2022 prices

While it is a dream come true moment to spend a few nights on your favorite Disney cruise, the entire thing might not be very cost-friendly.

The experience on a Disney cruise is unique, considering the entertainment, food, and luxury it provides. However, you might want to know the total price and cost break-ups.

Several factors might affect the total Disney Cruise 2022 prices. Things like destination, room types, travel dates, or the type of food that you choose might affect your budget. So, here is a detailed analysis of all the factors that might impact Disney Cruise 2022 prices:

Room type

As with the hotel rooms, on the Disney cruise also, the cost will vary from room to room. So, as this is the pre-requisite of staying on a Disney cruise vacation, let’s first get started with the room types.

The cheapest rooms on a Disney cruise are the staterooms. After that comes the Oceanview rooms. There will be no balcony for the Oceanview rooms. However, they do come with a porthole. If you want to enjoy seafaring standing on your balconies, you should go for Oceanview Room with a veranda.

Concierge is the most expensive choice among all the rooms in Disney Cruise 2022. Not only do these rooms have their balconies, but they also provide many amenities and access to the Concierge Lounge.

Disney Cruise 2022 Prices - All That You Need to Know

Choosing older ships

Another way of saving money is to choose older ships for cruising. Disney Magic and Disney Wonder are the oldest among the four ships sailing in Disney Cruise Line. Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy are the newer ones.

While reviewing the Disney Cruise 2022 prices, you might find some interesting facts regarding choosing old ships. For example, a four-night trip is less costly on Disney Wonder than on Disney Dream. However, both are considerably cheaper compared to the newest Disney Cruise Line, Disney Wish.

Ports and destinations

Apart from these two factors, another thing that impacts Disney Cruise 2022 prices is the port from where you are sailing and your destination.

For instance, a 4-night trip on Bahamian Cruise in Disney Magic starts from $2,074 for two guests. At the same time, the same Cruise might have a higher price if it starts from a different port, such as Port Canaveral. Bahamian Cruise sailing from Port Canaveral for a 4-night stay starts at $2,267 for two guests.

Moreover, some ports and destinations are way more expensive than others. If you decide to travel to Europe or Alaska, it will cost you more than choosing to travel to the Bahamas or the Caribbean. Moreover, Alaska or European trips usually cover longer days, adding to the increased price.

One of the most popular cruises is Disney Cruise from San Francisco. San Francisco is one of the most mesmerizing cities in California, or for that matter, in the entire world. You can also engage in different shore activities.

Disney Cruise 2022 Prices - All That You Need to Know

Disney Cruise San Diego

Disney Cruise California offers another very popular option- Disney Cruise San Diego.

1-3 Night cruise

There is an abundance of 1-3 night cruises from San Diego, and that too in an affordable range. You will have to spend only $1,334 to get onboard a 3-night Long Baja Cruise from San Diego and spend Halloween on the High Seas. These prices include taxes, port expenses, and other costs.

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4-Night Cruise

There is also plenty of 4-Night cruises within reasonable limits. Sailing to Cabo San Lucas, a 4-Night Baja cruise from San Diego will cost you around $1,135 for two people.

Eight dates are available from November 2022 to November 2023; for this Cruise, you can choose from them.

There is also a one-way trip covering 4 nights available from San Diego. It will sail to Victoria and Vancouver in Canada. The price of the Cruise is $1,975 for two heads.

7-Night Cruise

One of the most exciting Disney cruises leaving San Diego includes Halloween on the High Seas, which features a 7-Night Mexican Riviera Cruise from San Diego. It will cost you around $3,376 for two guests.

Very Merrytime Cruise features the same Cruise for $3,589 for two guests. These cruises are sailing to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico; Mazatlán, Mexico; and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Concierge rooms are unavailable for the Cruise starting from November 20th and ending on November 27th. However, if you want to travel on November 18th, you can avail the concierge rooms for $13588.

14-Night Cruise

If you want to stay for a longer cruise, you can choose a 14-night Cruiser from San Diego. Starting from December 3rd and ending on December 17th, this 14-Night Very Merrytime East Bound Panama Canal Cruise from San Diego is a one-way trip to Galveston.

It will sail to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico; Puerto Vallarta, Mexico; Panama Canal; Cartagena, Columbia; George Town, Grand Cayman; Cozumel, Mexico; and Galveston, Texas. The concierge room is available at the rate of $17,556.

Disney Cruise 2022 Prices - All That You Need to Know

Travel dates

Just like you need to recheck the dates and times when you want to visit Disney World, the same is true for Disney Cruise 2022 prices. The price varies considerably according to the time you are choosing to travel.

If you want to take a cruise during the peak holiday season, it will be cheaper than a low-peak season voyage.

For example, if you decide to travel during the December holidays, the entire thing will cost you much more than the same trip during September. The rates of cruises go up during long weekends and holiday seasons. The rates are cheaper during slower periods or hurricane season.

Some specialty sailings like Pixar Day at Sea, Halloween on the High Seas, and Very Merrytime Cruises are the most expensive.

Along with these, other factors also have a telling effect on Disney Cruises 2022 prices. Things like upgraded dining options, alcoholic beverages, spa treatments, travel expenses, and airline fares might affect your travel budget.

However, have you ever thought about what all costs are included in a Disney cruise? Some of them include basic cruise expenses, including stateroom, dining options, roo, service, Broadway-calibre shows, fireworks, child services, and youth clubs, some of the best services included in this cost budget.

Planning a budget Cruise trip

How can you plan your Disney Cruise trip within a budget? Don’t worry; we are here to help.

If you want to make your dream a reality and have a low-cost budget, it is best to choose Inside Stateroom. Moreover, you can upgrade your room choice while onboard if there are vacancies.

The Lowest price

These are some of the cheapest Disney cruises for four families, including two kids and two adults. You might check these out if you are worried about Disney Cruise 2022 Prices.

The highest among them comprises an 8-13 night long cruise which will cost you $6,709. This is an Eastern Caribbean Cruise.

The lowest Inside Stateroom Cruise is a 3-night Baja Cruise costing you $2,056.

Thus, even if these cruises are random and you can still have better options, but by these, you get a fair idea. If you want to enjoy the cheapest Cruise with your 4-membered family, the range starts from $2,050 and ends at $6,700 approximately.

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It would help if you also kept in mind that these are the starting prices during the low-peak seasons of traveling.

The Moderate Price

To upgrade your experience, you can search for cruises in the moderate price range. In this package, you can either go to more costly destinations or choose rooms with your personalized balcony.

So, maybe on a full moon night or on a Christmas occasion, you would like a full view of the ocean, not from a porthole but your balcony.

Thus, if you want a philosophical voyage along with a fancy one, it is better to look for cruises within a slightly higher range. Here are some of the cruises offering Oceanview rooms in the moderate range.

These cruises can range from $3,000 to $11,000, depending on whether you choose the Oceanview rooms, the ones with the veranda, and the place you are sailing to.

For example, for an 8-13 night cruise to Norway, Iceland, or Scotland, you will have to pay $16,162 to get a veranda room.

The cost is the lowest if you choose a 3-night Bahamian Cruise. The total trip will cost you around $2,983. However, if you are too worried about Disney Cruise 2022 Prices, it is best to stick to a short cruise because guests often complain that people get bored inside the ships. But, again, other tourists have said that they couldn’t have enough fun. So, here you will have to decide for yourself.

Fancy cruises are the ones that are the costliest in the Disney Cruise line. The budget can rise as high as $70,249 for an 8-13 night long cruise in the Mediterranean. The lowest range in the fancy cruises lot is a 3-night Bahamian Cruise. This will set sail on December 23rd, 2022, and reach the port on December 26th, 2022. This will cost a family of four $10,791.

The Disney Cruise Line Deal

Booking a Disney Cruise of your dream is now made even easier. This way, you can stay within your budget and fulfill your dream of boarding a Disney cruise.

Being a Disney+ subscriber has its perks. However, September 8th was a very special day for all the Disney+ subscribers. As of September 8th, if you are a Disney+ subscriber, you can book the Cruise of your dreams.

September 8th is known as Disney+ Day. So, since this day is over,  you can now book a stateroom for 2 full-fare guests. So, you can have two other guests free in that room.

Thus, if you plan to sail with your family, availing of this deal might lead to huge savings. However, one thing is worth noting; this offer is valid on select sailings in Disney Fantasy, Disney Dream, and Disney Magic. Sadly, if Disney Wish is your dream, there is no valid offer.

This deal is applicable only for those ships that set sail from January 2023 and will be valid until April 2023. Moreover, the deal is also available in particular stateroom categories and not all.

Other than these, there are other details and particulars that you should keep in mind.

  • The deal is not inclusive of port expenses, fees, and taxes. These are all payable by each person.
  • This offer doesn’t include suites or other categories having restrictions.
  • You must be a resident of Canada or the U.S.
  • This offer is valid for 2 staterooms, and each one of the two has to house 2 full-fare guests.
  • The primary guest has to be a Disney+ subscriber, and they will have to be onboard.
  • This offer will be valid till March 1st

So, if you still haven’t availed of this huge offer, grab a bite till it’s still there.

Final Thoughts

So, here we have laid out a detailed view of Disney Cruise 2022 prices. You still have the time to plan your vacation based on the deals. So, if you are a Disney+ subscriber, the offer is right in front of your eyes. If you are not, you can also decide to board a Disney Cruise while staying within budget.

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