Is Harry Potter on Disney Plus?

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Rewatching the adventure of the boy with the broken specs leads to the question, is Harry Potter on Disney Plus?

In our childhood, a considerable amount of time was spent imagining ourselves in the magical world of The Hogwarts, which leads many of us, even today, to curiously wonder, what Harry Potter house am I? when reflecting on those mystical days.

Is Harry Potter on any OTT platform?

The life of muggles and half-bloods, the person who cannot be named, and the four houses have had a permanent place in our consciousness. The equation that teenagers and adults have with the Harry Potter series and the film is paramount.

The fandom is divided regarding their respect for the creator of Harry Potter due to her insensible comments. However, that isn’t a bar in the Harry Potter craze.

So, it is very normal that with the increasing popularity of OTTs and Harry Potter’s connection with magic, people will ask is Harry Potter on Disney Plus.

Last year, HBO Max streamed the entire Harry Potter series. Previously, Universal had the exclusive rights for both on-air and digital screenings of Harry Potter movies.

But, soon, HBO Max secured them. This further raises the concern of where to watch Harry Potter movies free. Moreover, as Disney plus has been a hub for featuring HBO Max films, people may even ask if Harry Potter Disney is available there.

Is Harry Potter on Disney Plus unfortunately, doesn’t have a positive answer? They are not available on either Netflix or Disney Plus.

Is Harry Potter on Disney Plus

Why is Harry Potter not on Disney Plus?

Now, the question is why is Harry Potter not on Disney Plus? Warner Brothers Entertainment Inc. is the producer of all the Harry Potter films. They then signed a deal with the producing company- NBCUniversal and from then on it was they who owned it.

Moreover, if you are a fan of Disney World and it is one of your dream destinations, you must also know this. Universal Studios at Orlando has a theme park named Harry Potter World. Here also, NBC Universal owns all the rights.


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 Thus, if you ask does Disney own Harry Potter, then that is also non-affirmative. This is the reason why Harry Potter is not available for streaming there.

But, the fan’s mind is never quenched. A question still lurks in their head- how to make available Harry Potter movies free. You can stream the movies at the original platform of NBC Universal, also known as Peacock. The Platform also has other popular shows like 30 Rock, The Office, and other shows.

Where can you buy or rent it?

However, you can purchase or rent Harry Potter films on several platforms. You will have to pay $3.99 to buy each film on platforms like iTunes, Vudu, Microsoft, Google Play, Fandango Now, and Amazon Prime Video. Depending on which film you are buying, the cost may vary from $9.99 to $14.99.

Final Thoughts

If you do not want to spend such an amount, you can always go back and stream the film on Peacock. Else, switch on your TV, go to the Star Movies channel or HBO, and you will get to binge-watch the films. Harry Potter can neither leave our universe, nor can we leave theirs!

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