Top 5 Frequent Theme Park Goers Want Disney to Change

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What? Do you also want Disney to change? There can be things you might not be a fan of at Disney World?

Well, if you are one of the frequent Disney goers, a Florida resident, or a Disney fan like many of us, you might also hate a few new things Disney introduced!

Again, if you are fairly new to Disney, these statements might seem hyperbole, but sadly, that is the case.

While many people love numerous aspects of the lovely and magical place, there are things that Disney can still improve!

Things You Would Want Disney to Change

Just because you love something doesn’t mean you must turn a blind eye to its shortcomings.

So, let’s find out what are all the things that fans of Disney parks themselves have disliked about Disney World!

1. Park Reservations cause headaches to many Disney fans!

This doesn’t come as a surprise, honestly. With so many things being expensive at Disney World, park reservations seem like the last straw for many visitors.

Park reservations were a temporary measure that helped the staff regulate and control crowds at Disneyland and Disney World parks.

But the company has decided to stick with it, which frustrates many people since it grossly limits the number of parks you can visit.

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However, if you have enough money and a keen eye, you can book yourself a park reservation, but most people don’t get that privilege.

2. Genie+ doesn’t seem to gel well with many guests

Getting a Genie+ is not inexpensive. Also, you’ll need individual Genie+ for every member you decide to bring to Disney World.

This tool replaced the much favored Fast Pass system, allowing guests to sideline the queue and get to the parks faster.

After COVID, Disney replaced FastPass with Genie+, a paid service. You also have to buy an Individual Attraction Selection that gets on some people’s nerves who want to have a good time.

Genie+ App May Not Work as Promised Announces Disney

3. Not one likes ‘The 2 pm rule’

Many guests do not like the 2 pm rule where you can only hop to different parks after 2 pm. This seriously limits people from having fun and seeing things in the gardens for which they paid money.

Your $70 and more money will go to waste if the second park you visit on that day is already at the crowd limit. Therefore, Park Hopping Ticket can seem like a total waste of money.

4. Additional parking money makes guests frustrated

You are already spending a good amount of money entering Disney World parks. But people must pay additional parking charges if they park their vehicles at Disney Resorts and parking lots.

The parking charges range from $15-$20 for resort parking and $25 and above, going as high as $50 for parks. It’s no wonder that many people are disgruntled due to the high parking charges.

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5. The Disney CEO Bob Chapek

Is it shocking that people don’t like Bob Chapek? The dislike for the man is so high that the crowd booed Bob Chapek at the recent D23 Expo when he came upon the stage to introduce new Disney projects. It is safe to say that almost no one is a fan of Bob Chapek and how he is running Disney.

If you look at the online sentiments regarding him, it is not very favorable. The man has come under repeated scrutiny and criticisms, blatantly ignored. This presumably had distanced a lot of Disney fans from its intellectual properties.

From the decision to replace the FastPass system to hiking the prices of merch and food items at Disney World and removing fan-favorite events like Magic Express bus and NBA experience, people had little confidence in the man. After Iger left the studios, concerns were that Disney would change but not for good. For many, that fear might be genuine.

Disney World’s popularity

Despite these problems and the exorbitant prices, people still flock to Disney World. There are new attractions that Disney is planning to introduce to the Parks, like the Avengers campus and the new Princess Tatiana attraction.

So, things are not entirely doom and gloom at Disney World. But the overpouring crowd might take the cake off the top-most thing people don’t like at Disney World!

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