Is Disney Genie Plus Worth It This Holiday Season?

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There are tons of people trying to figure out, “is Disney Genie plus worth it?”. The reason? Another price increase!

It has been a year since the Disney genie was introduced into our lives, and going to WDW has changed ever since!

Is Disney genie plus worth it?

More and more people are wondering is Genie + worth it because of changes in rules making it difficult to adapt.

Imagine coming to Disney World for over a decade and suddenly going through changes that don’t seem to end!

Two days ago, on October 15, WDW made Genie $22 per day per person, from $15. You can do the math – 50% more than what it used to be!

Moreover, Disney also announced that the theme park ticket prices would also change, which means an increase there too!

What does this price increase mean?

Changing the prices right before Halloween can either mean additional costs to pay during the holiday season, or this is how it will continue to upscale!

Currently, we believe it is the first option because they are not saying they won’t charge $15 for Genie. But the prices will vary according to the day or the crowd.

So, is genie plus worth it Disney? Below we find out what people have to say about this. However, for now, let’s also note that Individual Lightning Lanes prices will increase too.

For instance, if you want to go to Rise of the Resistance, you must pay $22. So, suppose that’s the only ride you choose to avail yourself on a particular at Disney World. You end up paying $44 at the Hollywood Studios.

Who is avoiding Disney genie plus and why?

If you haven’t gone through the Disney genie plus review, click on that before reading further!

Some people have concluded that the answer is Disney genie worth it, and it’s a complete NO!

Let’s rewind a little to understand why it is how it is! Replacing FastPass with Genie meant buying a $15 (or $22 as of now) ticket to skip queues.

You could also go a la carte by choosing more rides and paying for them as required. But the initial plot of what Genie was to be liked changed with every new price increase, rule change, and so on.

The previous week shook up a few more frequent visitors, and some say it’s just getting out of hand! The flexible pricing this week changed for both WDW and Disneyland (previously $20). However, right now, the prices can change any time, any day! With the current price change, Disneyland genie prices have increased to $25.

If you check out the Genie prices at the My Disney Experience app right now, you will not find every day charging you $22. Some days could be $20, while the busier days can jump to $25.

Let’s also consider that going forward. We have Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas time. The prime days will make us burn more notes than you’d do today.

How to Use Disney Genie+ Correctly to Enhance Your Vacation

To pay or not to pay – what is the question?

So, many people have different opinions all over social media sites. On one end, some would rather pay more to have less crowd, while others would cancel going to WDW.

Disney World is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for many. If we had to calculate the frequent goers against newcomers, we would have divided answers. People flying down to Orlando from various parts of the US or abroad would do anything to have their dream experience.

Again, people who have grown up with Walt Disney World would rather not be here. The number of family members and the total cost of what it takes to have a complete experience here also change mindsets.

For example, a sole earner to bear the cost of coming to WDW with a spouse and children could be excessive. While on the other hand, some people feel price increase is the only way to curb crowds to get onto a ride faster.

We cannot deny that most frequent Disney World visitors are unhappy with the price change. The main reason? The wait times haven’t decreased majorly with the help of Genie. To most, Disney is just multiplying profits.

How to make the Disney genie worth it?

To answer is Disney genie plus worth it, we need to find a way to make it worth the expenditure. Now, how do we do that?

There are three unique ways to make the most of Disney genie, so check them out if you want to reap every bit of those $22 you pay.

Not using it for each ride

Disney genie is best used for rides that always have crowds. A ride always in demand will have people trying to get in with all kinds of passes. Utilizing genie in such passages will help you save time and use your money right.

Skip genie wherever possible

Most of you might not know this, but the app gives suggestions to find out which queue is shorter. You can skip using the genie on those lines and wait for your turn in the queue.

Buying Individual Attraction Selections

You do not need Genie for rides that fall under this section. So, if you choose passages that come under this on a particular day, you can skip Genie.

Expedition Everest Reopens After Refurbishment and Available on Genie

Final thoughts

One tip everyone swears by when coming to Disney World is choosing weekdays that are not around the holiday season. Not only are the prices low at this time, but you are also likely to experience low wait times due to fewer crowds.

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