Top 20 Disney Easy Piano Songs for Your Kids to Learn

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Disney easy piano songs could be the first tunes you help your child learn. Why? Because they are already familiar with those tunes.

Whenever we want to teach children something new, we must look for interactive ways that welcome their support and engagement. No one can outweigh the grandeur of Disney songs, and the fact that they are iconic is undeniable.

So, if you notice that your child inclines to play the piano, you can look up Disney piano songs with letters to help them pick up this instrument.

However, these songs aren’t like learning the English alphabet either. So, you must keep thinking about new ways to instill love and passion for Disney easy piano songs.

Sometimes, your kid might not find the entire task very easy-peasy. However, if you guide them well, they will eventually fall in love with the Disney easy piano songs.

Practice tips for Disney piano songs

Let’s begin with a few quick practice tips that might make the process easier.

Step 1

Firstly, divide the song you chose into sections so that the kid will not have to face the music in its entirety. It is also easier to retain in smaller areas than learning the whole chunk at a time.

Step 2

Secondly, once the child has learned the notes of Disney easy piano songs, ask them to play them slowly in the beginning. They don’t need to have to sound like the original Disney musicians. Once they grapple with the different notes and letters and piece them together in their memory, the rest will automatically be more straightforward.

Step 3

Thirdly, this is the most obvious truth of learning. Don’t pay attention to any other thing while learning. Distraction will not help you learn faster; it will only slow the process beyond comprehension.

Disney easy piano songs

Here is a list of 20 such easy Disney songs on piano that might be a delight for your kid to learn:

1. Belle

On a scale of 10, the difficulty score of learning this song from Beauty and the Beast is 5.

The song is an introduction to one of the main protagonists in the movie. Even if it has an upbeat melody, if you take it slow, this is easy to play.

Also, the song needs to be divided into multiple sections. In that way, you will find some parts easier to learn.

2. Let it Go

On a scale of 10, this song’s difficulty score stands at four, and this is a song from the Disney movie Frozen.

One might hit some problematic roads if one desires to master the entire song. However, you can also find easier versions of piano arrangements that one can quickly get hold of.

Written by Kristen Anderson Lopez and Robert Lopez being the composer, Idina Menzel was the singer of this beautiful song.

Elsa sings this song in the movie, and the popularity of the music is immense among adults and kids alike.

The original version of the song might be a little challenging to grasp, but if you want your kid to learn this song, there are much easier versions as well.

Top 20 Disney Easy Piano Songs for Your Kids to Learn

3. Circle of Life

The Lion King provides us with some of the best songs in the all times classic list. Circle of Life is one such film.

Tim Rice is the lyricist, and Elton John is the composer of this song. So, this is a delightful song that can rank in the top list of Disney easy piano songs.

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4. Cruella De Vil

101 Dalmatians is one of the most beautiful movies Disney has ever made. This is not mainly a prince-princess story.

Instead, it is a live-action animated comedy, and Cruella De Vil is the theme song and personal anthem of Cruella the Vil.

5. Le Festin

If you are familiar with the French language, then you will know the meaning of this word is a feast. What Disney film reminds you of many foods, restaurants, and dinners? Well, it is most certainly Ratatouille. It revolves around the life and explorations of Remy, the rat.

The songs of this movie are priceless and have a lovely melody. Le Festin is a celebratory song that is also easy to learn. This song celebrates the ups and downs of life and asks us to embrace it as it is.

So, apart from the music being an easy piece to learn, this can also be a tremendous philosophical learning for your kid at a tender age.

6. A Whole New World

Aladdin is a movie from the Disney franchise, and A whole new world is a melodious song from there. Tim Rice provided the lyrics for the music, and Alan Menken composed the duet of Jasmine and Aladdin.

So, if you are searching for easy Disney easy piano songs, you can’t possibly turn your eyes away from them.

7. Un Poco Loco

Another hit song from Coco is Un Poco Loco. As we have stated earlier, Coco is a heart-touching movie that teaches us the importance of family.

Unlike remember me, un poco loco is a very joyful song that the kids seem to love. Composed by Anthony Gonzalez and Garcia Bernal, this ranks as one of the best easy Disney piano songs that your kid can learn.

8. Can You Feel the Love Tonight

Lion King is a film replete with beautiful songs and melodies. One of the popular songs from the movie is can you feel the love tonight?

Elton John is the creator of this cult song which has bagged several awards. No music can be a better competitor for your kid wanting to fall in love with the piano. Introduce this song to them and see how they grow with it.

9. Gaston

On a scale of 10, this song from Beauty and the Beast stands at a score of 5. This is a karaoke classic as well. So, search letter Disney easy piano songs to get hold of the notations to learn this beautiful song.


10. Reflection

Mulan is a film that has provided many emotional songs, and it was pretty popular among kids from the early 90s. The song is a little slow-paced. Hence it will not be tough for your kids to master the music.

11. We Know the Way

Moana is a Disney film that stands in its own right as a film with no typical Disney romance, and that explores the life and adventures of a girl – Moana. We Know the Way is one of the best songs from the movie.

Lin Manuel Miranda writes the song. The other songs, How Far I’ll Go and You’re Welcome, are also some shining gems in her spectrum of writing.

This is a fast song whose difficulty score stands at five on a scale of 10. But, if you go slow and divide the piece into parts, it is not very difficult to master.

12. Feed the Birds

Mary Poppins is one of the Disney franchise’s timeless classics. If you are looking towards Disney easy piano songs, feed the birds might stand at a medium difficulty level. This song is liked by parents, grandparents, and kids alike.

The chords aren’t much complex, but it has some tricky melodies. However, if your kid has advanced training, they can quickly master it.

13. You’ve Got a Friend in Me

Toy Story is a very kid-friendly movie released by Disney-Pixar in 1995. One of the catchy songs from the movie is you’ve got a friend in me.

Imagine Jamie from The Haunting of Bly Manor singing this song to Dani; the entire atmosphere would have soothed. So, if you want your kids to come up with these juxtapositions, you might encourage them to learn this song!

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Since 1995, there have been different covers for this entire song, and it has also obtained nominations for several awards. This is a song of assurance, of building friendships and companionships.

So, if you want to instill these virtues in your kids from an early age, this is the song that you should introduce them to.

Top 20 Disney Easy Piano Songs for Your Kids to Learn

14. Colors of the Wind

For a long time, there has been much debate about the increasing role of humans in damaging nature. Disney movies often are known for their incorporation and depiction of friendly ties between the two.

Thus, the theme of the movie Pocahontas- Colors of the Wind is one such ode to nature. It also bagged the Grammy Award for Best Song Written for a Movie. Alan Menken was the song’s writer, and Stephen Schwartz provided the lyrics. So, this also comes under the list of Disney easy piano songs.

15. When You Wish Upon a Star

Everyone will agree to the popularity and timelessness of Pinocchio as a movie and When You Wish Upon a Star, as a favorite musical from the film. This is also tagged as one of the anthem songs of the entire Disney brand. The difficulty score is 3 out of 10.

The end part of the song might be a little difficult for the kids to learn; however, the entire piece is pretty straightforward and can easily feature on Disney’s easy piano songs list.

16. Under the Sea

A film with beautiful songs, Little Mermaid, becomes the best in Under the Sea. While the original version and speed of the song are a little difficult to catch up with, it is an excellent song to learn.

The difficulty score of the song is 6 out of 10. This song will take you inside the sea and give you a feel of the underwater world. So, if you want to introduce your child to the worlds that lie beyond ordinary comprehension, this is a song that you should choose,

17. A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes

What keeps a human alive in this world of despair? Hope and dreams. The realm of dreams is a space where humans can roam freely and never worry about their sleepless world’s burden. So, one of the songs that your kid can learn is this song from the movie Cinderella.

While Cinderella movie is not known for the great musicals that other Disney films have gifted, this song from Cinderella is genuinely one of the songs that stands out and is also one of the songs that come to mind whenever one thinks of Disney movies.

This song usually requires the only involvement of the right hand. But, if you involve the left hand, it might get a bit trickier. This song is worth the effort.

18. You’ll Be in My Heart

The difficulty score of this song from Tarzan is 3 out of 10. When Elton John was reigning the world of The Lion King, Phil Collins was ruling the musicals of the world of Tarzan.

One of the timeless classics of Disney songs is You’ll be in My Heart. Also, this ranks in the top sections of best Disney easy piano songs. So, this can very well be the song you choose for your kids to learn.

19. Remember Me

The difficulty score of this song from the Pixar movie Coco is relatively low. On a level of 10, it is 3.

This song is a melody that touches everyone’s heart, and if you can strike a chord, the audience can’t help but be teary while listening to it.

This film also has many other joyful songs, but this one weighs more on the emotional side. So, give your heart and soul and play the music from the core of your heart. It is also not difficult to learn.

The song even won Best Original Song in 2018 at 90th Academy Awards. The creators of this song are Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez.

Top 20 Disney Easy Piano Songs for Your Kids to Learn

20. Do You Want to Build a Snowman

Frozen is a film that has often been discussed as the most popular among kids. Its songs are also not an exception. Even though the song Do You Want to Build a Snowman might sound challenging to learn, once you get to it, this is indeed one of the easiest among the lot. With a difficulty score of 4 out of 10, this is a must-piece for the kids to learn.

Final Thoughts

Thus, this saga of Disney easy piano songs might end with this list. Disney songs unfold a life of their own. If you want to impart the knowledge of piano among your kids, this is an excellent place to start!

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