Tips to Protect Your Electric Trike From Being Stolen

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The terrible fact about the world of adult electric tricycles is that criminals see e-bikes as appealing objects to steal. A high-value e-bike and generally insufficient anti-theft technology make the electric trike an easy target for the lowlifes that steal bikes.

Stealing electric tricycles, like any other kind of bicycle, typically takes place in one of two ways: either the thief takes individual pieces from the bike, or the thief takes the entire electric trike in one easy step. Your best chance is to take precautions to prevent either of these outcomes. Keep yourself and your electric bicycle safe by following these security precautions.

The Choice of Parking Spot:

Let’s get the most basic question answered first. Even though it’s probably obvious, I’ll say it anyway: watch out for the spot where you secure your electric tricycles. You are familiar with the seedier areas of town; avoid parking there. Why put yourself in danger of theft if it’s not necessary? Avoid dark, dangerous streets where bikes are often stolen. Knowing which roads to avoid due to their reputation for crime might help you decide where to park. If you lock your electric trike, the likelihood of its theft will be reduced, and you’ll also receive some freedom of conscience.

Spend Money on Security Locks:

It’s possible to pick any lock. A thief using bolt cutters or an angle grinder may easily break your lock. If your electric bicycle is secured with a lock, would-be thieves will have to weigh the benefits against the costs before deciding whether or not to attempt the theft. Theft can be stopped by installing a high-quality lock or eliminated if the criminals move on to a less secure target.

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Make sure your safety is capable of serving as a deterrent. Locks, even those that aren’t attached to anything, occur in a wide variety, with varying levels of security due to material, size, and form differences. Due to their weight and rigid design, U-locks (also known as D-locks) offer better protection than lighter cable locks, which may be cut with a pair of pliers.

Install a Gps Tracking Application:

You may install a GPS tracking device on your electric trike and make it nearly invisible by placing it in the battery, the seat, or the light. Theft of e-bikes may be drastically reduced, and riders can be notified instantly if their bikes are moved thanks to the widespread availability of monitoring devices that are compatible with mobile applications.

Immediately after the electric trike is taken or stolen, the phone will start vibrating and sounding an alert. You may also use it to find your stolen e-bike by using its information to create a detailed picture of its last known location.

Put an Alarm:

Similar to how locks prevent entry, alarms do little more than serve as a deterrent. To prevent your electric trike from being stolen, install an audible anti-theft alarm within the battery enclosure or on other sections.

Lock Your E-bike Parts Securely:

Protect your electric trike by locking its components together. Let’s begin with the battery. Electric trike batteries are the most often stolen component. Securely locking a battery that slips on and off, such as one housed in an aluminum or plastic casing, is essential. These bike batteries nearly always have some factory-installed security, but more is needed to deter skilled thieves.

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The pins kept in place by the ones that slide onto an aluminum or steel plate may usually be removed with only a few snips with a pair of hand snips. It is possible to free the battery by bending the container out of the way with a screwdriver. You can use your lock to stab the battery’s handle to combat this. To some extent, this will discourage would-be bike thieves, but it won’t prevent dedicated criminals from making off with the electric tricycle battery.

Add an extra layer of protection against theft by securing the e-bike battery to the tube with a chain, ring, block, etc., that locks over the end of the battery and makes it inaccessible without your key.

Wrapping It Up:

Will people easily steal your electric trike? They’re not necessarily more challenging to steal than any other bicycle but they are also more difficult to replace. That’s why it’s essential to significantly avoid the theft of electric trikes because theft rates are rising in many areas.

Even while the number of people riding electric tricycles is growing, the likelihood that they will be stolen is increasing. Since they are usually worth more than a regular bike, they are relatively easy to steal. To keep your e-bike safe, it is essential that you use modern anti-theft measures.


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