Is Spider Man on Disney Plus With Other Films From the Franchise

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Is Spider Man on Disney Plus? Might have been an irrelevant question in our childhood as we rushed to the theatres to indulge in the superhero experience? However, times have changed. The newly emerging fans of Spidey or the old ones want o get back to the marvels in their personalized screens.

So, fans of Spidey seem to ask increasingly- is Spider Man on Disney Plus? If you are among such fans, here is your answer to all those questions.

Spider Man movies in an order

If someone asks you to name all the Spider Man movies in one breath, would you be able to do that? Predicting the answer to be a no, here is the list of all the Spider Man movies in order.

  1. The first Spider Man movie was released in 2002 with Tobey Maguire as the lead character.
  2. Spider Man 2 and 3 followed in 2004 and 32007, respectively.
  3. Andrew Garfield is cast as Spider Man for the first time in The Amazing Spider Man, released in 2012.
  4. The Amazing Spider Man 2 was released in 2014, marking the end of Garfield’s era of being the Spidey.
  5. Tom Holland featured as Spider Man in Spider Man Homecoming, released in 2017. Spider Man: Into the Spider-Verse was released in 2018, which is an animated version of Spider Man that accommodates different versions of Spider Man to combat evil. 2018 marks its release.
  6. 2019 saw the release of Spider Man: Far from Home.
  7. Finally, in 2021, the fans saw the release of Spider Man: No Way Home.

So, why did we put all the Spidey movies for you when you simply asked if is Spider Man on Disney Plus?

Well, the reason is that the answer to this question might be a little complicated. Not all the movies of Spider Man are on Disney Plus.

Recently, Disney Plus is streaming Spider Man. However, if you get excited by watching Spider Man’s thumbnail, hold your horses because not all the movies are available.

Why is Spider Man not on Disney Plus?

So, if you want to know why is Spider Man not on Disney Plus, here is your answer.

Disney owns some rights to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Sony owns some rights to Spider Man.

Universal Studios has made a deal with Disney that the former will not have any content related to Marvel themes around their park.

Meanwhile, a deal between Disney and Sony says that Disney can make Spider Man movies. This explains the entry of Peter Parker in Marvel Cinematic Universe movies such as Avengers: Endgame.

However, after that, there was a quarrel between Sony and Disney which led to an agreement that mentioned Tom Holland’s Spider Man would no longer be a part of MCU.

Again, something turned all things better.

So, finally, we have two Spider Mans that two companies can produce, which is a part of the deal. See, both the question is Spider Man on Disney Plus and why is Spider Man not on Disney Plus get super tricky from now on.

Follow us thoroughly if you genuinely want an answer to each. All Spider Man fans will know that Spider Man is a Marvel character. When Disney bought Marvel Studios, they also purchased the rights to Spider Man.

Let us get back a little and churn the cup of history to find an answer.

Is Spider Man on DIsney Plus

Marvel’s selling of rights

From the 1970s till the 1990s, Marvel Entertainment Group opened up the rights to the comics to different studios for their use in films.

The late 1970s saw the turn of Spider Man. However, as no one made a film in the given period, the rights returned to Marvel.

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Sony’s entry

However, understanding the appeal that Spider Man might have on the big screen, they sold their rights to Sony in 1998. Thus, this deal allowed Sony to make as many films as it wanted.

Hence, Sony bought merchandise and film rights while Marvel retained their comic rights. Following this, Marvel continued producing comics while Sony started flooding the market with Tobey Maguire films.

According to the deal, Sony had to promise on paper that they would make a Spider Man movie every five years, and they kept their promise. You can scroll back up and see they have consistently produced one film or the other until 2018.

If they somehow missed this time frame, Marvel was supposed to get back their rights. However, Spider Man seems to be the most successful franchise of Sony.

Disney’s involvement

So far, there is no sign of Disney. Thus, you might now think, how did Disney enter the picture?

In 2009, Walt Disney Company bought Marvel Entertainment for around $4 billion. Thus, as they are the legal owner of the company, it automatically means all the comic rights will be subsumed within them.

However, the merchandise and film rights were still with Sony.

The first deal between Sony and Disney

In 2011, Sony sold the merchandising rights of Spider Man back to Marvel, hence, Disney, because Sony was going through financial incumbency. But they still had the film rights.

However, Disney did want to get a share of the film rights as well. Disney and Sony thus signed a deal to own film rights for some time being. Sony was not having a good time dealing with the responses to the Amazing Spider Man franchise.

Thus, this big company boost was something that they could use to their advantage. After the deal in 2017, fans have come across several Spider Man movies which not only feature Spider Man but also other Disney-owned superheroes. The films that Disney made about Spider Man and having Spider Man are-

Captain America: Civil War (2016), Spider Man: Homecoming (2017), Avengers: Infinity War (2018), Avengers: Endgame (2019), and Spider Man: Far From Home (2019).

The breach

So far, so good. But, in 2019, there occurred a breach between Disney and Sony as the former wanted a more significant share of Spider Man’s profits. However, Sony didn’t want to say yes to these terms. As Disney had the rights to the Spider Man merchandise, it was not very profitable for Sony to give up half of the franchise.

Thus, Disney withdrew its involvement. One might, at this juncture, ask, is Spider Man on Disney Plus? Well, new news said that Marvel Studios is set to produce the third film in the Homecoming series. But how did that happen?

A new deal

There was immense backlash regarding this split. Hence, Disney and Sony again got back into negotiation. This new deal allowed MCU and Sony to make their involvement last for two more films with Spider Man.

No further terms of the deals were disclosed. Thus, this background of Sony, Disney, and MCU’s involvement in digging up Spider Man’s past can give a clearer answer to “is Spider Man on Disney Plus?”

Is Spider Man on Disney Plus?

Disney Plus can stream some of the Spider Man movies with this new deal, but not all.

Is Spider Man: No Way Home on Disney Plus?

If you are asking is Spider Man: No Way Home on Disney Plus, the answer sadly is a no. Spider Man: No Way Home is not streaming on Disney Plus.

In a pandemic-hit market, Spider Man: No Way Home was the first film to secure $1 billion at the global box office. However, despite this box office success, no one could spot the movie on any popular streaming services.

Owing to a new deal in April 2022, Disney could stream some movies of Spider Man and Sony movies between 2022 and 2026. But, these movies will not be on Disney Plus immediately after release. But, after some time, Disney might get the opportunity to stream them.

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As Spider Man: No Way Home was released in 2021, Disney cannot use the new deal to stream it on their platform. Thus, if you are eager to watch no Way Home on Disney Plus, one can’t help but dishearten you.

Spider Man: No Way Home is also unavailable on HBO Max or Netflix. It won’t be available on HBO Max because Spider Man: No Way Home is not produced by Warner Bros. Consequently, HBO Max is not entitled to stream any Sony movie.

Netflix cannot stream the film because its release year is 2021, and the deal says Netflix can stream movies from 2022. So, in this way, Spider Man: No Way Home cannot feature in any of these online platforms.

However, there is a platform that currently started streaming Spider Man: No Way Home. Do you want to know its name? As per the latest update, Starz started streaming the film on their cable networks and streaming app.

However, if you want, you can buy Spider Man: No Way Home on iTunes, Prime Videos, Microsoft store, and other places.

Is Spider Man on DIsney Plus

Is Spider Man: Homecoming on Disney Plus?

You might still ask is Spider Man: Homecoming on Disney Plus? Fortunately, the answer to this question is yes. Other films such as Spider Man, Spider Man 2, The Amazing Spider Man, The Amazing Spider Man 2, and Spider Man: Homecoming are on the streaming network. Spider Man: Homecoming joined the online streaming service on June 17th.

Is Spider Man on DIsney Plus

Is Spider Man: Into the Spider-Verse on Disney Plus?

Spider Man: Into the Spider-Verse is the animated film Sony produced in 2019. On Disney+ Day in 2022, Disney Plus added Spider Man: Into The Spider-Verse to their streaming network.

In this film, Miles Morale played the role of Spider Man and inaugurated an entire range of Spider Man characters. Thus, the Multiverse concept that MCU had till now faced a challenge when Spider-Verse came into being. Hence, if you were asking is Spider Man: Into the Spider-Verse on Disney Plus, here is your answer.

One can even anticipate a sequel to the movie in 2023, namely- Spider Man: Across the Spider-Verse Part One. Thus, this will be the initial half of a two-fold story. The probable release date of the film is June 2, 2023.

Is The Spectacular Spider Man on Disney Plus?

The Spectacular Spider Man was an animated show that got canceled back in 2009. Disney bought Marvel, and Sony was compelled to surrender its animation rights which canceled the show. Even if it ran for two seasons, it ended without closure.

Ultimate Spider Man replaced the show, which had four seasons from 2012 to 2017 on Disney XD. Drake Bell played the role of Spider Man in this version.

However, the Spectacular Spider Man is a story that narrates the origins of Spider Man and features a sixteen-year-old teenage Peter Parker. Even if there have been some animated Spider Man shows, the Spectacular Spider Man has stolen every heart. Thus, you might thus have a legitimate question- is Spectacular Spider Man on Disney Plus?

Would you put a glittering smile on your face if somebody said yes to that question? The news of the return of the first season of The Spectacular Spider Man has been a delight for many fans. No one knows when one will be able to stream the second season on Disney Plus. However, if you want to stream both seasons in one go, you can watch them on Netflix.

Moreover, one can buy the film on the Microsoft Store, Google Play Movies, Amazon, and other video stores online.

All thirteen episodes of The Spectacular Spider Man are now streaming on Disney Plus from October 19th. However, to binge-watch the 26 episodes together, you can stream them on Netflix.

Other animated shows can also give you a good heads-up. Spider Man: The Animated Series from the 90s can be an excellent place to start watching. This show has many solo stories and crossovers with heroes like Iron Man and daredevil. So, before watching The Spectacular Spider Man, you can start watching this.

Final Thoughts

So, is Spider Man on Disney Plus doesn’t give you a straightforward answer. You can either watch the movies that are there on Disney Plus, or you can mourn for the ones who aren’t there. However, a wise person will choose to fall in love with what is there at hand and not mourn for something not available in the first place. So, take this advice and embark on a new nostalgia ride with Spider Man on Disney Plus!

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