5 Things Every Man Needs to Consider When Buying a Hoodie Online

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Even though everyone has their own sense of style, everyone should have the basics in their closet. When someone wears jeans or a shirt that fits well, they always look good. The same thing can’t be said about hoodies bought online. There are a few things you should think about before you go out and buy a hoodie online. If you don’t want to look like a complete idiot, don’t make these 5 mistakes when ordering a hoodie online from the Anti-Social-Social-Club.

You Look Like an Undercover Narc

Hoodies aren’t the most stylish or appealing pieces of clothing. If you’re not at home, don’t wear a hoodie out in public. Most people would find it embarrassing, and it would draw more attention to you than you might want. A big sweater and baggy pants will make you look lost and poor inside the mall. If you put one of these on and pretended to be a liar, you’d just draw more unwanted attention to yourself.

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Hoodies Are Not Suitable For Anything Outdoors

The same is true for things like jogging and hiking that you do outside. Leave your hoodie at home unless you need an extra layer of protection from the weather and everything else around you is covered in snow. You can wear hoodies inside, but that’s about it. If you wear one outside, you should either put on some real clothes or hang out at the mall until people start buying things instead of just making fun of you.

Wear a Hoodie Only When You’re Being Active

It’s not a pretty sight to see a man running down the street with his hood up to keep his hair out of his eyes. You can keep dirt and dust off your neck when you run in a hoodie, but it won’t do much for your neckline until you tuck it in. On the other hand, if you wear that outfit to work or a big meeting, it sends the wrong message. You should only wear a hoodie when you need to stay warm and sweat, not when you want to look good.

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It Gets on Your Hair

When you wear a hoodie, nothing is more important than keeping your head clean. If you don’t, you’ll have to tell friends or coworkers who have never seen you without your hair who you really are. Before zipping up your hoodie, tuck your chin into the collar to get any stray hairs out of the way. This makes it less likely that something bad will happen, like food or drinks getting stuck in your hair.

It’s a Great Way to Show Your Pudding Belly off

When you wear a juice wrld hoodie and flaunt it with your stomach hanging out, you don’t want everyone to see how big your stomach is. Think about putting it on under something else, like a sweater or a button-down shirt. People won’t think you are overweight if they can’t see how big your stomach is. You’ll also be warmer and have an easier time changing clothes.

There are ways to make the traditional way of dressing better. When you know how to dress, you can be more productive inside and outside the home. If you wait to buy clothes online, you won’t look like an idiot.

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