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Have you noticed the heavy-duty outdoor umbrellas that keep you cool when you are dining alfresco at a restaurant’s outdoor space or a hotel rooftop or a swanky bar? Those are cantilever umbrellas in which the canopy is suspended in the air and is supported by an offset pole. These umbrellas offer you unhindered freedom under the canopy and an unobstructed view. 

The outdoor restaurant umbrellas also offer you a lot of shade coverage and are a key part of your outdoor decor. However, it can get super confusing when you want to choose the best cantilever umbrella in Australia. They not only come in a variety of different sizes, styles, and shapes but are also littered with technical jargon. Luckily, we are here to make it easy for you to pick the right umbrella for your space!

Read on to know how to pick the best cantilever umbrella in Australia

Size: The size of your umbrella depends on the space you have and the style you want. Typically, you must remember that your umbrella should extend over your set-up by 1m on each side. So if you have a chair set or a dining set, you might want to give the pieces of furniture a buffer so they are covered properly.

Shape: Generally, cantilever umbrellas are available in different shapes like octagonal, round, square, and rectangular. But you must choose the shape depending on the table or the space that you need to cover. A large rectangular cantilever umbrella or an octagonal umbrella works best when a large group of family members or groups of friends or office colleagues get together for a party while round and square ones are ideal for a small seating table. 

A lot of brands and manufacturers give discounts on the best cantilever umbrellas in Australia and you might be tempted by the reduced price. But we suggest you always choose an umbrella that fits your outdoor space. 

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Fabric: Choosing the fabric for the canopy of outdoor restaurant umbrellas is one of the most crucial parts because it will shield your guests from the sun’s harmful rays. This means that the fabric adds on to the overall dining experience and, therefore, you must consider investing in a quality product. A top quality fabric will ensure that the guests are well protected from inclement weather elements, be it rain or shine. It’s also scientifically proven that the canopy reduces the temperature of the space underneath it. So if you can make your guests comfortable under the canopy, they will visit your commercial enterprise again and again.

The most common fabric options are:

  • Acrylic: One of the most popular fabrics, acrylic is resistant to weather elements like sun, wind, and rain and can be used throughout the year. It is waterproof and offers you 95% protection from UV rays. 
  • Polyester: Similar to acrylic, polyester is resilient and adaptable.
  • Olefin: An eco-friendly outdoor fabric that is resilient and offers a high degree of UV protection. It is durable and long-lasting.
  • PVC Vinyl: PVC Vinyl repels UV rays and heat and is good for tough Australian weather conditions. 
  • Spanish recasens: A high-quality Spanish acrylic, the fabric is available in bold colours. It is durable, long-lasting and ideal for commercial properties like restaurants and cafés.
  • Italian Para Tempotest: The Italian-made product is a top-quality fabric in acrylic and is known for its durability.

Frames: It is not only the fabric of the canopy that is important but a frame is equally crucial. This is because the frame holds the canopy upright. So you must also choose the right frames for the heavy duty outdoor umbrellas to last long.

  • Aluminium: Aluminium is the perfect and most commonly-used option for an umbrella frame. The metal is lightweight and durable. Being malleable, you can bend the metal in many different ways. The frames are strong and corrosion-resistant and lend a modern vibe to your outdoor space. They don’t break easily in high winds, which makes the umbrellas durable.
  • Fibreglass: Fibreglass frames are wind-resistant and one of the most durable frames. It is also lightweight and corrosion-resistant.
  • Steel: Stainless steel is a corrosion-resistant and strong material.
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Tilting feature: Great for outdoor spaces, this feature is a trendy popular choice because you can adjust the angle of your umbrella throughout the day to move with the sun. You don’t need to get up and shuffle your patio space or move your furniture. Simply move your canopy to your desired position! The tilt option also allows you to move your umbrella up and down and from one side to the other.

Base: When it comes to bases, there are plenty of options. But we advise you to pick a base according to the size of the umbrella. You neither want your base too heavy nor too light. We have created a cheat sheet to determine what base best suits your umbrella.

  • Base recommendations:
  • 20 lb for small table umbrellas of 2m 
  • 30 lb for 2.5m table umbrellas
  • 40 lb base for table umbrellas up to 3m
  • 50 lb can accommodate table umbrellas up to 4m
  • 70+ lb bases can be used for large tables. 


If you live in areas that experience high winds, cantilever outdoor umbrella are perfect for your setting. Now that you know the style, size, shape and bases for cantilever umbrellas, you should be all set to buy the best product and enjoy your outdoor space all season long!

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