Where to buy dishes in Thailand?

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Buying tableware is a choice for many years. Tableware is used in every home during various celebrations, and for every day. Or perhaps you need tableware for your café or restaurant? In Thailand, you can find a huge selection of different tableware on sale, differing in design, quality, material, and functionality. Choosing the right cookware can be difficult, so it’s worth knowing the rules of how and where best to buy kitchen utensils.

Cookware is the main decoration of every table. Therefore, when picking kitchen equipment in Bangkok, we are mainly guided by aesthetics. However, this should not be the only criterion. And if you buy commercial kitchen equipment in Thailand, then you need to consider the style of your establishment.

Kitchen equipment in Thailand can be found in both offline and online stores. The second option is of course better because no one rushes you to buy, and for business owners, it saves time. 

Online outlets have long offered a large selection of colors of dishes and original shapes of plates (for restaurants and cafés). A plus of online cookware stores, is the cost because they do not have the expense of renting the store, so their prices are more attractive than in physical stores. So get out your prepared list of kitchen equipment and go shopping online.

Before shipping, dishes are carefully packed so that you get your order intact. Obviously, buying cookware from online stores has more advantages than offline outlets.

For example, at Kitchenwaremarket, there are many sets of cookware for restaurants and home use. Kitchenware is available in a variety of colors and shapes. The store promises fast order delivery.

Rules for choosing cookware in Thailand

The main factors to consider when choosing a set of cookware are:

How many people? Standard tableware is sold for 6, 12 or 24 people. For a family of four, a set for six people is enough. But if you like to host guests, you need a set for more people. In addition, tableware manufacturers usually provide the opportunity to purchase individual items from their collections. So, you can always make up for the lack of plates or replace broken pieces with new ones.

What material is it made of? The material from which the tableware is made is one of the most important aspects to pay attention to when buying. The most noble and timeless material for tableware is porcelain.

Although it looks elegant, it is delicate and quite expensive. Another option is earthenware. Earthenware is often difficult to distinguish from porcelain, and it is more convenient to use because it can be washed in the dishwasher. The last option is glassware.  Glassware is now a common type among products in this category.

The tempered glass is really strong, which makes it ideal for everyday use. Another advantage is the attractive price.

What are the items? Pre-packaged dinnerware sets usually contain three basic items: dessert plates, dinner plates and deep plates. Sometimes sets can include more kinds of plates: cake plates, soup bowls, and sometimes tea cups.

You can look at the offerings in professional dinnerware stores and see if you can buy additional dishes, such as vases, pitchers, plates, etc., to go with the set. The last category of tableware items is cutlery. They can be universal, but there are also special varieties such as cutlery for pasta, fish, or snails. 

When deciding to buy utensils, you should consider:

  • What kind of dishes your restaurant or café cooks;
  • Whether the design of tableware combines with the concept of the institution;
  • How long will last dishes because it will be used especially often and not too carefully.

Once you have settled the above questions, you can move on to the choice of style and cut.

Type and pattern. When choosing a dining set, it’s a good idea to opt for a trusted store. Although the purchase may cost more, but the set of dishes will last much longer. For people who appreciate simplicity combined with elegance, classic dinnerware in white will be a great idea. For bold people and themed institutions, modern sets with original shapes and expressive decorations are recommended. Also, worth paying attention to unusual colors. For institutions HoReCa you can select dishes in black, pastel shades with marble chips, classic white shades.

At Kitchenwaremarket there are many types of cookware. It’s worth matching the kitchenware to the style of furnishings of the apartment (restaurant/café). The most versatile is, of course, white dishes of simple shapes. On the other hand, modern interiors will perfectly decorate the corner cookware, also black. 


It is better to think about buying kitchen equipment in Bangkok in advance because it should serve for many years. When choosing, you should consider preferences for color and pattern so that it is in harmony with the entire interior, although the classics never go out of style. It is also worth specifying the number of people for whom the dishes should be designed.

If you often host guests or buy commercial kitchen equipment in Thailand for your business, it is better to choose sets, to which it will be easier to add a plate (or other item) later, which can be broken by visitors to your establishment.

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