How to Write an Effective Literature Review: 5 Key Steps

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If you are a university student, you will almost certainly be required to produce a project or research paper. You may be ordered to conduct the study as a commercial office worker accordingly. Composing a scientific report should not be troublesome if you understand the various aspects, why they are essential, and how you should draft them. Academic studies are among the initial and most crucial tasks in producing an educational article. This post will provide you with five steps to writing a literature review with no issues. Additionally, we will explore the central concept of evaluation.

Core Idea of a Literature Review

A literature review is a collection of scholarly publications that examine the issue under consideration. Scientific analysis allows you to underline critical ideas and methodologies while also exposing flaws. All this is possible due to providing a summary of prior findings. This lays a solid basis for the rest of your dissertation. It should be noted that a literature evaluation may potentially be given as a separate assignment. This is true whenever you are asked to investigate the study condition on your issue and assess and summarize your discoveries. All students have to decide on a literature review format and build a proper layout.

Where to Start?

Fortunately, scholastic evaluations are very similar to your usual essay assignment. The methodology may vary depending on the topic, but the initial purpose stays the same. Below we will go over the whole process of composing a concise report.

1. Conduct Research for Your Literature Review

Before starting to compose the text, you should prepare the material and essay examples for the issue. Nowadays, evaluating data for a subject is not hard since we have access to the Internet. You simply have to enter your request into the search box, and that is all. Professional assistance from the Papersowl literature review writing service is another excellent way of doing your assignment. Having your thoughts backed up by competent people improves the outcome of your schoolwork. Thus, the level of your studies will skyrocket.


Aim to have at least several unique source materials for your project. The more examples you have, the easier it will be to deliver a statement in your review. Other researchers like to leave links and references to similar articles. Use that to your advantage and extract as much data as possible. Do not be afraid to contact professionals since their skills and expertise may help you to avoid errors.

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2. Filter the Results

You will not have enough time to read all the pieces you come across. Thus, you must decide which materials are most appropriate for your study topic. First, consult reputable references and then examine significant concepts and historical investigations. Try to list them by priority and ask yourself if they fulfill your initial questions. Define the study’s benefits and disadvantages, what conclusion you can extract from it, and so on. If you can’t grasp the purpose of the research, try analyzing it in separate parts. After filtering the material, you must prepare a layout for your literature review.

3. Create a Statement & Key Topics

Now you have all the required sources for your evaluation. Your next step will be to organize them depending on the types of literature reviews. As a college student, you have to strive to deliver a statement that helps future researchers. For instance, your task is to analyze The Ugly Duckling by Disney cartoon and highlight its hidden messages. Draw a parallel between the themes described in the story and the patterns in real life. Define their differences and examine what knowledge gaps can be filled there. You have to understand where your opinion disagrees with the thoughts of your sources. Combine all that information into concise arguments for your review.

4. Build a Structure

Creating a layout for research publications is recommended before you sit down and write. This allows you to arrange your viewpoints and discoveries into a logical package. Besides, you do not want your literature study to appear like a grocery list. Teachers disapprove when you aggravate every bit of material you obtain without considering how it all fits together. 


A short intro, main content, and summary should be included in your structure. Put all your statements and explanations in a desirable order in the internal body of your text. Remember that they have to look like a rational chain of thoughts, one leading to another, and so on. This way, your audience will not lose interest when reading through the evaluation.

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5. Fill in the Content

Now, you must begin writing your literature review when you have completed your framework. Define the goal of your evaluation paper in the opening. You can clarify if the assessment article is a component of a more significant effort or if it is an independent essay in this section. Use the correct formatting and writing style in your papers. Put the general theory into your opening, then move to the main body. 


Subheadings serve as a fantastic separator for your arguments there. Ensure that your paragraphs are not too short and not too long. They should contain at least 4-5 sentences to deliver a logical point. Avoid using complicated language since it may hinder the curiosity of your school audience. Try to keep the phrases simple and give explanations when necessary.

Bottom Line

Everyone should be aware of how to write a literature review. Such papers serve as a free guide for your future discussions. If you learn the writing techniques for an evaluation, then it will be easier for you to deliver a point verbally. Not to mention that analyzing artistic creations helps you to improve your imagination and understanding of various topics. Movies and books always try to showcase issues from the psychological aspect. Thus, you have all the chances to change your own viewpoints just by going through all the literature. Yet, it is still advised to focus on creations that fit your liking.

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