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OPSTAR: Get Reflexion in your Geographical Area

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Office star is an app that reflects your geographical area. Among a variety of therapeutic businesses near you, we chose and introduced only exclusive and world-renowned corporations. You may discover various business details, from home ties to global Swedish companies. Office star, known as, has devised a program for massage organizations that provides the most accurate and up-to-date information. We hope that you will appreciate our efforts.



A common information network for the general public, Ophiat has weathered multiple hacking threats by changing its gamer tag three times from Opitok to OfficeCity to Opiat. Professional in Chungcheong, it is widely known in the region of Daejeon and Cheonan, so people who don’t know or don’t care about Ophiat are lumped as spies.

Nowadays, businesses are being criticized for their behavior and increased affiliate fees. This may be the reason, and rumors are circulating that the management of Ophiat has changed. However, since the Chungcheong area has such a large customer base, companies in the Chungcheong region are forced to join hands amid the mustard.

It has been determined that influential customers in the community also participate in large numbers to inflate the size of their organization. Above all, it has been a long time since it has been in the # 1 spot on Google since searching for” Ophiat.”


Op Guide

OPGuide was founded in 2013 and has functioned as a solid running info community site for four years. In 2020, it was transferred to two teams due to internal circumstances and presently operates as two websites. The 53 sites, labeled bogus, are now more credible than the real thing, with more ads and routine operations.

Only looking at the involvement of community members and community companies, the effects of the influence of 53 have reached their peak. Meanwhile, the community guide has been primarily centered on Seoul and Gyeonggi regions, but it has been allowed to promote affiliated businesses from Daegu, Busan, Gyeongnam, and Chungcheong regions. As a result, it is now known with conviction that influential community corporations are also involved.


Office Time

The office officially opened at the same time the OpGuide website was created, but the design was rather basic early on. Nevertheless, with regular management, it managed to turn the unhappy company into a lucrative service-based business that now has many affiliates and clients.

The community on the site is not active, so there is no unique information. The War of the Night disappeared many decades past, but several offsites continue to be called the official Spring and Autumn Warring States Period of offsite. Of those many sites, the Office Time site, which is still a vanguard, should be called remarkable.



OPSTAR is an incredible tool for anyone looking to understand the changing geography of their local area. It provides reliable information on everything from public spaces to businesses and schools, allowing users to plan their day or week easily. Its intuitive map features and detailed information will give users a comprehensive understanding of their location. Furthermore, its user-friendly interface makes it simple for all levels of experience to access OPSTAR’s many features.


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