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History & Meaning Behind Popular Lotus Flower Tattoo Color Designs

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Those struggling to find a tattoo that offers a deep and personal meaning will fall in love with the latest tattoo designs of lotus flowers. These designs are incredibly beautiful, and they embody a great deal of meaning and symbolism. 

This article gives insight into the history and symbolism of the popular lotus flower design for tattoos. Check out some of the hottest ideas for lotus flower tattoo that are currently trending as well. 

Some background on the history of the lotus flower

Historians believe that the lotus flower dates back to ancient Egyptian history. Hieroglyphics containing lotus flowers are believed to symbolize the idea of rebirth. Additionally, they were used to depict the start of a new day. The lotus flower slowly sinks underneath the water as the sun sets and reemerges the next morning as the sun starts to rise. 

In Chinese history and culture, the lotus flower represents female beauty and the concept of purity. It also symbolizes faith and harmony in marriage. In addition, the lotus symbol equates to the ultimate search for life’s meaning and represents new beginnings. 

Those who follow Buddhism equate the lotus flower to diving purity. A lotus flower in bloom represents the awakening of the spirit. 

In the Hindu religion, the lotus represents the purity and innocence of a fully awakened soul that resides in the world as we know it.   

Now that you know a bit about the lotus flower’s history, let’s look at what different lotus flower tattoo colors embody. 

Meaning Behind Lotus Flower Colors

Red Lotus Flower

Red lotus flower tattoo designs embody love and the heart. As well this color design 

represents passion, enthusiasm, and kindness. The belief is that the soul and heart should be open to embracing these qualities constantly.
A lotus flower tattoo is often heart-shaped or embedded inside a heart. This shows that the person with the tattoo is open to love or is embracing love in their life. 

Pink Lotus Flower

Similar to red lotus flowers, pink lotus flowers symbolize love but pink lotus flowers also represent affection. If the tattoo of a pink lotus is designed with exposed petals and buds, it means that the person has achieved or is aiming to achieve the highest possible level of enlightenment. 

White Lotus Flower

Symbolizing enlightenment and perfection, the white lotus flower also embodies purity. With roots in Buddhism, a white lotus flower tattoo represents the desire for achieving the highest level of spiritual enlightenment. 

Purple Lotus Tattoo

Those sporting a purple lotus flower tattoo possess a deep belief in spirituality, mysticism, and enlightenment. Similar to the white lotus flower, purple lotus flowers are tied to Buddhism. 

Blue Lotus Flower

Blue lotus flowers date back to Ancient Egypt, as they are associated with the celebration of one’s passing from this world to the afterlife. As well it represents wisdom, knowledge, and intelligence. The full-bloom tattoo design of the lotus flower   symbolizes an ongoing journey and growth of mind, body, and spirit. 

Green Lotus Flower

Though they are extremely rare in nature, a tattoo of a green lotus flower symbolizes the start of a new journey or rebirth. 

Black Lotus Flower

While it is true that a black lotus tattoo often represents rebellion, death and even sorrow, they also embody a firm desire to stand up for one’s beliefs and a deep sign of strength. 

Yellow Lotus Flower

Those who practice meditation and/or yoga most typically choose the yellow lotus flower for their tattoo design. This color embodies the path to both self-enlightenment and self-love. 

Orange Lotus Flower

Like the green lotus flower, orange lotuses are extremely rare in the real world. However, a tattoo of an orange lotus flower shows that you deeply appreciate nature and its beauty. As well it shows your dedication to your path toward spiritual enlightenment. 

Now that you understand the meaning behind lotus flower tattoo colors, choose the color and design that best represents you. There are dozens of stunning tattoo designs of lotus flowers for your selection. Here are a few of the most popular designs below:

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