Is Avatar 2 on Disney Plus or Other Streaming Platforms?

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The wait is over, as the answer to is Avatar 2 on Disney Plus is affirmative! Yes, the famous sequel to the 2009 movie Avatar has been streaming on Disney since March 28, 2023.

If you have not watched Avatar Way of Water till now, you must find out why you cannot miss this eccentric James Cameron masterpiece.

Do you know that a few months before the Avatar 2 release date (December 16, 2022), the first part of the movie was in theatres again?

It was a dream come true for many fans who regretted not watching it when the first part came out.

It also brushed up the memories of the beautiful Pandora, much like how we experience it at Disney World.

What is Avatar based on

If you have not watched the first part, there is a spoiler alert ahead. You can skip to the Is Avatar 2 on Disney Plus or other platforms section below.

The concept of Avatar is simple yet thought-provoking. It reflects how destructive humans can be for their benefit.

The fact that humans took spaceships to go to another planet (Pandora) and tried to tame species (Avatar) of other worlds shows how powerful people can be.

Well, we know with power comes responsibility, but powers give us an opportunity to misuse. The first part showed us how humans went to Pandora to extract a mineral. But their mission was leading to the destruction of Pandora and the lives of the avatars.

Jake Sully, the protagonist, and a specially-abled team member, is sent to live with the Na’vi species for this mission. But he falls in love with Neytiri and thrives on rescuing Pandora from the wrongful mission.

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Much like the first counterpart, the second one has a similar storyline.

Jake and Neytiri are seen spending 16 years together, reigning over Pandora and leading a family life in the unearthly world. But the humans return to colonize Pandora again.

The previous movie explored the beauty of Pandora’s land. But Avatar Way of Water has the most graphic and action sequences across waterbodies that they also inhabit.

Just like the dragon-like creatures of the land helped Na’vi the first time, there are marine creatures in this part. Together they go on another quest to save Pandora and win after several attempts and mass destruction.

Pandora explains the concept of colonization and how superior people always find ways to misuse the sanctity of their inferiors.

It is time for you to find out where is Avatar 2 streaming.

avatar way of water

Is Avatar 2 on Disney Plus or other platforms

You already know when is avatar 2 going to be on Disney Plus as it is at your fingertips already. It is available at your earliest free time, and you can start watching immediately.

Let us find out what other platforms we can see this movie in:


As Disney Plus and Netflix are competitors and the movie is not affiliated with the brand, Avatar 2 will not be on Netflix.

Amazon Prime

Contrary to Netflix, Avatar 2 is available on Amazon Prime. However, it will depend on your geographic location. For example, it is currently available in the US but not India.

How to watch Avatar 2 on Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime Video is not a subscription service but has a hybrid model. It allows you to rent and buy movies on this platform. Again, there is a subset model where you get to watch several shows for free when you are a Prime member. If you choose the annual membership, it costs you $119, while it costs $12.99 per month.

To subscribe to Amazon Prime video you need to:

  • log in to Amazon website
  • Select Amazon Prime Video
  • find a new tab open and click on it
  • start a 30-day trail after signing up and adding card details
  • depending on the plan you choose, the app will deduct an amount once the trial is over
  • open the search tab and type Avatar 2 and click Watch Now
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If you haven’t seen the first part, start with that and then move onto Way of Water.

Apple TV

Yes, you can stream Avatar 2 on Apple TV right now. Apple TV includes Disney so all movies available on Disney+ is also available here.

How to watch Avatar 2 on Apple TV?

Apple TV can be a one-time purchase for you. All you need to do is order it from the Apple Store. Once you acquire the device you need to:

  • link your television system with Apple TV
  • open App Store on find the in-built Disney+ channel
  • download the in-built app and install it on your device
  • you will find Disney plus streaming platform added to Apple TV
  • sign-up to subscribe to the app or log-in if you have subscription
  • find Avatar 2 from the ‘Search’ option and click on ‘Watch Now’


Avatar 2 is unavailable on Hulu, and it is less likely to find this movie on this platform.

Avatar 2 box office

If you are someone who picks up a movie looking at the box office collection, you will be happy to know it made $245,996,272 globally.

You could be wondering why did Avatar 2 take so long, as the first part came 13 years before.

Per reports, James Cameron wanted to ensure that the underwater CGI was perfect. The director had a massive vision and was committed to producing his best.

To top that, the first part was a humongous success. There was pressure to ensure that this part did as well as the one before.

FAQs is Avatar 2 on Disney Plus

Is Avatar 2 on OTT now?

Along with answering a “hell yes!” to is Avatar on Disney Plus, the movie is also available on Apple TV, Vudu, and Prime.

Is Avatar 2 on Netflix?

No, it is not on Netflix. It will not be on this platform across any geographic location as it is available on Disney, a direct competitor.

Is Avatar 2 on Amazon Prime?

Yes, Avatar 2 is on Prime and you can watch it online in countries like USA and India.

Is Avatar 2 on Disney Plus?

Hell yes! The movie is streaming on our favorite Disney+ channel.

Is Avatar 2 on Hotstar now?

India can now watch Avatar 2 now on Disney+ Hotstar OTT.

Is Avatar 2 still in theaters?

Nope! It is not available in theatres anymore. To have an immersive experience of Way of Water, you need to dive into OTT platforms!

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