The Best Disney Films for Teaching Language and Translation

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Movies are often made for entertainment, but good ones can bring about numerous additional benefits. Research has revealed that movies can help students improve their vocabulary, oral speech skills, and motivation while decreasing their anxiety and stress.  

Disney films have always been ranked among the creme de la creme of filmmaking, and they are used as a great tool for learning languages and translation. Check out the top Disney films you should watch if you want to improve your language skills and translation.

1.The Lion King

The Lion King is one of the favorites for kids and adults alike. It mimics the ‘coming-of-age’ novels about young protagonists growing up and going through multiple challenges and barriers. Lots of words are in Swahili, so the film can be a great resource if you are learning Swahili.

The film is also a great introduction to local culture and habits. It includes songs like Hakuna Matata and Circle of Life that students can use to pick up vocabulary related to the environment and nature. If you are pressed for time because of a busy schedule, make sure you use reputable TopEssayWriting to save some time. Let professional writers take care of your assignments, and use your free time to focus on watching Disney films for language learning purposes.


Mulan is about a young woman disguised as a man to replace her dad in the military. Many students use the film to improve their command of Chinese. In addition, the film is a good introduction to Chinese culture and customs. 

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You can listen to the film’s songs, such as I’ll Make a Man Out of You and Reflection to learn more about the vocabulary associated with discipline, training, and identity. If you need to translate some of your learning content into your own language, consider using the best language translation services. Go through reliable and objective reviews to identify the top ones that provide top-class quality. 

3.Beauty and the Beast

If you love Disney films, there is no way you could miss Beauty and the Beast. It is considered a classic and one of the greatest films ever. The story of a young woman falling for a cursed prince keeps attracting lots of viewers to this day. If you are learning French, you must watch this film. It is set in a village in France, and it includes French phrases and words you can pick up.

Make sure you listen to the film songs, such as Be Our Guest and Belle, to see how French words are used in specific contexts. This should make your speech more natural and free-flowing. If you are contemplating becoming a translator in the film industry, starting with Disney films is always a good strategy for starting your first steps. 


Frozen is a popular Disney film that follows the story of two sisters who make every effort to save their kingdom. Those learning Norwegian must put this film on their to-watch list. The film is a depiction of Norwegian culture and Norwegian family values.

Frozen also has a few songs with Norwegian words and concepts about self-expression and excitement. These include Let it Go and For the First Time in Forever. By listening to these songs, you kill two birds with one stone. You enjoy the great music and lyrics while practicing your language skills. 

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Final Thoughts

Disney films are extremely popular around the world. Ever since their first films came out years ago, Disney films have been known for their superior quality and great storytelling. What’s more, many Disney films offer great insights into various cultures and customs. This comes with the vocabulary of the relevant cultures and countries. Depending on which language you are learning, you must be able to find a film that can aid your learning efforts.

Joanne Elliot is an experienced teacher, blogger, avid moviegoer, and art enthusiast. She loves watching her favorite movies and using them as a means to augment form and informal education efforts. Joanne enjoys advising students on improving their educational approaches and learning practices. 

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