9 Tips for Renting Cars for Disney World

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Walt Disney World offers an extensive internal transportation network for guests residing on-site, including a wide range of options such as buses, monorails, boats, and trams. However, if you’re not lodging on the property, or you don’t like the idea of adhering to someone else’s schedule, the process of renting a car and navigating the Walt Disney World Resort is more straightforward (and potentially less expensive) than you’d anticipate.

Be Aware of Your Destination Once You Have the Keys

The majority of smartphones come with GPS and a selection of navigation apps. However, it’s important to note that when approaching or within Walt Disney World, most GPS systems lack the ability to distinguish public roads from Cast Member access roads or other restricted areas. Relying heavily on a GPS near the resort may lead to frustration. 

Despite this, the signage at Walt Disney World and in the wider Orlando area are quite comprehensive. By paying close attention to road signs, one should be able to navigate effectively. For those still feeling uncertain upon entering the WDW gates, seeking assistance from a Cast Member is always an option.

Read the Fine Print 

A frequently made error when renting a vehicle in Orlando is neglecting to thoroughly review the terms and conditions. It’s crucial to scrutinize all documentation meticulously before signing, as it may include concealed costs, supplementary charges, and unforeseen add-ons.

If any aspects aren’t unclear, requesting an explanation from the rental company before signing is advisable. Following this approach prevents unexpected shocks when it’s time to settle the bill. Therefore, it’s always beneficial to comprehend the terms and conditions before agreeing to anything, it could eventually result in significant savings.

Should You Prepay for Gas or Not?

Prepaying for your gas might seem like a convenient option that eliminates one less worry from your trip, but it’s usually best to avoid this. When you prepay for a full gas tank, you’re essentially paying for a whole tank without knowing if you’ll even use all of it. If you only use a quarter of the tank, you’ll still be charged for the entire amount.

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In Orlando, particularly around Disney, destinations are quite close together, meaning you likely won’t use much gas. Unless you foresee returning the car completely empty, prepaying for gas may not be a sound financial choice.

To ease your concerns, rest assured that numerous gas stations are conveniently located near Orlando International Airport, making it easy to top up near the airport. In the worst case scenario, if you return the car without a full gas tank, it’s not a catastrophe. You’ll generally only be charged an extra $0.02 per gallon.

Never Overlook the Potential Expense of Insurance

You might contemplate not getting an insurance policy when renting a car in Orlando. However, unforeseen incidents can lead to expenses that vastly exceed your expectations. Be it theft or damage, insurance is a critical element for any Orlando car rental. It’s advisable to research and fully comprehend the coverage you’re eligible for, as it could be a significant money-saver. There’s always a chance you might land a fantastic deal on your rental car insurance.

Rent from a Reliable Rental

Choose a reliable long term car rental, as opting for an untrustworthy provider could lead to disappointments or provision of substandard vehicles. To avoid unnecessary complications, it’s recommended to go for a reputable rental company that won’t let you down when you need them the most and offers high-quality vehicles at the most competitive prices.

Book Online

With a few simple taps on your smartphone or clicks on your computer, booking a car rental for your Disney World vacation becomes easy. This approach will likely save you time and money in the long run, making it a highly recommended option. There are numerous reliable sites we recommend based on positive past experiences.

Costco Travel and Car Rental Savers are two favorites, especially if you have a Costco Membership. Both platforms search the internet to find the best deals from all the major car rental companies.

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The beauty of these companies is they allow you to secure your reservation without requiring immediate payment. This is fantastic because, often, you can easily cancel if you stumble upon a better deal in the coming weeks or months.

Depending on your family’s size, renting a smaller vehicle than you might initially think you need is generally advisable. It’s not only less expensive to rent but also more economical on gas, easier to park in tight spaces, and the air conditioning tends to be more effective!

However, booking a smaller car isn’t always feasible, especially for families with five or more members, not to mention luggage. Don’t compromise comfort for cost; find a balance that suits your family’s needs.

Examine the Tires

Inspect the tires before you rent a vehicle. Undertake a comprehensive examination of the tires; they should be in prime condition, appropriately inflated, and securely attached. Tires that are loosely fitted or insufficiently inflated can often lead to traffic accidents. 

Occasionally, renters might drive on routes that can cause severe damage to the tires, or even cause them to burst. Therefore, inspect tires to discover hidden cuts or tire damage, which can benefit both the renter and the rental service.

Print the Car Rental Agreement Copy

Keep the original email detailing the exact rate you’re getting, or have your rental confirmation. Trust us, it could save you a significant amount of money. Online car rental services use promo codes to offer the rate you were assured when booking. Unfortunately, many car rental companies might not acknowledge these promo codes when you come to collect your vehicle and may try to bill you more than you agreed to. By having your confirmation ready, whether it’s in an email or a printed document, you can validate the rate you were originally promised.

Considerations Regarding Vehicle Size

Book a car that accommodates your family’s size. ‘Full-size vehicle’ may be interpreted differently based on your chosen rental service and understanding of the term. The classification may vary depending on your location. It might also be necessary to specify a particular car model when choosing the vehicle.


The secret to an enjoyable journey is selecting the appropriate vehicle that suits your requirements. Whether you’re planning a family holiday for a week or a short weekend escape, many choices are available. All you need to do is consider the considerations as mentioned earlier while deciding.

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