Disney DAS Pass, Registration, Accessibility, and Usage

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Disney has always been inclusive to ensure everyone irrespective of their physical or mental health is not devoid of experiencing magic. Disney DAS Pass is an initiative to make park visit convenience for the specially-abled to enjoy rides accessible to them and without wait lines!

So, what is the DAS pass, and how can it help you?

How do you know you are eligible to get a DAS pass?

What are the steps to register for this service?

All your queries will be solved with this post.

Hence, stay tuned to have a clear idea about the service so that you, too, can have unlimited fun at Disney Parks.

What is DAS?

For a family, going to Disney World with one or more person who requires special assistance, DAS makes the process comfortable and memorable.

In mind the problems of guests who can’t stand in long lines. This comprehensive program is not just about skipping the line but having an overall fulfilling experience.

The full form of DAS is Disability Access Service, and it’s apt for someone who should not wait in the line.

If you have this pass, you can bypass the standby line and access your favorite attractions quicker.

To acquire the Disney DAS pass, the visitor must have disability that qualify, and this includes non-apparent disabilities.

If you’re interested in acquiring a DAS pass, scroll down to know the eligibility criteria and how it works.

How does DAS work?

When you have the DAS pass, you don’t need to physically wait in line to ride a rollercoaster or some other attraction.

Instead, you will get a return time, and you can spend the waiting time anywhere in the theme park.

Many guests have the misconception that with a DAS pass, they can enjoy a ride instantly. The truth is that a DAS pass cannot give immediate access to any attraction.

However, you will be given a return time based on the existing line.

So, if you want to ride Haunted Mansion and the standby wait time for it is 55 mins, you cannot experience it if you return before 55 minutes.

Not sure what to do during the virtual wait? There is no way you will get bored as you can explore various other aspects of the park.

Disney’s resort campuses have a plethora of attractions like streetside eateries, high-end restaurants, entertaining shows, and unique concerts.

You should not miss Character Greetings, as you’ll get to click pictures with iconic Disney characters.

When your wait is over, go to the front of the ride to access Lightning Lane. One of the cast members will let you enter after scanning your pass.

You do not need to return in a hurry as your pass will be valid till the park closes. Take your time and enjoy early accessibility throughout.

What is DAS Advance?

DAS Advance is an interesting feature available for guests who register for the service ahead of their visit.

This enhanced version of the program will allow you a return window of one hour for any two experiences planned.

You can check online which experiences can be chosen, as only select ones are included.

You can reserve the return windows 30 days before the day of your visit and at least two days in advance.

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Securing your return time is possible with Guest Relations. However, the easiest way is to place the request on the My Disney Experience App.

However, here are some rides that you can book only on the day of your Disney trip:

  • Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and Space Mountain at Magic Kingdom
  • Expedition Everest and Avatar Flight of Passage at Animal Kingdom
  • Frozen Ever After and Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure at EPCOT
  • Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway and Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance at Hollywood Studios

Do you qualify for a disability pass?

Disney World does not specify a list of disabilities for which guests can apply for DAS passes.

Any child or adult who has a disability that makes it difficult for them to stand in a queue can get the pass.

According to this program, a person can get a pass even if they don’t have a visible disability. A non-apparent disability that can adversely impact your park experience makes you an ideal candidate to get the Disney DAS pass.

If you have anxiety issues, even that is a fair reason to ask for the pass. However, if you have a mobility-based disability and you depend on a wheelchair to move around, you aren’t eligible.


Keep in mind that the DAS pass is for visitors who truly need it. So, giving honest responses at the time of registration is crucial.

If they discover that your statements are false, you will be permanently banned from Disney resort campuses. They will also forfeit your previously bought Magic key passes, tickets, and annual passes.

disney parks

The registration process for DAS

Here is how to register to collect your DAS pass.

You can rely on one of these two ways for Disney DAS pass registration:

Registering in advance through video conference

Pre-registration is the most convenient option for disabled guests. You won’t have to provide any medical documentation to prove your disability.

The cast member will ask some questions, and if they find your answers satisfactory, you will get the pass.

The pre-registration window will open one month before the day of your visit and will close 48 hours prior to your trip.

You can get done with the live chat between 7 am and 10 pm if you have a Disney account.

If they approve your request, they will take your photograph. The photo is necessary for verification when you enter the park.

You can also talk to the DAS member and customize your DAS Advance experiences.


The person registering for the DAS pass must be present at the time of the chat. The minimum age limit for the person is 18 years, and based on the interaction, the cast member will determine your eligibility.

Registering in person on the day of your trip to Disney

Don’t panic if you do not get time for virtual registration or if you have suddenly made plans to go to Disney World.

The Guest Relations counter is there at all Disney Parks to assist you in such situations. For instance, at Magic Kingdom, the location of Guest Relations is City Hall.

At both Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom, it is located close to the main entrance.

Go to Guest Relations and explain why you require the DAS pass Disney. If they find your narrative convincing, they will issue the pass. You will also get to choose any two advanced selections for specific attractions.

Mandatory documents for DAS registration

The visitor requesting DAS should not remain absent during the registration – online or offline. You should have the tickets to complete it in a hassle-free manner. It does not generally take more than 10 minutes, as they’ll ask only a few questions.

If you have heard that a doctor’s note is necessary, you are mistaken. You only have to speak about your issues in a way that makes sense. DAS is a custom program, and they will tailor it to your situation.

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DAS pass and itinerary planning

For a disabled individual, there are several perks of applying for the DAS pass. If you decide to utilize the Disney DAS pass for anxiety, you will also get help planning your itinerary. When it comes to itinerary planning, in-person assistance is there for individuals with disabilities.

Then there is the Disney Genie Service, which is a complimentary service for people with DAS passes. This newly launched digital service is essential to make the most of your time at Disney Parks. You will get time-saving tips and personalized itineraries as part of this service.

Does Disney offer other services to disabled guests?

Disney’s theme parks welcome all types of guests – irrespective of their age and disability. Naturally, DAS is not the only program curated by Disney for visitors with disabilities. Handheld Device is another impressive service that offers captioning, audio descriptions, and assistive learning.

Additionally, the theme parks have updated their Guide for Guests to facilitate people who have cognitive impairments. It contains tools and tips created to give a satisfactory experience to such people.

What to do if you have questions or need assistance because of your disability? Look for Guest Relations at the park you visit, and they will guide you accordingly.

Key Points

Here are some things to remember about the DAS pass:

  • Disability Access Service is a free program, and you won’t have to pay any fee for it.
  • The best thing about the DAS pass is that it remains valid for two months (60 days). Once 60 days are over, you can re-register for the DAS program by following the same steps mentioned above.
  • If you are a DAS-eligible visitor, other members in your group can also receive this pass and have a blast.
  • You can register for your DAS pass before your arrival (via video call) or after entering the theme park. If you prefer DAS Advance, you can book a maximum of 2 Advance selections for a day (depending on availability). After that, they will give you one hour to redeem your choice on the day of your Disney trip.
  • The DAS program has several exciting features. For example, you can pre-register and say yes to pre-arrival planning. Downloading the My Disney Experience App is recommended to get updates on the return times.
  • A DAS pass granted at one Disney location won’t be valid at a different location. So, a DAS pass for Walt Disney World Resort, Florida, will be of no use at Disneyland Paris.
  • Applying for the DAS pass even when you don’t have a disability won’t be wise. Guests who make falsified statements can get banned from Disney Parks for a lifetime. Additionally, they will also not refund you for the purchased passes and tickets in such a scenario.
  • For more information, you can call (407) 560- 2547, the official number for Disability Services. You can also email your queries to the registered mail ID- disability.services@disneyparks.com.

Final Thoughts

We may conclude by stating that DAS is a wonderful initiative by Disney to accommodate visitors with disabilities. And it goes beyond saying that wait lines at Disney Parks can be painfully long.

So, now that you know everything about DAS don’t let your disability stand in your way of merriment. Obtain a Disney DAS pass, plan your visit, and you will have an unforgettable experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I get a Disney DAS pass for anxiety?

Registering for the DAS pass at a Disney theme park is simple, and it takes only a few minutes. You can join a video chat and book the service beforehand to avoid a last-minute rush. You can also collect the pass at Guest Relations when you visit the Disney Resort with your friends or family.

2. Does diabetes qualify for a DAS pass?

The DAS pass is for any person who finds it challenging to stand for hours before enjoying a ride. So, patients with type 1 diabetes can register for the pass and have a great time at Disney Park.

3. What is the DAS pass at Disney?

DAS, or Disability Access Service, is for Disney lovers who do not have the fitness level to stand in a conventional queue. It permits them to gain access to an experience in a Disney Park without waiting in line.

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