A Quick Guide On Rides At Disney World 

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Rides at Disney World are known for their exhilarating and breath-taking experiences. If you want to know about these rules, then navigating through this post until the end can help. Since its inception in 1971, Walt Disney World has offered some of the best rides to the fans. Astro Orbiter, Avatar Flight Of Passage, Dinosaur, are some of the most amazing rides of the Disney World. All you have to book your ticket as per your specific needs. After that, you can enjoy some of the best rides at Disney World. If you want to learn more about these rides and their prices, read this post until the end. Let’s proceed further. 

List Of The Top 10 Rides At Disney World

Below is the list of the top 10 rides at Disney World from worst to best: 

10: Soarin’ Around the World

This hang glider-meets-IMAX-like dome experience is the kind of technological feat that only Disney can pull off, with a steady breeze and the scent of roses wafting in your face. Flying over some of the world’s (formerly California’s) most beautiful properties is simulated in this ride. The Eiffel Tower and the Matterhorn (the true one) are among the sights, all set to a victorious score that leaves us with a strong case of wanderlust.

Location: Grizzly Peak (Disney California Adventure). 

Tips: You can get the best experience from Section B, Row 1 in the car. 

9: Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Due to tight turns and sharp dips that seem to come startlingly close to rock faces, this runaway mine train coaster winding through rainbow caverns and craggy canyons still feels quicker and more exhilarating at night. After a 2014 refurb, the coaster lost some of its lovably rough trip, yet it added an explosive—literally—final lift hill that has increased the attraction’s thrill factor.

Location: Frontierland (Disneyland)

Tips: Last three rows are the wildest seats in this wilderness. 

8: Toy Story Midway Mania

Midway Mania’s idea is straightforward: pull the drawstring on a swivelling blaster to fire targets in a 3-D projection. However, this whirlwind tour of boardwalk-style games includes the entire Toy Story cast, making it a much more entertaining experience than your typical plate-breaking, balloon-popping, ring-tossing sideshow. It’s almost certain that you’ll return time and time again to try to beat your previous high score.

Location: Pixar Pier (Disney California Adventure)

Tips: When shooting, bend at the wrist, not the elbow, to fire off best shots at higher speed. 

7: Haunted Mansion

The term “haunted” comes to mind here: Any part of the ride appears to be alive—or rather, undead—from doorknobs to candelabras. The Haunted Mansion trades frightens and creeps for grim comedy and realistic effects that have perplexed audiences for more than a half-century. 

Though a Nightmare Before Christmas makeover attracts the most attention during the holidays, nothing beats the standard version. In reality, any day we’d prefer the slow creep of those classic organ blasts to a Danny Elfman-inspired score.

Location: New Orleans Square (Disneyland)

Tips: To get the best ghostly effect, you should experience the ballroom-dancing ghosts.

6: Pirates of the Caribbean

This boat ride’s storytelling and setting are more engaging than the swashbuckling films it will inspire: The mystery and magic of a talking skull and crossbones and a treasure-filled cave takes over from the lull of a firefly-lit bayou and a softly plucked banjo.It’s a long ride, but it’s packed with unforgettable sights, from a mansion patio (complete with a stunning night sky) to a ship battle—not to mention the fist-swinging “yo ho” chorus.

Location: New Orleans Square (Disneyland)

Tips: The best way to soak up more seafaring flavor is to book a reservation at the Blue Bayou Restaurant, which shares space inside the attraction

5: Peter Pan’s Flight

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These flying pirate ships have been transporting park visitors from an English bedroom to Never Land for over 60 years. Despite the fact that Fantasyland is full of slow-moving, slightly too-short journeys, Peter Pan has always been the most charming due to its music (“You Can Fly”) and ride plan.

The provincial rooftops provide way to the London cityscape and, finally, the star-filled floating island of NeverLand, with no track underneath you. Sure, there’s a long line and a short ride, but it’s a small price to pay for such a pleasant trip down memory lane.

Location: Fantasyland (Disneyland)

Tips: Least-crowded time to ride: Before noon

4: it’s a small world

You’re missing out on one of the most enjoyable journeys ever if you can’t get over your dislike for that earworm of a tune—you know, just the happiest, most inspiring song in the world. The slow-moving boat ride, a midcentury blast plastered with designs from Disney animator Mary Blair’s imagination, has been singing its tune of global harmony since its debut at the 1964 World’s Fair.

Location: Fantasyland (Disneyland)

Best Disney character appearance: Surfing Stitch

3: Indiana Jones Adventure

There are plenty of nostalgic movie tie-ins at Disneyland, but nothing compares to Indiana Jones Adventure. The ride system is a bumpy thrill in and of itself: A four-wheel-drive vehicle careens through skeleton ambushes and fireballs like a seat jolt, rumbles, and zips along a track like a seat jolt. But it’s an encyclopaedic survey of Indiana Jones lore set to that famous John Williams theme that offers the magic.

We won’t tell you about all of the temple pitfalls, but expect this wild adventure to become a frequent part of your park visits.

Location: Adventureland (Disneyland)

Tips: Look not into the eyes of the idol—that would be dangerous.

2: Space Mountain

There’s a reason that even at the stroke of midnight, tired park visitors will queue for hours to ride this indoor, nearly pitch-black coaster. 

As your rocket climbs through a series of light-up tunnels and launch preparations, Space Mountain ramps up the tension; the music rises to a celestial crescendo just as you catch your first glimpse of the star-strewn darkness.

And then, with a fast countdown, you’re propelled downward into a series of abrupt drops and tight turns—almost entirely right-hand, but each one manages to feel unpredictable. The coaster seems to pick up pace when you ride it—despite the fact that we’ve learned it only exceeds 30 mph—until you come to a halt and want to ride it 16 more times. Who requires to leave earth to outer space when there is an amusing Space Mountain that is more exciting?

Location: Tomorrowland (Disneyland)

Tips: The best seat in the galaxy is the front seat of the front car.

1: Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance

Rise of the Resistance creates jaw-dropping illusions, while the rest of the game is all about easy tricks: The Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge main attraction is unlike any other coaster you’ve ever had. In reality, a planet-obliterating laser is required to achieve the projected speeds of a theme park ride.

You’ll walk through ancient caves that house the Resistance’s hideout, be recruited by Rey and BB-8, board a transport bound for Princess Leia’s underground base, and possibly be abducted into a First Order Star Destroyer—but all of this will happen on foot, and before you’ve even buckled your seatbelt.

You’ll be seated in a quick, Droid-navigated vehicle for the third act, which is just as entertaining as the first two with thorough storytelling and unexpected twists. It’s as if every sparkling minute of its trackless route is a work of art.

As you rush into the next room to weave around the metallic legs of a pair of imposing AT-ATs, you won’t have time to wonder how those plasma-red blaster bolts are apparently flying through thin air. It’s both a breathtakingly real experience and a thrilling dream coaster. It’s absolutely sublime; you’ll want to stay in the impossibly large hangar bay that looks out into space for another moment.

Extra Tip

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At any point during the attraction, you will find yourself standing on a transport ship; while everyone will gravitate toward a certain aquatic animatronic in the front, look out the back during takeoff and feel free to walk around the rest of the flight.


If you are a true disney fan, then this post describes some of the best rides at Disney World you can explore during your visit. If you love traveling and exploring new places, our blog section has many awe-inspiring posts for you. 

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