Disney World No Mask Policy Starts Today for Fully Vaccinated People

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Disney World no mask policy starts today after CDC eased restrictions for people with full vaccination.

The website of Disney World states that fully vaccinated guests will be permitted without masks. Starting today, June 15, this communication will apply to most areas of Orlando, Florida.

Although, visitors will still need to wear masks when traveling on Disney transportation such as monorails, buses, and the Disney Skyliner aerial gondolas.

Until June 15, visitors had to maintain the general rules and obligations of the park.

The park will not need its visitors to produce documents to prove the same. However, they expect their partial or unvaccinated visitors to wear masks and practice a physical distancing at all times.

Disney World no mask policy for fully vaccinated people

Previously, the park had mandated the use of masks both outdoors and indoors.

Since the Centre for Disease Control eased the masking rules for fully vaccinated Americans, the park decided to remove their outdoor masking directive.

Moreover, the park has also decided to ease restrictions regarding physical distance. This will be observed at specific places such as restaurants, shops, queues, transportation, theatres, and attractions embarking.

The park decided to stop applying digital masks on the pictures of their guests’ in-ride photographs.

The park also conveyed their eagerness towards reopening all their services even though it might take some time due to their limited workforce.

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It is important to note that all restrictions have not been lifted. People must do what they need to for staying safe. Some of the attractions will operate if limited people or remain temporarily closed.

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The website states that they are not ready to go back to how things were before the pandemic. However, they are optimistic that people will soon be able to hug their Disney princesses and friends.

If you have two inculations and plan to visit Disney soon, make sure you maintain the guidelines to still remain safe.

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