The Pigeon Forge Celebratory Events That You Might Enjoy the Most

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If you visit Pigeon Forge this year, maybe you’ll do it just because you need a vacation. Perhaps you have not taken one in several years, and now, you’re feeling ready. Maybe you saved up some money and you feel like hitting the road with the warm weather approaching.

After months indoors during the winter, maybe you’re feeling stir-crazy. Celebrating special occasions in Pigeon Forge probably sounds fun. It’s a local favorite, and people from other states go there often as well.

Maybe you will go because you are in a celebratory mood. Perhaps something just happened in your life, and you think you should commemorate it. We will discuss some compelling reasons why you might take a Pigeon Forge trip right now.

You Have a Birthday Coming Up

Maybe you have a birthday coming up soon. You can take a Pigeon Forge trip on your actual birthday or right around that time.

If you like rollercoasters, you can celebrate your birth when you ride some of the biggest and scariest ones in the whole state. Some Pigeon Forge coasters enjoy great renown, and you will like climbing aboard and screaming your head off.

If you want a quieter birthday celebration, you can walk in the woods afterward. Maybe you and your group can check out the Hatfield and McCoy Dinner Show, or perhaps you’d prefer the Elvis or Dolly Parton-themed one. Whatever sounds best, you can ring in your birthday properly in a festive atmosphere.

You Have a Wedding Anniversary

Maybe you and your spouse just celebrated a wedding anniversary, or you will have one during your stay. Pigeon Forge has some romantic spots. It is not just a family destination.

If you have kids, you can drop them off along your way. Maybe you have relatives nearby, and they can take the children off your hands. You can have dinner somewhere nice.

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You can enjoy fine dining when you visit The Old Mill Restaurant. This eatery has some great Southern-style food you and your spouse should try. You might also try Puckett’s Restaurant. They have some amazing desserts, so forget about your diet for a day.

You Just Graduated from High School

Maybe you just graduated from high school. If so, you might have college coming up. If you got in somewhere, perhaps you have a few carefree months. You know that you must buckle down and hit the books soon, so you should enjoy your freedom until September.

You can go with your family. They can toast your academic success up to this point, and you can discuss what is coming up next. You might pick a major right now, or maybe you’ll stay undecided for a while until you feel sure about your career. In the meantime, you can ride some rollercoasters, eat good food, and enjoy being a kid before the adult world grabs you

You Just Graduated from College

Perhaps you just got your college degree. Whether you have a Bachelor’s or a Master’s, now, you can figure out what comes next. You probably studied and worked very hard. Your efforts paid off, and now you have the paper which says you made the grades.

You can do some job hunting when you finish your vacation, but for now, it’s party time. You can attend some shows, eat at the buffets, and scare yourself silly on the rollercoasters. You survived academia, and now your life’s next phase awaits.

You Just Got a New Job

Maybe you just got a new job. If so, you might tell your new boss you will start very soon, but you need a little personal time first. You can use that time and take a family trip. Some Pigeon Forge memories sound fun before you must clock in and start making some money again.

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Perhaps your new job offers better pay and better benefits. If so, you should feel good about that. You should not just start your new job instantly, though. You deserve a little downtime, and you can take it with your friends and family surrounding you.

You Just Got Your Own Place

You might feel you should take a trip because you just made some other significant life change. Maybe you got your own place, and you’ll move in following this vacation.

These days, more people stay home with their parents longer. Some might move out, but others can’t afford it. They might stay home and save up their money for a while before they can get their own single apartment. Some find roommates and move out that way.

No matter how you did it, if you’re getting your own place, you should feel proud and excited. Your parents might feel the same way. They love you, but maybe they think you should move out, and they are happy you’ve reached this milestone.

You Just Retired

Many Baby Boomers have reached retirement age. Some still work, but more and more, you see this generation enter their Golder Years and exit their profession gracefully.

If you’re in this generation, and you just retired, maybe you can visit Pigeon Forge with a big group. 

Perhaps you can bring along your kids and grandkids. You might even have a family reunion with some relatives you have not seen in quite some time.

The pandemic made visiting difficult. In 2023, some older adults feel okay traveling again, and you can meet up this year. Pigeon Forge has hotels or motels where you can stay, or you might get some rustic cabins instead.

No matter where you stay or what you do while you’re there, you can see your younger relatives and tell them you love them. You worked a long time, and now, you can enjoy some peace and quiet. 

Before you do that, though, you might surprise your grandkids by riding the scariest rollercoasters. You can show them that you’re a senior citizen now, but you’re still feisty.  


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