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If you think of Disney, you think of cartoons, kids, mouse ears and lots of family-friendly entertainment. It’s a Small World, The Little Mermaid, Mickey and Minnie… all about the kids who are being accompanied by their parents. However, more and more adults are leaving those kids behind and heading to Disney World all by themselves and, as such, Disney World is starting to focus on a slightly older audience.

This is becoming ever more evident with the new projects, aimed entirely towards the older crowd. As well as offering special Adult Only Days and more mature Castle Concerts, they are taking the next step… casinos… which is their biggest adult-oriented project to date.

Exciting news awaits at Disney World, as a new dimension of entertainment is set to unfold with the introduction of a casino on their magical property. Get ready to embark on a thrilling adventure where enchantment meets chance, as visitors will soon have the opportunity to experience the fun and excitement of casino games amidst the beloved Disney backdrop. And for those who love to add a personal touch, don’t forget to try the latest feature – Pop Slots change avatar, allowing you to customize your gaming experience and immerse yourself even further into the captivating world of fun and fantasy. With this upcoming addition, Disney World is all set to redefine the concept of magical entertainment and create lasting memories for visitors of all ages.

Be Our Guest

Whilst there’s a lot to be said about playing at online casinos, such as, or the renowned Mostbet casino, imagine being able to combine the thrills of casinos with the famous magic of Disney. Well, you won’t need to use your imagination for much longer as Disney has announced that it will be opening a casino at Disney World, Florida. Roll back ten or twenty years and this is something that we could never have predicted!

It may come as very little surprise that the casino will be called ‘Mickey’s Magical Casino’. Because Disney World is located in Florida, there are not many laws that will restrict them from creating their new casino. All they will need to do is get approved for zoning – and that’s it. They don’t even need any specific permissions from the Florida government.

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Disney Springs into Action

The exciting new Mickey’s Magical Casino will be built next to the House of Blues in Disney Springs. Unsurprisingly, the west side of Disney Springs is where the majority of the Disney light life can be found and where adults spend a lot of time hanging out. As such, this is the perfect location for a new casino… and is likely to see a lot of action around the clock – by day and even more by night.

Well, according to sources, the new best Starburst slot sites not on Gamstop will offer everything a njormal casino has, but with a sprinkel of Disney magic.

But what can you expect? Well, according to sources, the new Disney casino will offer everything a normal casino has, but with a sprinkle of Disney magic. Of course, they will offer traditional card games such as blackjack and poker, but you will be playing them with special Disney flavor cards. Their slot games will also be based on Disney as well, so you can expect to see Marvel, Star Wars, ESPN, Disney/Pixar and Disney World-themed games. To add the icing on the cake, Mickey’s Magical Casino is going to be the only casino in the entire world where you will be able to experience for real the popular Star Wars card game, Sabacc.

Embrace Affordable Gaming in 2023

As Disney World continues to captivate visitors with its enchanting experiences, there’s another magical world emerging nearby. In 2023, you can venture into the realm of affordable gaming with 5 Dollar Deposit Casinos.

These casinos offer an enticing opportunity to enjoy a variety of games without a hefty financial commitment. With a minimum deposit of just $5, you can immerse yourself in the excitement of casino entertainment while managing your budget effectively.

Before you are our guest at Disney World, consider exploring the world of 2023 Low Deposits to discover a unique fusion of fun and affordability. It’s a chance to make your visit to the Disney World property even more memorable with some budget-friendly gaming thrills.

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Bet on the Outcome of Disney Events

What’s more, you will even have the chance to place bets on the outcome of special Disney events! This will work in a similar way to sports betting, but your bets will simply be made on the things that will be happening that day in Disney World. So, for example, you can make an under/over bet on the longest queue time for a specific attraction, or you could place a bet on what attraction gets the longest queue of the day. This will take your experience to the very next level and it certainly promises some serious excitement. 


You could place your bets on whether Space Mountain will have a maximum waiting time of over 90 minutes that day… or you may want to place a wager on whether Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance will have the longest waiting time of any attraction that day. The betting opportunities will be plentiful.

Hungry Work

Gambling and casino games can be hungry and thirsty work. So, it will come as no surprise that Mickey’s Magical Casino will be serving up lots of Disney-themed drinks – similar to those you will find all across the theme park. As well as this, there will also be a full-service kitchen, where you can enjoy some of the best food in the entire park. 

The good news is that Disney hasn’t completely forgotten its roots. This is not for adults only. Yes, you may have to be over 21 to step foot in the gambling area. However, there will also be a super size arcade where the kids can go with their parents to enjoy their own gaming experience, so no one feels left out.

Even better news? Well, you won’t have long to wait. This project is expected to be completed by the end of 2023 or early 2024, which means you have just enough time to save up your dollars, book your flights and experience a magical casino experience like never before. Are you ready for a sprinkle of fairy dust on your casino experience? It’s almost here…


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