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Pixar Movies in Order of Release and the Magical Stories in Brief

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Young or old, men or women – everyone turns into a happy and excited kid when it comes to watching a Pixar Movie. Pixar Animation Studio has created a parallel universe for animated movie lovers. And we all want to be teleported to that world. Until we reach there, we can at least savor this fantasy world created by Pixar through their movies. So here is the complete list of Pixar Movies in order. Take a look.

Pixar Movies in Order

From 1995 to now, Pixar has produced many entertaining animated movies. Some brought smiles to our lips, while some made us cry – but every movie delivered a strong message coated in entertainment.

If you want to unveil the vast universe of Pixar movies, watch these Pixar movies in order of release.

Here is the list of all Pixar movies in order:

Toy Story

Released In – 1995

Toy Story, one of the most loved fantasy movies of all time, is not only the first name in the list of Pixar collection but also the first entirely computer-animated movie. The story revolves around Andy’s collection of toys.

Woody, a cowboy doll and Andy’s favorite toy, feels threatened by Buzz Lightyear, an action figure who thinks he is a real space ranger.

When Buzz replaces Woody from Andy’s most-loved toy spot, Woody gets jealous. The life of these living toys takes a 360-degree turn when Andy and his family move to a new neighborhood, where Andy’s weird next-door neighbor takes them to his house.

This film also introduced the world to Pizza Planet truck and Luxo Ball, that appear in all the Pixar films. Big names, including Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, Jim Varney, Don Rickles, John Ratzenberger, Wallace Shawn, and Annie Potts gave thier voices to this movie.

woody toy story

A Bug’s Life

Released In – 1998

Voiced by Dave Foley, Kevin Spacey, Hayden Panettiere, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Phyllis Diller and others. A Bug’s Life follows the life of an ant named Flik, who recruits a troop of circus bugs to fight a group of grasshoppers who purloin their food.

The movie will take you on an adventure ride with two groups fighting against each other.

Toy Story 2

Released In – 1999

Given the stir Toy Story created, it was only natural for Pixar to come up with a sequel to the most-loved animation. And so, in 1999, Tom Hanks and Tim Allen again took up their roles of Woody and Buzz Lightyear, and took us into their wonderful world of toys.

In this installment, Woody landed into the trap of a toy collector, Al McWhiggin. The story revolves around how Buzz and his accompaniments rescue Woody.

Pixar movies in order

Mosters, Inc.

Released In – 2001

In 2001 came Monsters, Inc., fourth in the list of Pixar movies in order by year. This cute story took us into the world of best friends Sully and Mike, who work in the company, Monsters, Inc.

Sully, the son of a renowned scarer, wants to be the best scarer. However, his life turns upside down when he meets Boo, a human child. Brought up with the notion that human kids are toxic, Sully wants to get rid of Boo. However, gradually, a sweet bond furbishes between the two.

The story traces friendships, affection, innocence, and morality.

Finding Nemo

Released In – 2003

Finding Nemo is another jewel in Pixar’s crown. It is one of the most popular and loved animated feature films.

The story revolves around Nemo, who was abducted from the Great Barrier and sent to Sydney. Marlin, Nemo’s father, joined forces with Dory, a blue tang with short-term memory loss, to search for Nemo.

The Incredibles

Released In – 2004

The Incredibles brought the world of superheroes alive. The super-powered family finds themselves in a fix when the government bans all super-powered activities. However, they again get an opportunity to dive into an adventure when a robot creates chaos on an island.

Names like Craig T. Nelson, Holly Hunter, Spenser Fox, Sarah Vowell, Samuel L. Jackson, Jason Lee, and Elizabeth Pena lent their voices to the movie.


Released In – 2006

Cars is one of the most prized franchises in the Pixar archive. The animated adventure-comedy is about a racing car, Lightning McQueen, trying to win the Piston Cup. However, it finds itself in the lurch in a rundown town. Now Lightning McQueen has to do community service to repave the road in Radiator Springs before hitting the racing track again.

Owen Wilson, Bonnie Hunt, Paul Newman, etc., comprise the cast.


Released In – 2007

Remy, a rat, moves to Paris to become a famous chef. With the help of Chef Luigi, he embarks on a journey to fulfill his longstanding dream.

Remy’s journey to becoming a chef is sure to bring a smile to everyone’s lips.

Remy Ratatouille Disney World Celebrations Highlights


Released In – 2008

In 2008, Pixar Animation Studio produced WALL-E, a computer-animated sci-fi romance.

The story is about WALL-E, i.e., Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-class, the last robot on the planet. He is captivated by EVE, a probe on a scanning mission on Earth.

The story is about how he pursues his love interest across the galaxy.

Pixar Movies in Order of Release and the Magical Stories in Brief


Released In – 2009

A critically-acclaimed animated movie with five Oscar nominations, Up is a treat to watch. It traces the life of a widower, Carl Fredricksen, who wants to tie thousands of balloons to his house and embark on an aerial journey to South America. However, chaos ensue when he discovers a boy named Russell onboard.

Up is the second animated movie in history to be nominated for the Academy Award for Best Picture.

Toy Story 3

Released In – 2010

Third in the franchise and eleventh in the list of Pixar movies in order, Toy Story 3 brought back Tom Hanks and Tim Allen in their roles of Woody and Buzz Lightyear. This time around, the toy gang is stuck in a daycare center. Woody sets on a mission to take his gang back home.

Cars 2

Released In – 2011

The racing adventure continues for Lightning McQueen, but this time in Japan and Europe as he participates in the World Grand Prix. However, a cloak-and-dagger activity takes center stage.

Mater, Lightning’s companion, lands in a soup of international espionage.


Released In – 2012

With the famous voices of Emma Thompson, Kelly Macdonald, Billy Connolly, Robbie Coltrane, Julie Walters, Craig Ferguson, Kevin McKidd, and many others, Brave hit the theaters in 2012.

Merida, a skilled archer, breaks the barrier and creates a different life for herself. She relinquishes her royal lineage, creating chaos in her kingdom.

Determined to carve her own oath, she reaches out to an eccentric witch to reverse a beastly curse.

Monsters University

Released In – 2013

Monsters University is a prequel to Pixar’s 2001 gem, Monsters, Inc.

The movie takes us in the university days of best friends Sully and Mike, who joined the university to become the best scarers on the planet. But before you witness Mike and Sully developing an unfaltering friendship, you will see them as arch-rivals.

Inside Out

Released In – 2015

Pixar’s first release in 2015, Inside Out, is voiced by Amy Poehler, Richard Kind, Phyllis Smith, Lewis Black, Diane Lane, Mindy Kaling, Bill Hader, and others.

This movie is not only an entertainer but also a teacher. It teaches how our core emotions- joy, anger, fear, sadness, and disgust, help us wade through the unwelcomed changes in life.

Riley is unhappy with moving to San Francisco from Minnesota. Watch how she adjusts to the new setting with the help of her personified emotions.

The Good Dinosaur

Released In – 2015

Arlo’s (a cute little dino) life turned upside down when a rainstorm took it away from his family. He meets a Neanderthal boy in this great adversity who helps him reunite with his family.

This emotional story beautifully depicts the sweet bond of friendship between an Apatosaurus and a cave boy.

Finding Dory

Released In – 2016

Once, Dory helped Marlin to find Nemo. Now it’s Marlin’s and Nemo’s turn to help Dory reunite with her parents.

Dory, a blue tang with short-term memory loss, separated from her parents in childhood. Her parents are in the clutches of Marine Life Institute.

Cars 3

Released In – 2017

Lightning McQueen is threatened by the new generation of speed cars. However, a young technician, Crus Ramirez, helps him overcome his insecurities by helping him prepare for the Piston Cup.


Released In – 2017

Pixar released another movie in 2017, Coco. The highest-grossing movie in Mexico, Coco follows the melodious journey of Miguel, an aspiring musician who enters the Land of the Dead in search of his great-great-grandfather, who was a legendary singer.

Incredibles 2

Released In – 2018

The superhero family returns into action when Helen (Elastigirl) sets on a mission to get hold of a villain leaving Mr. Parr at home. However, Mr. Incredible sets on a mission of his own after finding out about a cybercriminal with a wicked plan.

Pixar Movies in Order of Release and the Magical Stories in Brief

Toy Story 4

Released In – 2019

The Toy Story franchise never fails to entertain us. It returned with a bang with its fourth installment in 2019.

Woody and Buzz embark on an adventurous road trip with a new friend, Forky. Their journey is full of adventure, laughter, tears, twists, and turns.


Released In – 2019

Onwards roped in Tom Holland, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Chris Pratt, and Octavia Spencer in major roles.

The story is about teenage elf brothers named Ian and Barney. They set on a journey in the hope of reviving their later father. Their magical journey in a fantasy land comprises adventure and action.


Released In – 2020

This Pixar product won the Academy Awards for Best Animated Feature.

The story follows the life of Joe, a music teacher and an aspiring jazz musician who landed in the Great Before, another realm, after an accident. He tries to regain his soul with the help of an infant soul to get back to reality.

Jamie Foxx, Graham Norton, Tina Fey, Racheal House, Richard Ayoade, Alice Braga, and Donnell Rawlings are among a few artists who lent their voices to the characters.


Released In – 2021

Luca is a wonderful story with the backdrop of an Italian Riviera. The story follows Luca and his friend enjoying the Italian summer. However, there is a secret. Luca’s friend is a sea monster in disguise. No one should know about this.

Turning Red

Released In – 2022

Turning Red is another Pixar movie that is worth a watch. The story is about a thirteen-year-old girl, Mei Lei. Her problem is that she cannot get very excited because if she does, she turns into a giant red panda.

Directed by Domee Shii, Mei Lei gets her voice from Rosalie Chiang.

All About Abby Turning Red and Why Watch It on Disney+


Released In – 2022

This Pixar movie is dedicated to the legendary space hero, Buzz Lightyear. The story revolves around Buzz’s attempts to return to his home from a hostile planet. He has a team of recruits, including Izzy, Darby, Mo, and Sox in toe.

The challenges they face are interesting to watch.


Released In – 2023

The latest addition to the Pixar catalog is Elemental. The story is set in a city where all the elements- fire, land, water, and air live together.

Ember, made out of fire, sets out to explore Element City with Wade, who is made out of water. However, the sweet story takes a turn when Ember realizes she does not want to run Fireplace, her convenience store.

It brings us to the end of the list of Pixar movies in chronological order.

Final thoughts

Pixar Movies are thoroughly entertaining but can give us life lessons in moments. Now that you have the list of Pixar movies in order, do not wait any longer.

Watch all the Pixar movies in order of release and dive deep into a world of fantasy and emotions.

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