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Unlock the Secret to Natural-Looking Synthetic Wigs: A Step-by-Step Guide

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As a wig wearer, I know firsthand how frustrating it can be when a synthetic wig looks obviously fake. The stiff, shiny fibers screaming “this is not real hair!” are a dead giveaway. But after years of experimenting, I’ve discovered tricks to transform even inexpensive synthetic wigs into natural-looking realness.

Follow my step-by-step guide to unlock the secrets of making your synthetic wig appear convincingly like your own hair. With the right styling techniques and customizations, you can finally feel confident your wig is undetectable as anything but the real deal. Let’s get into these game-changing tips!

Start with a Quality Base: Choosing the Right    Synthetic Fibers

Not all synthetic fibers are created equal when it comes to appearing natural. Here are the best options:

– Kanekalon: These smooth, matte fibers mimic the texture of relaxed African American hair. They move fluidly and resist tangling.

– Futura: Extremely soft and silky futura fibers have a realistic bounce and sheen. Their durability makes them ideal for long styles like butterfly locs.

– Sensationnel: This brand uses quality synthetic hair that blends and moves seamlessly. It’s a budget-friendly choice.

Stay away from cheap, shiny party wig fibers—these will never look genuine. Invest in the best quality synthetic wig you can afford for the most natural effect.

Tame Frizz and Flyaways with Product

Fresh out of the box, synthetic wig fibers can be frizzy with strays poking out everywhere. This screams “wig!” Instead, define and smooth down the strands:

– Apply a quarter-sized amount of anti-frizz serum or oil throughout the wig, avoiding the roots. This disciplines flyaways.

– Twist small sections of the wig hair tightly, then lightly mist with holding spray. The spiral curls tame frizz.

– Work a tiny bit of hydrating styling cream through the wig with your fingers to enhance definition.

– Use wig-safe styling tools like wide-tooth combs and soft bristle brushes to gently neaten and detangle the fibers.

– For maximum sleekness, finish by lightly blowing out the wig with a cool setting on your blow dryer.

 Properly Customize the Hairline and Part

Synthetic wigs often come with an unnaturally straight, rigid hairline that gives them away. Customize yours:

– Pluck small hairs from the hairline using tweezers to achieve irregularity. Avoid over-plucking.

– Use thinning shears to trim any dense chunks along the part or hairline that appear too bulky.

– Change up the part from a harsh straight line to a deep side or zig-zag parting. Vary it between wears.

– Use a makeup pencil the shade of the wig’s roots to fill in the part or any exposed wig cap along the hairline.

– Style some wig hairs across the forehead and lightly adhere them down to disguise hairline transparency.

 Enhance Color and Dimension

The uniform coloring of synthetic wigs can seem flat and fake. Create the look of natural highlights and lowlights:

– Use semi-permanent hair dye or root touch-up spray to darken the wig’s roots by about an inch. This mimics regrowth.

– On brown or blonde wigs, use temporary colored hair mascara to add subtle highlights around the crown and face framing sections.

– For black wigs, use colored mascara in shades of burgundy or caramel to gently tint the ends or accent certain braids in styles like knotless braids. This enhances dimension.

– Part the wig hair and lightly dust eyeshadow matching the root color along the part. This subtly shadows the scalp beneath.


 Set the Style

Synthetic wigs often come styled stick straight right out of the package. But that’s not how real relaxed hair looks! Set the style:

– Use foam rollers all over to impart bouncy curls and waves. Pin curl the ends of braids or twists while wet to get a wavy crimped effect when dry.

– Braid or twist the wig overnight and release for big, natural looking waves in the morning. Use wig-safe mousse to set the texture.

– When air drying, concentrate the airflow at the roots to create some natural lift. Style the front pieces forward.

– Use wig clips, bobby pins, or a foam wig grip to secure the inner cap flush against your skin. This prevents slipping and keeps the style looking smooth.

 Customizing the Fit

An ill-fitting synthetic wig never looks natural. Take these steps for a customized fit:

– Adjust the wig’s adjustable straps or elasticized band so it’s snug but not painfully tight. You want the wig to lay smoothly against your scalp.

– If the wig still feels loose, use bobby pins to further secure the inner cap against your natural hair. Concentrate pins around the ear tabs and nape.

– If the ear tabs don’t align properly with your temples, use small scissors to trim the excess tab length so the wig frame flatters your face.

– For excess gappiness along the hairline, apply a light coating of wig grip adhesive to your skin’s perimeter to help the lace adhere securely.

Act the Part

To really perfect a natural wig look, you have to get into character!

– Confidently wear your wig in a variety of styles – half-up, side part, ponytail, etc. Variety is key for a believable look week after week.

– Use your hands to fluff, pat, and scrunch your wig hair throughout wear. The casual touching makes it appear like your own.

– Allow some baby hairs to come loose as the day goes on. Fussing with and smoothing them down looks authentic.

– Carry a wide tooth comb or pick in your bag to quickly smooth and refresh wig strands on the go.

Soon these techniques will become second nature. But you’ll want to avoid these common pitfalls that can reveal your wig:

– Don’t wear the same predictable style every day. This is a dead giveaway.

– Avoid obvious wig grip lines along the hairline or ears by blending adhesive properly.

– Ditch the flat, stiff wig cap shape. Customize the fit and style fully.

– Dial down the drama! Natural hair moves subtly, not with exaggerated swings like in shampoo ads.

With my techniques, your synthetic braided wigs will move and feel so convincingly real on your head that no one will suspect it isn’t growing from your own scalp! You’ll exude effortless confidence and finally forget you’re even wearing a wig at all.

I can now don flawless knotless braids, blown-out goddess locs, textured curls and more in minutes thanks to my collection of FANCIVIVI wigs. Their quality synthetic fibers are so natural looking with the right customization. I love having access to any style I want instantly while protecting the health of my natural hair underneath. Try FANCIVIVI wigs yourself and unlock the secret to wig looks so real, no one but you needs to know!

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