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How To Get More Spotify Followers: A Step-by-Step Guide

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Spotify is a global sensation in the music industry. Even after 16 years, it is still one of the most popular music streaming services. It has become the favorite spot for musicians, artists, and music lovers who wish to share their music and podcasts and stream various music without any hindrance. 

Recently, streaming services like Spotify have become a goal for many aspirants who wish to pursue a successful career in the music industry. The primary factor is the influence of streaming, which generates around 83% of all music sales revenue in the United States. 

Hence, for aspiring artists on Spotify, followers become everything. If you are one of them and willing to grow your followers on Spotify, you have come to the right place. 

How To Get Started On Spotify

Before we jump into the strategies, here is a beginner’s guide on how to sign up for Spotify for Artists.

Spotify for Artists is the hub where creators like you sign up to submit new releases to playlists and manage artist profiles with custom images, bios, and track performances. When you sign up and provide your artist name, you will get verified. Once you get verified, listeners will start engaging with your music, making you a professional creator on Spotify. 

Playlists are an important part of Spotify. Once you sign up on Spotify for Artists, you will be able to start submitting your releases for playlist consideration. The audience discovers new music and podcasts by seeing them included in various playlists. The editorial playlist, which attracts a large audience, is the most effective. 

However, getting listed on playlists is not easy. Hence, you can make your own playlist with different songs along with your own release. People who begin streaming your playlist will ultimately find their way to your account, and if they enjoy the music, there is a good probability that you will earn followers. 

Strategies To Get More Spotify Followers

Now that you know how to sign up and submit your releases, it is time to crack the code for gaining more followers. The easiest way to gain followers at the beginning is to buy Spotify followers. But you must also stick to natural methods. 

As more people start to follow you and receive notifications when you submit new content, your audience grows. As your following grows over time, Spotify’s algorithm will start to frequently include you on personalised playlists, which will help you attract additional listeners. So, let’s get into some tricks to earn more followers on Spotify. 

1.Listen To Your Playlist Often

Never neglect your playlist. Just like any other creator, you, as a creator on Spotify, should love your music. You have to be a keen listener and engage with your playlist as much as possible. 

The moment you begin interacting with your own playlist, others will follow suit. Therefore, only include songs that you genuinely enjoy listening to. Following that, the platform will reward you with more followers, and your visibility will rise. 

2.Find An Appropriate Title 

Like any other social platform, keywords have a crucial role to play on Spotify as well. Keep your description concise and your title creative. Use relevant keywords in your playlist description to help listeners quickly find it when they perform searches. 

Another tip is to include the names of well-known musicians and genres in your description so listeners can immediately understand what the playlist is about. It will increase the chances of gaining more followers as listeners start interacting more. 

3.Get Your Music Saved

One of the most efficient tricks to increase your chances of getting listed on playlists like “Your Daily Mix” and “Discover Weekly” is to get your music saved. People are unlikely to erase your music once they’ve saved it. As a result, it will remain in their collections, and you will be highlighted in the user-generated sections for “Songs,” “Artists,” and “Recently Played.”

Once you get repeated plays, your releases will be recommended to the users who saved your music, increasing your chances of gaining more followers. 

4.Share Your Spotify Links

Always leave your Spotify links on your social media channels. There are many ways to share Spotify links, and one of the best ways is by sharing them on your Instagram stories. You can also use the Spotify QR codes to get more creative with your promotion. 

5.Don’t Forget The Classics

Never overlook the classics, no matter how much you want to include new music that is particular to your taste. Your playlist will benefit from the addition of timeless music that everyone enjoys, increasing the number of your followers.

The idea behind adding classics is to connect emotionally with the audience. People will identify with you and become enthusiastic whenever you produce a new release if you include relevant classics in your playlist. 


These are a few strategies for deliberately obtaining more Spotify followers. However, never stop creating new playlists and adding new songs. Don’t be hesitant to promote music that you’re proud of and connect with your followers without any filter. 

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