How to Survive a Long Airplane Flight: Top 9 Hacks for Travelers

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Long airplane flights can be a real test for your body. But with the right preparation and following a few simple rules, you can make it more comfortable and enjoyable. These are the best strategies for survival during long airplane flights.

Flight Time

Your choice of flight time Impacts on your comfort during the flight. If you can select business class or you are used to sleeping at night, an overnight flight is the best option. In this case, you can fall asleep on board and wake up at your destination. To help yourself fall asleep, take a melatonin pill, which regulates sleep cycles and can help you adapt to a new time zone. However, you should consult your doctor before using melatonin. If sleeping at any time isn’t a problem for you, a daytime flight may be preferable, especially if you have time to watch movies or read new books.

Choosing an Airline

Choosing an airline is also important for your comfort during a long flight. Some airlines, such as Singapore Airlines or Qatar Airlines, offer not only upgraded economy, business and first class but also special comfort classes with extra amenities, like double beds and dining on china plates. When picking an airline, look at ratings, which consider services, safety, and other factors. Remember that even in economy class, some airlines offer extra legroom, better food, and entertainment on board, which can greatly improve your flight experience.

Airport and Transit Area

Transferring at the airport can be both tedious and exciting. Some airports offer a wide range of entertainment and amenities for passengers. For example, Singapore’s Changi Airport has a winter garden with a waterfall, a mirror maze and a trampoline. Doha’s Hamad International Airport offers contemporary art exhibitions. When choosing an airport for a connection, consider its rating and passenger reviews, as well as accessibility to stores, WiFi, rest areas, and other amenities. If you have the option, select a connection at a highly rated airport to make your layover more pleasant and comfortable.

Rest and Sleep

One of the key aspects of a comfortable flight is rest and sleep. Before your flight, prepare for the time zone change and create a routine that will help your body adjust to the new sleep pattern. For example, you can use some beauty products before bedtime, put on comfortable socks or read a boring book. These rituals will help you relax and prepare for sleep. If you prefer to sleep anywhere and anytime, a daytime flight is the best for you. Either way, be sure to take steps to sleep comfortably, such as using an inflatable pillow and melatonin (after consulting with your doctor).

Entertainment and Activities

A long flight can be a great time for relaxation and entertainment. Modern airplanes offer a wide range of in-flight entertainment such as movies, music, games, etc. You can take your headphones with you to enjoy music or watching movies. 

Alternatively, you can use this time to read a book, write in your journal or just relax and enjoy the peace and quiet. Some planes allow you to use the Internet. In this case, you can chat with friends, play online casino games for real money, and watch YouTube to kill free time. 

Nutrition and Hydration

Proper nutrition and hydration play an important role in comfort during a long flight. Avoid salty foods, coffee, and alcohol, as they can cause dehydration and aggravate the overloaded body. Instead, consume non-carbonated water to maintain hydration levels. You can purchase a reusable water bottle to avoid using plastic bottles and ask the flight attendant to fill it on board. Regarding food, the standard food on board isn’t always the healthiest. So, carry your own snacks such as nuts, fruit or granola bars to satisfy hunger cravings.


Long flights can be challenging, but with the right preparation and strategy, you can overcome this challenge and make your flight more comfortable. Follow the guidelines for choosing your flight time, airline, airport, and seat on board. Maintain your health and comfort, engage in fun activities and don’t forget about hygiene. As a result, you will enjoy your journey and arrive at your destination refreshed and invigorated.

Comfort on Board

Ensure that you are comfortable on board the airplane. If you have a choice of seats, Choose a window seat to be able to stretch your legs and avoid awkward aisle situations. If you want to have more freedom of movement, an aisle seat may be the best for you. Remember that everyone has different preferences, so choose the seat that is most comfortable for you.

Health and Comfort

To maintain your health and comfort during your flight, it’s recommended that you get up and stretch regularly. Walking around the cabin, stretching, and turning your head will help relieve tension and prevent muscle stiffness. If you feel discomfort and fatigue, use a pillow or inflatable headrest to support your neck and back. Also, don’t forget about hygiene — wash your hands regularly and use antiseptic to protect against bacteria and viruses.

Preparing for Arrival

After a long flight, properly prepare for arrival. It’s advisable to stretch before boarding to relieve tension in your muscles and joints. If you have the opportunity, take a shower and freshen up before leaving the airport. Remember that a long flight can take a toll on your body, so be sure to take care of your health and comfort.

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