How Old Is Camilo in Encanto and What Is the Story Behind It

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If anyone asks you how old is Camilo in Encanto, you will not even stutter once if you have watched the film. Right away, your voice will break out of your body and say he is 15 years old, and that is why Mirabel couldn’t…… If you have not watched the film, you can’t fill in the gaps. Thus, if your soul is not satisfied just knowing the answer to how old Camilo from Encanto is, embark on this journey to find out more about the Madrigals.

Oh yes, just a clarification, in case you are wondering. Madrigals are the main family with spirited gifts in the film Encanto. Who are the other members of the Madrigals family, and how is Camilo related to them?

The family tree of Madrigals begins with Alma Madrigal, the matriarch of the family, who is 75 years old. Bruno Madrigal, Julieta Madrigal and Pepa Madrigal are 50 years old. Pepa Madrigal and Felix Madrigal, who is 52 years old, and their children are Isabela Madrigal, Luisa Madrigal, and Mirabel Madrigal, who is 21, 19, and 15 years old, respectively. We also have Augustin Madrigal and Dolores Madrigal, who are 48 and 21 years old, respectively.

Camilo Madrigal is the middle child of Pepa and Felix Madrigal. Antonio is his younger brother, and Dolores is his older sister. As I already mentioned, every Madrigal in Encanto has one or the other special powers. Camilo is not an exception. He has the power to shapeshift into whatever form he wants to. Hence, he is also known as the theatre kid of the family. Thus, begins our tryst with Camilo Madrigal, the well-known supporting character from the 2021 Disney animated film Encanto.

Now that you know how old is Camilo in Encanto, won’t you have the thirst to know a lot more about him?

How Old Is Camilo in Encanto and What Is the Story Behind It

Background of Camilo Encanto

Born to Felix and Pepa Madrigal, Camilo’s cousin list is long. He is the nephew of Augustin, Julieta, and Bruno. His cousins are the trio of girls of the Madrigal family – Mirabel, Luisa, and Isabela. The answer to how old is Camilo Madrigal in Encanto will leave you wondering how come he is the elder cousin of Mirabel. Both are 15 years old. But, the fact is, Camilo is just a few months older than Mirabel. They even grew up in the same nursery.

On his fifth birthday, Camilo was finally given the gift he would cherish forever. Camilo got the gift of Shapeshifting. Moreover, he was a very good communicator and had amicable relationships with Encanto’s kids. Thus, with the gift, he now became his babysitter of Encanto. Moreover, as a child 15 years old, he also likes to play with his gifts. One of his favorite pastimes is mocking his father and cousin Isabela.

But, it seems like his gift is not something very valuable for the community. Instead, it kind of matches his personality and is a fun talent. Thus, Abuela Alma only endorses him with little responsibility.

But Camilo is only sometimes easygoing and has insecurities regarding his capabilities. He is adept at hiding his insecurities under his charming personality. Bruno, the long-lost uncle, left no impression on Camilo as he had no memory of him growing up. His uncle disappeared five years after Camilo’s birth. When Casa Madrigal fell, everyone got to know that Camilo was the only one who didn’t know that Bruno never left and was always within the walls of Casita.

Thus, Camilo from Encanto is a character who is a charming kid. Still, one has to look beyond his smiles to truly understand his nature.

Character development

Camilo Encanto is a character that is not an odd one out when one even gives a cursory glance to the Madrigal family. Even his gift of shapeshifting has a hidden meaning underneath. It goes with his personality, which still determines where he fits in.

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With these different personas, he is supposed to find out what he does best. So, teenagers or even adults still struggling to discover who they are will relate to Encanto Camilo. Thus, when you asked how old is Camilo in Encanto, did you ever realize you would find semblance with this character so much?

Initially, when his character was sketched, the creators thought the character would also be endowed with the power to shapeshift into animals. Initially, his hair was also thought to cover one of his eyes. This would give him a negative essence. However, it was finally changed into messy hair.

However, over the character’s growth, one thing that remained constant was his attire. His dress-up reflects his histrionic personality. Originally, his poncho was designed to be more reddish, and he was supposed to wear yellow shoes.

Initially, just like the conception of his hair, his entire character was designed to be antagonistic in nature. Those who have faced anger management issues in their teenage years would have related to this angry teen had it been carried forward. His attitude was thought to be arrogant and sarcastic. Also, he was conceived to be rude toward his cousin, Mirabel. Moreover, he would make fun of Alma.

However, as Isabela’s character demanded the most antagonism, thus Camilo was posed in the way he is in the film. In the final production, he possesses an easygoing personality. He still makes pranks not to hurt others but to entertain them. However, one thing remained constant, him telling scary stories about Bruno. He also shapeshifted into Bruno, which was to be more horrifying, but that idea was also dropped.

How Old Is Camilo in Encanto and What Is the Story Behind It

Encanto Camilo Voice

You might by now, ponder who has played the character of Camilo and how old is Camilo in Encanto in real life.

Rhenzy Feliz portrayed the character of Camilo Madrigal in the film Encanto. His Dominican descent makes him the most suitable for this character. Moreover, he is also a young actor who suits him while playing the character of Camilo.

He is a 25-year-old actor who has worked in Marvel Comics, Runaways, where he played the role of Alex Wilder.

However, he could be more adept at music. Thus, Rhenzy was very nervous when they recorded “We Don’t Talk about Bruno.” Being a methodical actor, he listened to a demo song by Lin-Manuel Miranda for a week and practiced very hard for the shooting. On the day of the recording, he was afraid that he might be replaced if he didn’t do well. However, as we all know, that is not what happened. Instead, everyone was surprised by the sheer popularity of the song.

Camilo Encanto Personality

Camilo is a fun-loving next-door boy who is a very energetic teenager and loves to entertain all those around him. His older sister is quiet, while his younger brother is reserved. Camilo, on the other hand, has a very extroverted nature and is always high in spirits.

Camilo also has a charming social life and gets on very well with the townsfolk. His charm changed the environment when he welcomed everyone to Antonio’s gift ceremony.

Often we come across people who want to be in the limelight by being an attention-seeker. Camilo, however, is different. Even though he enjoys the spotlight, but not boast about himself. Instead, he lifts the mood of the space he inhabits.

He is a foodie and especially enjoys his aunt Julia’s meals. The book also says he loves to play football with his village friends.

As we already said, he is insecure despite his charming personality. He is trying to understand where he belongs and what satisfies him most. Thus, by using the shapeshifting gift, he wants to determine which persona he fits in the most.

Camilo’s relationship with his family

He enjoys teasing Isabela the most. If you ask how old is Isabella in Encanto, Camilo gets the courage to mock her? Well, she is 21 years old, 6 years older than Camilo. But he doesn’t feel scared by that. He even mocks her as the latter gets engaged to Mariano. He also loves to shapeshift into Mariano to annoy Isabela.

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Along with this, Camilo enjoys playing tricks with his father, Felix. So, the answer to the question of how old is Camilo in Encanto will reflect the reason why he has such a childish attitude.

However, he is a grown-up while dealing with her emotional mother, Pepa, and he is the one who calms her down when things go astray. When Casita was falling, Camilo followed Mirabel to save the Miracle Candle. Thus, he is also very protective of his family.

He is also a kid who needs special attention because those who hide their pain under their smiles are dangerous. When he learns about Casita’s impending doom, he gets very stressed. This stress also affects his gift. However, the moments when he is angry or tense are rare in the entire film. Mostly, he is seen as a charming next-door boy.

How tall is Camilo Madrigal

How old is Camilo in Encanto has already been answered. Now, let’s look at the physical appearance, or rather, the physical appearance of this little boy.

He is a Colombian boy with a slender shape having a light golden-brown skin tone. His hair is dark and curly, best accompanied by his hazel-green eyes. Camilo’s eyelids have some dark tint.

He has stark similarities with Abuelo Pedro, even if his body features differ. Still, his gestures and expressions match the most with him. Like his grandfather, he also wears a white shirt with rolled-up sleeves. His buttons are unmatched and have a baggy style. Camilo’s yellow ruana has darker yellow lines.

Moreover, his appearance is green, with his dresses having a chameleon motif. Interestingly, all the costumes of Encanto represent the gifts that the character poses. Thus, just like a chameleon changes color, Camilo, a shapeshifter, dresses with chameleon motifs.

Camilo Madrigal height is 5 feet 4 inches.

How Old Is Camilo in Encanto and What Is the Story Behind It

Camilo Madrigal powers

Here comes the most important part, even more important than how old is Camilo in Encanto. On Camilo’s fifth birthday, he received a special gift, a tradition of the Madrigal family, where he was endowed with the ability to shapeshift.

One condition lies in his ability to shapeshift. He has to see someone to change himself into that person’s persona. If he desires, he cannot change himself to an astronaut and see whether he likes that being.

Thus, in his quest to find his belongingness, he must make a long repository of people he meets. When Camilo shapeshifts, his clothes also change, matching the person’s clothes. Camilo can exaggerate some features and minimize others depending on what he wants.

After he heard about Bruno’s vision, he shapeshifted into Mirabel and Bruno. When he becomes tense, his head transforms into an infant’s head on an adolescent body. Moreover, if Camilo meets with any injury while shapeshifting, it stays with him even when he comes back to being Camilo.

One of the limitations of his power is that he cannot shift into any object or animal. Moreover, he will not get the special powers of the person he shapeshifts into.

Apart from shapeshifting, he also has some other skills, which include high agility. Thus, this flexibility helps him the most when he becomes a child.


  • Did you know where Camilo got his name? He got him name from Encanto’s tour guide, Camilo Gracia Escobar
  • Camilo’s name means noble or freeborn, which matches exactly his character
  • Camilo name was at first set as Carlos
  • The first thought of this character was as an enemy of Mirabel
  • The writers drastically changed the personality and purpose of Camilo
  • Birthday of Camilo is on December 28, which is the Holy Innocents Day

Final Thoughts

There might be many of you who resonate with Camilo’s character. So, now that you know how old is Camilo in Encanto, dive deep to see him perform on the screen and how he navigates his life in Casita.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is Camilo older than Dolores?

No. Dolores is older to Camilo and Antonio. Camilo is the middle child and elder to Antonio.

2. Who is the oldest in Encanto?

Alma Madrigal is the eldest member in the Encanto family. She is 74-year-old matriarch and overseer of the magical powers bestowed upon the family.

3. What does Camilo suffer from?

Camilo comes across as a fun-loving person who always tries to be positive. But deep within, he has insecurities and anxiety that he tries to cope with through his cheerful nature.

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