How to Get Started with Valorant

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Getting started with Valorant, Riot Games’ popular tactical first-person shooter, is an exciting journey into the world of competitive gameplay and strategic teamwork. Whether you’re new to the FPS genre or a seasoned player looking for a new challenge, this guide will provide you with the essential knowledge and tips to kickstart your Valorant experience. From understanding the game’s objective and choosing your main agent to mastering gunplay mechanics and managing your economy, you’ll learn everything you need to know to thrive in the high-stakes battles of Valorant. So, gear up, sharpen your skills, and get ready to dive into the action-packed world of Valorant.

How to Get Started with Valorant

Understanding the Objective:


  • In the standard game mode, one team plays as Attackers, whose goal is to plant the Spike (bomb) at one of the designated sites on the map and defend it until it detonates. The other team plays as Defenders and must prevent the attackers from planting the Spike or defuse it if it’s planted.
  • In Spike Rush mode, the objective is the same, but rounds are shorter, and all players receive the same random weapon each round.
  • Each game round lasts for 100 seconds, and the first team to win 13 rounds wins the match.

Choosing Your Agent:


  • Agents have distinct abilities categorized into four types: Signature (available every round for free), two purchasable abilities, and an Ultimate ability that charges over time or by earning points.
  • Agents fall into one of four categories: Duelists, Initiators, Controllers, and Sentinels, each with a unique playstyle and role within the team.
  • Consider your playstyle preferences, strengths, and weaknesses when choosing your main agent.
  • Experiment with different agents to find the one that suits your playstyle and compliments your team composition.
  • Focus on mastering one or two agents initially before branching out to others.

Learning the Maps:


  • Valorant currently features several maps, each with its own layout, sightlines, and strategic opportunities.
  • Knowing callouts (specific locations on the map) and common positions helps in communication and coordinating with teammates.
  • Learning map control involves understanding which areas of the map are crucial for gaining an advantage and how to contest or defend them effectively.

Mastering Gunplay

Valorant emphasizes precision shooting, where headshots deal significantly more damage. Practice your aim in the Shooting Range, custom games, or using aim training tools outside the game. Learn to manage recoil patterns for different weapons to maintain accuracy during firefights. 

How to Be Accurate


  • Focus on crosshair placement: Always aim at head level and keep your crosshair at common enemy positions.
  • Practice flick shots and tracking: Work on quickly snapping your crosshair onto targets and maintaining accuracy while tracking moving enemies.
  • Control your movement: Avoid shooting while moving for better accuracy, and learn to counter-strafe (pressing the opposite movement key to stop your momentum).
  • Manage your recoil: Recoil control plays a significant role in accuracy, especially during prolonged firefights.

First Shot Inaccuracy


  • Valorant has a mechanic where the first shot with certain weapons may have slightly reduced accuracy, particularly while moving or jumping.
  • To counteract first shot inaccuracy, prioritize standing still and crouching before taking your first shot for increased accuracy.

How to Control Recoil


  • Practice spray patterns: Each weapon in Valorant has a unique recoil pattern that you can learn to control by practicing in custom games or training modes.
  • Pull down on your mouse: Counter the upward recoil by pulling your mouse down in the opposite direction while maintaining horizontal control.
  • Burst fire: Instead of spraying continuously, fire in short bursts to maintain accuracy, especially at longer ranges.

Economy Management:

  • Economy management is crucial in Valorant for purchasing weapons, shields, and abilities.
  • Prioritize buying weapons and shields over abilities, and coordinate with your team to ensure everyone has enough credits for a full buy.
  • Consider saving or eco rounds when your team is low on credits to ensure a stronger buy in future rounds.
  • Players start each round with a set amount of credits, which can be spent on weapons, shields, and abilities.
  • Winning rounds, planting or defusing the Spike, and getting kills grant additional credits.
  • Balancing between saving credits for future rounds and investing in the current round’s equipment is crucial for long-term success.


What to Buy on Pistol Round


  • In pistol rounds, prioritize purchasing a sidearm (pistol) and armor to increase your survivability.
  • Depending on your agent and playstyle, consider buying abilities that can provide utility or support for your team.
  • Communicate with your team to coordinate buys and maximize your chances of winning the pistol round.

Communicating with Your Team


  • Effective communication helps in coordinating strategies, sharing information about enemy movements, and planning executes.
  • Use pings, voice chat, or text chat to convey important information quickly and efficiently.
  • Encourage positive communication and teamwork to maintain morale and improve overall performance.

Map Control and Positioning

  • Map control involves establishing presence in key areas of the map to gather information, control rotations, and deny the enemy team space.
  • Positioning during engagements is crucial for maximizing your effectiveness while minimizing risk.
  • Utilize cover, peeking, and movement mechanics to outmaneuver opponents and gain the upper hand in gunfights.

Valorant Settings

  • Customize your settings to optimize performance and enhance gameplay experience:
  • Adjust graphics settings for better visibility and smoother performance.
  • Fine-tune sensitivity and key bindings to suit your preferences.
  • Explore audio settings to enhance sound cues for better situational awareness.

Fastest Warm-up Routine

  • Customize your warm-up routine based on your individual needs and areas for improvement.
  • Spend time in the shooting range practicing aim, recoil control, and movement mechanics.
  • Play deathmatch or spike rush games to simulate real game scenarios and warm up your reflexes and decision-making.

Skins = Wins

Skins in Valorant are purely cosmetic and do not affect gameplay mechanics or performance.

While some players believe in the psychological boost of using their favorite skins, winning in Valorant ultimately depends on skill, strategy, and teamwork rather than cosmetic choices.

Chat Commands

Valorant includes a variety of chat commands that can be used to communicate with your team:

  • Type “/all” or “/team” followed by your message to send it to either all players or just your team.
  • Use “Z” to ping a location on the map or press “G” to ping a specific item for your team to see.
  • Typing “/mute all” mutes all text chat from both teams, while “/mute enemy” only mutes text chat from the opposing team.

Top 5 Crosshairs:


  • Crosshair preferences vary greatly among players, but some popular choices include:
  • Simple dot or small crosshair for precise aiming.
  • Dynamic crosshair that expands while moving or shooting for better visual feedback.
  • Crosshair with a gap in the middle to help with tracking and visibility.
  • Thick crosshair with a contrasting color to stand out against different backgrounds.
  • Custom crosshairs created by adjusting settings in the game options menu.



  • Sensitivity refers to how quickly your in-game view moves in response to mouse movement.
  • Finding the right sensitivity is highly personal and depends on factors like mouse DPI, monitor resolution, and individual preference.
  • Experiment with different sensitivity settings to find what feels comfortable for you, balancing between precise aiming and fluid movement.

Spike Tips

  • As an attacker, prioritize securing control of the spike and coordinating with your team for a successful plant.
  • Defenders should play defensively around spike sites, gathering information and preventing attackers from planting.
  • Communication is key; use voice chat or pings to coordinate spike plays and rotations effectively.

Learning from Experience

  • Reflect on each match to identify mistakes, missed opportunities, and areas for improvement.
  • Watch replays or analyze gameplay footage to gain insights into your own gameplay and decision-making.
  • Continuously strive to learn and adapt to evolving strategies and metas.

Watching and Analyzing Pro Gameplay

  • Follow professional Valorant tournaments and streams to observe high-level play and learn advanced tactics.
  • Pay attention to agent selections, team compositions, coordinated plays, and individual mechanics.
  • Analyze pro matches to understand the meta, map strategies, and innovative techniques used by top players.


  • Seek out coaching or mentorship from experienced players or professional coaches to improve your skills. You can take Valorant boosting service to save your time to get items, currency, and skills to play on another level. You can find whatever you need to level up your experience.
  • Watch tutorial videos, streams, and educational content created by top players to learn advanced techniques and strategies.
  • Join communities or Discord servers dedicated to Valorant to connect with other players and share knowledge and experiences.


Diving into Valorant offers an exhilarating journey filled with thrilling matches, strategic depth, and opportunities for personal growth. This guide will help you manage the game’s complexity, whether you’re trying to advance in competitive play or just play with friends. Remember to stay patient, keep learning from your experiences, and most importantly, have fun along the way. With dedication, practice, and a willingness to adapt, you’ll soon find yourself mastering the art of Valorant and achieving success on the battlefield. So, jump in, embrace the challenge, and let the excitement of Valorant propel you towards victory.

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