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Disney World Park Hours – How to Make the Most of Your Ticket?

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Are you planning to visit Disneyland soon? Well, then, before you book your tickets to Disney World, start reading our blog! Here we will give you all the tips and tricks to maximize your Disney World park hours. So, waste no more time checking them out below!

Tips and tricks to maximize your Disney World park hours

Below we have made a list of tips and tricks that will maximize your Disney World park hours to the fullest. Check out the following:

Purchase online tickets

All along, Disney World ticket counters had long queues. People would spend hours in the line to get their entrance into the Magic Kingdom. But after the coronavirus pandemic, rules have changed. You need to book your slots way beforehand to avoid overcrowding and long queues. Plus, it also helps to maintain the protocol of social distancing.

The online tickets are supposed to open by the end of June, but nothing is confirmed yet. However, purchasing tickets online saves you hours. More so, the new normal limits the number of people entering Disney World. So, if you plan your trip to the Magic Kingdom, you should get your online reservations as soon as it opens.

Ticket of Disneyland
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Select the time to visit Disney World wisely

The Disney World park hours are always magical and fascinating. But some times are specifically considered best to visit. School vacations, university breaks, national holidays, and weather plays a vast impact on the crowds present in Disneyland. So, plan your vacation in a way to avoid overcrowding and long queues at Magic Kingdom rides, hotels, restaurants, and more. However, with the limit put right now after the pandemic, you are sure to get a smaller crowd even during peak times.

Book your stay in the Magic Kingdom hotels

Once you book your Disney World tickets, it is time to plan your stay. If you want to experience the best Disney World park hours, booking your stay in the hotels present there is vital.

If you happen to book your stay in an in-site resort, then you will not have to worry about what time does Disney closes. Plus, you can also avail of the extra magic hour pass that people book while they stay in Magic Kingdom. However, there are many more perks of booking your stay there.

Book your stay close to Disneyland if you are unable to stay at the property

Planning Disney World park hours is indeed an expensive affair. So, if your budget does not permit staying at any of the lavish resorts present in Magic Kingdom, you can book your stay close to the premises.

You can book your stay near the Esplanade that helps you reach Disneyland within five minutes of walking. Plus, you can enjoy the benefit of not paying parking fees to Disneyland too if you are staying close by.

Carry items that access security check at ease

Since Disneyland is where you go with your family and kids, it is common to carry lots of unnecessary things that we think might be useful. That is when you have to place your head on your shoulders and select the right items to carry into Disney World. When you carry items that access security checks at ease, you will have more time to spend inside the Magic Kingdom. So, avoid carrying sharp objects and things that might not be allowed at the security check.

Also, to save yourself some time, you can keep metal items like car keys, coins, cell phones, and more in your pocket. So, you can quickly place it in the tray and get through the security check fast. In this way, you can make most of your time you spend at Disney.

Reach the parks before opening

You must have read this quite often in every place you read about Disney World. Reaching the park before it opens is one of the best ways to avoid crowds and long lines. It is best when you wait right in front of the rope and wait until it opens up. Once it is time for Disney World to open, there is a call, and members pull the ropes back. The incident is referred to as ‘rope drop’.

Before the coronavirus pandemic, you were supposed to join the queue virtually through an online application. It was referred to as the ‘boarding group’. However, right now, the system is changed. New rules are incorporated into the Magic Kingdom. So, always keep your eyes on further information as to how and when Disneyland opens.

Disney World park hours

Get a locker for the family

When you plan your trip to the Magic Kingdom, you must know well about all the tips of Disney World. Availing a locker becomes one of the most crucial parts of spending Disney World park hours.

Traveling light is always the key to a hassle-free trip. But essentials like cameras, jackets, masks, sanitizing sprays, sweatshirts, and many more are things you cannot avoid carrying. So, to go about the Magic Kingdom rides freely, you can avail of a locker. Store all the things you would not require often, and keep yourself light to enjoy every bit of your trip to Disneyland. However, even if you keep other items, don’t leave your sanitizer and masks in the locker. It is the essential equipment to keep us safe from the dreadful virus.

Don’t forget to keep the Disneyland app on your phone

Mobile applications have changed the way the world works. It makes our lives so easy and convenient. Similarly, to make your Disney World park hours memorable and hassle-free, download the Disneyland application on your cell phone. It helps you with the maps, menus, location of characters, lists and show timings, and more.

More so, you can use the apps that can help you get your Disney World tickets too. It comes with a barcode that you would have to show when you arrive at the gate for admission. More so, you can reserve a table or issue a pickup inside Disney World through the app. So, don’t forget to download the app before you visit the Magic Kingdom.

Do not miss out on using FASTPASS

If you are looking to maximize your hours at Disney World, FASTPASS is something you cannot miss. Through this pass, you can return to the ride or show within a short time. However, there are some keys you need to keep in mind while availing of the FASTPASS.

The FASTPASS can be used only within one hour. However, there is an allowance for arriving late by 15 minutes or a little early. Also, you can get another FASTPASS if two hours pass after the one you are holding expires. Moreover, if the ride you return to breaks down during your window, you can utilize the FASTPASS for any other Magic Kingdom rides that allow it.

Also, you must keep in mind that not all the popular attractions present at Disneyland allow FASTPASSes towards the end of the day. So, try to avail them as early as possible.

disneyland passes

Make full use of the Extra Magic Hours

If you are an early riser, there is good news for you. Extra Magic Hours and Magic Morning are fantastic only if you reach one hour before the gate opening. That means you can get an hour to explore before the rush of the crowd.

If you are lucky enough, you might find some of the rides distributing FASTPASS during the Magic Morning hours. However, availability is not guaranteed.

Parents with younger kids can avail Rider Switch

If you are the parents of a young baby who isn’t that tall or even does not wish to avail rides, you can get the Rider Switch pass. If one or more babies accompany you, the entire family first needs to go to the ride entrance. There you can avail of a Rider Switch with the pass. So, the person with the kid can wait until others go for a ride, and finally, when they are back, the one waiting can go for the ride.

Appoint only one person to get your FASTPASS

When you are traveling in a group, it is best to keep only one person for the run-around. Choose one person and make him the manager or runner for FASTPASSes. That is because you can have the FASTPASS at the same time if one person handles it. Individual bookings may lead to having different return window timings. So, choose the tech-friendly and organized person in your group and give him/her the responsibility to get the passes and coordinate the rides.

Prioritize and plan the trip

If you want to make the Disney World park hours memorable and exciting, having a proper plan is essential. You can first make a list of the attractions that you and other family members are interested in. Finally, check out the website and see what changes are made in Disneyland after the pandemic. Once you have sorted out that, you can book your passes and then make a plan to prioritize the rides. In that way, you can make the most of your trip and even have an organized outing.

Purchase any souvenirs if you wish before time

Who does not wish to bring back souvenirs from Disneyland? From artwork to pins to mugs to a set of ears or the famous Disneyland jersey. Everything sold at the Magic Kingdom is exceptional, and all of us would want to get something back home to cherish the magical trip. So, if you want to make the best of both – enjoying the rides and shopping – get the gifts beforehand. You can try purchasing some souvenirs online. Also, remember to avail the discounts as well. So, you can save time and lots of money too!

Shopping should be the last thing to do

If you aren’t much of an online person, you can shop at Disney too. But it is wise to wait and enjoy rides during the first half of the day. Then, you can start your shopping when the park is closed. Some shops remain open for about an hour even after Disneyland closes down. So, if at all you make up your mind to shop, keep it for the last.

Watch shows as the day ends

The Magic Kingdom is not only about rides. Some incredible shows like Alice in Wonderland and Dumbo the Flying Elephant are plays you cannot miss out on. But you should save it for the later part of the day.

When you enter Disney World, you will be full of energy and excitement, so start with the rides. Avail of the rides as many times you want and enjoy the time thoroughly. As the day progresses, you are sure to get sluggish and tired. That is the time you can go and watch the shows. So, you can have some fun time and even rest your legs for a while. Finally, once you are done, you can go out shopping to end your visit at Disney.

Ticket to Disneyland Florida

 Be informed where and when to meet the Disney characters

How can you miss out on visiting the world-famous Disney characters? When you are at Disneyland, meeting and greeting them is a must. More so, you can enjoy having breakfast with them too. But where do you find them? Here again, the Disneyland application comes to your rescue! You can go through the application to find out where you can meet your favorite characters and spend time with them. However, after Disneyland reopens, the rules of meet and greet might change. But it is always best to know where to find the Disney characters beforehand.

Final Thoughts

This brings us to the end of how you can maximize the Disney World park hours. Follow all the tips given above, and you are sure to have the most memorable time of your life. But don’t forget to check on the new rules and regulations that Disneyland comes up due to reopening after the pandemic.

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