Hurricane At Disney World: Everything You Need To Know

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Most of the year, Disney World is a magical place filled with pixie dust, sunshine, and lots of fun. People from all over the globe flock to this area to experience a magical moment. For a more thrilling moment, visit Disney World during the hurricane season.

If you want to travel to Walt Disney World, especially during the hurricane, you need to understand some tricks and tips to have the best stormy encounter. Get acquainted with the cancellation policy too. Hurricane season is a turbulent moment at Walt Disney World. The weather, the resulting attraction, and park closure can quickly change.

Hurricane at Disney World is an incredible escape that you would never want to miss for the world. Here is everything you need to know about hurricanes at Disney World.

What You Need To Know About Hurricane At Disney World

What To Expect When You Ride Out

As imaginative as the Disney creators are, they cannot control the weather. So as you head to Walt Disney World, expect rain, particularly during the summer. Showers and small storms sweep through once or twice daily to cool things off.


The daily showers offer a welcoming break from the scorching heat that can throw a wrench into your vacation. One of the most popular travel periods that mark the beginning of a hurricane in Florida is between early June and late November.


That mentioned hurricane at Disney World doesn’t mean your vacation is canceled. As long as you pack appropriately, you can adjust your expectations and continue having a magical time.

Safety Is Disney’s Number One Priority

Believe it or not, there is no place on earth you can enjoy a ride out of a hurricane like at Disney World. Icons like Cinderella Castle, Disney World hotels, and Spaceship Earth structures follow strict building codes to withstand severe hurricane conditions.


This feature guarantees safety to cast members and guests when they need shelter in place or to prevent any damage. This place also operates like a city within a city with complete public works and an efficient power production system. So if the power goes off on other sides of Orlando, be assured that Disney’s backup power generators, biogas-fueled Reedy Creek Energy Services, and more than 500,000 solar panels will keep the lights on.


Additionally, Disney World monitors a situation and adjusts to operations as required, even if it means moving guests to a different hotel, following local hurricane curfews, or closing the parks temporarily. There are also frequent updates via the My Disney Experience app, TV for hotel guests, or your in-room phone.

The Theme Parks May Remain Open

Don’t be surprised to see the parks open even during hurricane periods. Since opening in 1971, Walt Disney World has only experienced eight related closures. So if you want to experience wet and windy weather conditions, this magical place has everything for you. There is a high chance you will not sideline your fun altogether.


In the face of reality, individuals would naturally postpone their vacation or cancel it altogether. Suppose the parks stay open during a hurricane; those who choose to stick out will benefit greatly. As long as you are armed with umbrellas, ponchos, or rainy jackets for stormy weather, you will enjoy considerably fewer individuals and less wait time.


As the parks stay open during storms, you understand that individual attractions may shut down especially outdoor rides may be affected by rain, heavy winds, and lightning. Frequently check the My Disney Experience app to be ahead of the attraction closures.

Weather-Related Park Closures Do Happen

Should conditions deteriorate, Disney World may close down the theme parks and other outdoor activities like mini-golf courses, Blizzard Beach, and Typhoon Lagoon. Short closures can last a few hours, while more extended closures last a few days.


If the storm is intense, Disney world may shut down in advance to give cast members and guests sufficient time to evacuate. If Disney World has scheduled a partial closure, check out the closing time as you leave your hotel room. You can find this information near the main entrance or on Disney World’s social media channels, website, or app.

Expect The Disney World Hotels To Become Extra Magical

When the parks close down because of a hurricane, the hotels become the center of attraction. As you shelter in place at your resort, Disney World pops out the pixie dust to entertain guests and quell hurricane anxiety.


Expect every hotel to organize a slate of indoor activities like movie marathons and games; if lucky, you can meet and greet a Disney character. You might also find your favorite character dressed in spiffy rain jackets. Besides ensuring you are having fun, cast members keep you fed and stocked with all the essentials.

Tips & Tricks For Making The Most Of Your Stormy Disney World Vacation

Make Sure You Have A Disney World Plan Going In

Disney parks are enormous and can be challenging to figure out. Formulate a plan for attractions and must-rides, understand where to find parades and fireworks, and have a general idea of how you want to spend your day. Planning your tour helps in reducing stress, giving you enough time to have fun.

Bring Plenty Of Snacks To Avoid Wasting Time

Food at Disney World can be costly and long queues that could take an hour for you to get food. Plan ahead. You can order food from the Disney App or go to a restaurant because you feel like taking snacks or lunch to keep you going.


You can also get free water at any stand that sells drinks and food, so there is no need to carry heavy water bottles or pay for drinks. The restaurants at Disney World are fantastic and a worthy experience.

Arrive At Or Before The Opening Time Of Disney World

The simplest way to make your Disney World adventure exciting is to spend the whole day there. Besides that, if you have been to this place before, you understand that arriving before the opening time puts you first in the lines saving you horrible wait times during the day. Your day will become way more interesting if you can get on the most popular rides first.

Take A Break Or Schedule ‘Rest’ Activities

You can not spend an entire day at Disney World without getting extremely tired. You can begin your day early in the morning while temperatures are still low, then rest during the peak heat hours. You will likely need more breaks than this, so minimize the time spent in the hot sun and stay in the air-conditioned shops.

Pack Your Bag Properly

Apart from ordinary things like alcohol, drugs, weapons, or anything illegal, there are other things you are not allowed to bring into Disney World. These include pets, toy guns, drones, selfie sticks, glass containers, and plastic straws.


Some of these things are expected, while some are not. The security at Disney World is very tight, so if found, they will ask you to throw them away or return them to your car. Packing your bag with the right items is good to avoid all this hassle.

Keep Calm And Carry On With The Fun

Hurricane season is prevalent in Disney World. Concrete plans help you handle the stormy weather, and the cast members are ready to do anything to keep you secure and happy.


It’s also normal going on such a vacation with anxiety and vigilance. However, don’t worry yourself too much, such that you can’t relax. If you plan accordingly and pay attention to the Disney announcements, you can still have a great time, even during the storm.

Pack For The Weather

No matter what day you visit Disney World, it would help if you were prepared for rainy weather. Ensure you pack something that will keep you dry, like an umbrella, poncho, or rain jacket. This is crucial because it helps you capitalize on short queues while prepared individuals stay dry.


Ziploc bags are the best for protecting valuables like money, phones, and other important documents, making it easy to find them in an emergency. It’s also a matter of time until your feet get wet. Pack an extra pair of shoes and socks and store them in your bag for easy access when you want to change.

Hire A Car In Orlando To Make Life Easier

If you are far from the park and want to arrive early, hire a car. Shuttles used to ferry people to Disney World are a bit of a disaster, and you will end up late if you use them. Car rental from the airport is simple and cheap.


Parking costs $20 at Disney World, allowing you to drive into any park entrance except the Magic Kingdom. Make sure you mark where you parked your car so you don’t forget after a long day at Disney World.


Hurricane at Disney World is a period you will never want to miss for the world. During the storm, there are numerous activities you can do both indoors and outdoors. Pay attention to the above tricks and tips to stay ahead and have an exclusive moment at Walt Disney World.


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