Best Season to Visit Disney World in 2023

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Planning your trip to Disney World in 2023? But not sure what is the best time to experience the magic?

Not to worry, this article will provide you with every detail required to get the best time to book your travel.

Finding the perfect time to visit Disney World in 2023 means getting the best out of it. But it is also a task because you want to book your days in advance, expect less crowd, and make the most of every penny you spend!

Every season has its pros and cons. So, in the explanation below, you will figure out what season suits your travel best.

Best Season to Visit Disney World in 2023

The year comprises of four seasons, summer, autumn, winter, and spring. And each season has something unique to offer.

Summer starts with the gigantic festival at EPCOT. It is when kids have their best holidays and many parents plan to bring their little ones to Disney World during this time.

With Autumn, Disney world welcomes Thanksgiving and Halloween. But in autumn, schools start to reopen and get you busy with weekends. This is a great time for adults to have fun after hours and get drenched in the exquisite nightlife.

Now in winter, Disney World starts to get crowded! Because of Mickey’s Christmas Party! Also, during winter, EPCOT organizes a lot of International Festivals for the Holidays! Winters are the most expensive seasons because of Christmas and New Year’s!

Lastly, Spring may be the best time to visit Disney World! Easter magic is over at the Magic Kingdom of Disney World. Even EPCOT’s Flower and Garden Festival is something worth experiencing.

Major events across the seasons

Let’s check out some of the events to be a part of when planning to visit Disney World in 2023:


During spring, some significant events take place. It is starting with EPCOT International Flower & Garden Festival. It begins from March till early July. The event features some of the best topiaries, cuisines, events, and more. If you are aware and interested in Run Disney, spring is definitely for you. Disney World organizes a Spring race event around the weekends around March and April.

Spring Break at Disney World


The famous festivals of EPCOT are quite an attraction. Starting with the Flower & Garden Festival continues almost throughout the summer season. Another festival that EPCOT has is the International Food & Wine Festival which starts away when the spring festival is over. This is of the significant events during the summer.


The Food & Wine Festival will also continue throughout autumn. It mostly ends only in November. Right up begins the Festival of Arts.

But apart from that, during the fall season, another event that attracts a lot of crowds is the Wine & Dine Half Marathon Weekend. This is likely to take place in early November.

Now in Autumn, you are also aware that Halloween celebrations kick off in Disney World’s Magic Kingdom starting in August and continue till October.

The best part of Autumn is the Magic Kingdom decorations and special festive snacks across Disney World.

You may also be able to attend one of the after-parties, which may cost you a little more, but you would experience some spooky fun and treats.


And once the Halloween craze ends, the season of holidays will kick off! Disney World gets all lit for Christmas starting in November. Right after the celebration of Thanksgiving, it’s time for the EPCOT’s International Festival of the Holidays. This event is celebrated throughout the year, and other celebrations at the park.

What to know about Disney Crowds

One of the primary factors that can change your experience in Disney World 2023 is the crowds. Let’s find out what the groups look like during this time:

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So, during the spring season, you will be able to see crowds visiting Disney World for their spring break. The busiest time during spring is mostly mid-March and the Easter weekend in April. But most likely, the crowd is pretty much throughout March and April.

Things go down in May but again, during weekends like Memorial Day and Mother’s Day, you may see a good crowd again.


Summers are mostly crowded because of the holidays. Mostly families will be seen spending their holidays as it’s time for long trips. The crowd you will see between June to August is mostly family-oriented.


Mostly in Autumn, you may not see a lot of crowds as it starts declining. September-October is the least busy month apart from weekends like Columbus Day, Halloween, or Labour Day.

The good news is that vacations can be cheaper for you during these months. Since the pricing depends on dates, you may be lucky to get the tickets at a lower price.

November isn’t that busy at the start part from the Thanksgiving break, which has the highest crowd. But if you want to spend your leisure time at Disney World, it’s better to avoid the holiday breaks and weekends.

Halloween Treats at Disney World 2022


With the end of Thanksgiving week, the next couple of weeks before the Christmas break is entirely free. But as the Christmas holiday begins, the crowd will be crazy and expensive simultaneously. Winters are the most costly and busiest season of the year.

Weather across the seasons

The following factor that you will want to consider when coming to Disney World in 2023 is the weather around the seasons:


It usually starts to get warm with spring, but not summer. Springs are more frequent with thunderstorms and rain. So, if you visit Disney World during spring, keep rain jackets and ponchos with you. You don’t want to get drenched and explore Disney World.

The weather is going to be warm, but you may experience windy days. The best thing about spring is that the humidity level is shallow. If you don’t want humidity frizz on your trip, traveling in pre-May should be the ideal time for your trip.


Summers are never fun especially if you’re bringing small kids during their summer break! It’s usually hot throughout the season. It is boiling and humid, which you will regret going to. Also, it may rain, which can worsen the situation, making the air dense and hot.

However, if you are still planning your trip during the summer break, you should carry a few things on the list. Starting with sunscreen, hats, umbrellas, and lots of fluid to keep you hydrated.


As Autumn starts, the weather isn’t that cold, but it’s better what it’s like in summer. It starts chilling out. Just remember that the hurricane season begins in June and can happen any time till November.

The Hurricane Ian is an example of what happened this year, and it totally busted the anniversary celebrations.  Just be careful of the stormy weather. But as you reach November, the weather and temperature are pretty comforting.


Well, as you reach the end of the year, it’s time to take out your winter clothes from your closet. The weather is much more relaxed in winter, though you may not experience that much chill at Disney World compared to your home temperature. Just pack your jacket in case you need it, and you are good to go.

Important dates across the seasons

The most important dates to visit Disney World is probably the first thing you want to know about. So, starting with spring, you should keep yourself self-updated with the refurbishment schedule.

Disney World’s routine attraction and massive overhauls start in January and stay until April. So, to grab the best events you want to attend, a refurb calendar will help you figure out the must-do activities for your trip.

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Summers in Disney World are usually busy, not like winters but still busier than other seasons. Because of the crowd, the park also has some special times in the summer. You may be able to enter early or leave late, depending on your suitability. Hence check out the schedule before you plan.

The same goes with autumn and winter; a refurb calendar will help you find the apt timings for your shows and attractions that may interest you. If you don’t want to miss out on some must-do activities, do not forget to check the schedule.

Winters are full of surprises in Disney World. Since it’s the busiest season of all because of international festivals, it is better to mark your dates before traveling. As it’s going to be an expensive holiday, why miss out on anything when you spend so much on ticket prices?

disney world in 2023

How to compare prices across seasons

Last but most importantly, pricing is an aspect you ought to look into when planning to come to Disney World in 2023:


Spring may be the BEST season to travel because of the beautiful weather. Apart from the weather, it is also worth experiencing the EPCOT Flower and Garden Festival.

But it can also be the busiest if you plan your trip during the school holidays when you get to see the peak at Disney World.

Special events will be costly, so if you’re looking to be a part of Run Disney or want to come here during Easter, prices will be on the rise.

Weekdays will charge you the regular provided you’re going the usual way of hopping from one attraction to another.


Though summers are sweltering and humid, it can be the most appropriate if that suits your schedule. You get free because of summer break and can leisurely spend your time without thinking about work.

Also, during summer, all the rides are primarily open because of the crowd. But do remember to carry all the essentials like hats, sunglasses, and comfy shoes and keep yourself self-hydrated.

Apart from EPCOT’s festival, summers are normally charged. However, if you’re bringing kids along, you must create a family budget as when the numbers multiply so will your budget.


It is quite a season for you to experience some spooky and festive twists at Disney World. But that’s only if you don’t have kids to go with you on your trip.

Because during Fall, the schools are primarily open, it’s a bad idea for you to plan your trip if you have kids. And not to forget that it’s the hurricane that you need to be careful about.

If you’re planning to be here for After Hours parties or attending special Halloween events, those are separately charged. Moreover, some days like Halloween and Thanksgiving will require additional ticket prices along with weekends because holidays are stepping in!


This is probably the most magical season of Disney World. The chilly winters are worth it if you have a budget for spending your holidays in Disney World.

Due to Christmas and New Year’s, the park has many activities and events. Also, Disney World will be fully lit with beautiful décor because of the festive season. It is worth experiencing Disney World at least once in winter.

Now, this is the most expensive season and crazily crowded. Hence if you are not ready for that, then it’s not a game for you. These are reals downers during the holidays.

There are special events happening throughout Decembers, and each day will be separately charged according to weekdays/weekends and events you can cover.

But if you plan to visit Disney World during the winter, don’t forget to keep yourself layered. You don’t want to shiver throughout your trip where you spend so much.

Hence keep your jackets and gloves with you so you can happily enjoy the most memorable and magical journey of your lifetime.

Final thoughts

Finally, it is your turn to figure out the best season for your travel. Considering all the pros and cons choose the one that suits your budget, timing, and preferences.

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