When NOT to Come to Disney World in 2023 and Why

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Booking your dates is the first thing to do when you plan to come to Disney World in 2023. Before you fix a date to plan your dream vacation, how about kicking out the times you shouldn’t come here?

Yep! This Disney World guide helps you know when NOT to come here this year and why.

When not to come to Disney World in 2023

If your goal is to have less crowd, less expenditure, and less wait time, here are the times to avoid:


Spring break is common in America, so if you’re traveling internationally, you should look it up before flying to Florida. You might face a crowd because a certain section of society has vacation during these months, including schools and colleges.

Easter is a time for celebration and the crowd peaks in April. Everything will have longer wait times, from dining to hotels to rides, and prices will shoot up too!

If you come to Disney World in 2023 during spring, try to:

  • avoid the Easter week due to the crowd
  • come right before Easter to experience exclusive snacks and décor associated with Easter
  • plan a trip during March to face a moderate crowd
  • pick weekdays over weekends

Spring Break at Disney World


Florida is hot during the summers, making your visit to Disney exhausting. Summers start in May and stay till September in this state. But apart from the scorching sun, you might also face occasional downpour that ruins your day.

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Now, summertime breaks at educational institutions naturally bring in a young crowd. So, while you would want to avoid your visit to Disney World during this time, another group is waiting for their holidays to be here.

It is not absolutely bad to come to Disney World in 2023 during the summer; if you check the weather forecast ahead of time, you can still make your visit memorable.

Some hacks to keep yourself going would include:

  • early visit to explore the theme parks before the sun is gorging your energy
  • making lunchtime reservations to beat the heat while the sun glares at you
  • carrying water and wearing comfortable attire
  • keeping umbrellas and raincoats handy for drizzles if forecasted

Winter Holidays

Disney World Christmas 2023 would be a sight to see. But it is also the worst time to be here if your goal is to get on the most popular rides.

From Halloween to Thanksgiving to Christmas, Disney World sees an all-time peak from October to December. It is the busiest and the most expensive time to be here.

First, you must figure out if you want to experience Halloween or Christmas at Disney World. There is an overnight contrast between October 31 and November 1, as the parks go from spooky to holiday-like within a few hours!

Here is what to do if you want to come to Disney during the holidays:

  • for the spooky vibe amidst less crowd visit during the middle to end of October
  • to experience Christmas-vibes be here during November and December
  • skipping thanksgiving and the last week of December will save you money
  • to skip crowds and pay less, choose weekdays, and avoid the peak time
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How To Celebrate Christmas in Disney World 2022

Hurricane season

Hurricane Ian was a disaster in 2022 that hit Florida right during the 51st-anniversary celebrations at Disney World. Many people planned to come to Florida but had to change their routes or face disappointment.

Florida is prone to hurricanes, and it is smart to consider this an issue to stay safe and keep your money safe too! It depends on the hurricane’s intensity to let Disney decide the changes they need to make to welcome guests and offer facilities.

When NOT to Come to Disney World in 2023 and Why

Final thoughts

There is one more time to avoid coming to Disney 2023 based on the grand openings. For instance, TRON Lightcycle Run is all set to run operations in Magic Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios will see a rise due to the new Roundup Rodeo BBQ.

If you’re coming especially for these, it is best to skip the launch time. Let the initial excitement dial down and let people give their reviews. You can then judge if it’s worth coming for the new attractions and eateries.

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