Back in the early 90s, Mickey Mouse made its black-and-white debut. Since then, millions of people across the world have watched it over the years. Disney studio flourished because of this cartoon. I bet everyone in your family knows Mickey! Over the years, Disney has managed to stay relevant by bringing lots of interesting stories and new cartoons. On the other hand, animes come in a wide range of forms such as full-length films, short films, and TV series. The most popular anime studio in the world is Studio Ghibil. And it is located in Japan. In this article, we are going to talk about both Disney and Anime. You are going to find out the option that is most popular and ideal for you.


Since you are reading this article, you’ve likely watched a bunch of Disney movies. Regardless of your age, you will always feel happy and relaxed as you watch these movies. While most of the films are aimed at entertaining the youth, adults will find them amusing. Disney has a remarkable talent for portraying fictional characters. Not to forget the captivating plot that most of their movies have. Tutors and parents can help students communicate about a wide range of issues using animated movies. As a college student, you can find ready-to-use free personal narrative essays that can help you become more creative and promote your communication skills. Here are some of the reasons why you should watch Disney movies and read free examples and essays:

  1. Important lessons for all

Most of the films that you’ll find here encourage people to embrace who they are regardless of their current situation. They encourage you to be better than who you were yesterday. While most of the characters in these movies are fictional, the lessons that you’ll learn are genuine. Disney can easily blend key life lessons such as friendship, death and loss, family, good and evil, and love with entertainment. These movies have the power to influence you in ways that you’d never expect.

  1. Friendly movies for everyone

Almost every film that you’ll find here is suitable for the youth. Over the holidays, you can watch lots of films with your loved ones. You’ll be surprised to know that most of the concepts in these films were created with the family in mind. There are no notions that will harm children. The films are kid-friendly and entertaining to all.

  1. Films are diverse

Most of the movies and shows on Disney resonate with people of different cultures, ages, and races. And this has made most of their movies quite famous in different parts of the world. They are available in a wide range of languages on both paid and free streaming platforms. Concepts of unity and cooperation are quite common.

  1. Strengthens imagination

A strong imagination plays an important role in the growth and development of the youth. They can easily generate new ideas and solve complex problems. When they watch Disney movies together with their loved ones, they’ll have an easy time communicating with adults about the obstacles they face in life. A student who watches these movies and reads research paper examples and essays will easily achieve their goals. Parents will also have an easy time guiding them.


This is one of the most popular entertainment mediums that most people love. As a teenager, you’ve probably watched lots of anime movies since you were a child. Do you enjoy watching them now?  Konibet Casino(コニベットカジノ) The more people become older, the more likely they are to put anime aside. However, let’s discuss some of the reasons why you should watch anime:

  1. They don’t get canceled

Have you ever let yourself get invested in a TV film only for a network to cancel it? Frustrating, right? With anime, this happens once in a blue moon. The story will either end or it will keep on going until a particular goal has been achieved.

  1. Unique and interesting characters

One of the reasons you should watch anime is the diversity that the characters have. The people that you’ll see here will have numerous personalities. While they all have goals, there is much variance in who they are. There are detectives, demons, ghosts, office workers, and even high school students. There’s no limit to what a character can be. To find time to watch your favorite characters, you should read teacher comments for students’ writing and student contract for grades and learn more about grading college papers. 

  1. Characters can die

While the characters have so much potential, they are not protected by the plot. No character is immune to death. There are no perfect characters. Even if they exist, they have been put there to prove a point.

  1. Stories are relatable

Just because you are watching an animated film doesn’t mean that the storylines are unrealistic. Most films usually have important moral philosophies that can help you in life. Some of the important topics that you’ll learn about include overcoming loss, decision-making, and the importance of family in life to name a few.

  1. Strong feminine characters

There has been a huge debate about how anime portrays feminine characters. Female characters cannot be compared to their male counterparts in terms of strength and fortitude.

Disney vs Anime: What should you choose?

As you have seen, there are key differences between Disney films and anime. Knowing these differences and what you enjoy watching will help you make an informed decision.

  • Characteristics – Animes usually exaggerate the physical traits of characters. They usually have strong muscles, thick hair, and big eyes. On the other hand, Disney films are rich in vivid imagination. You’ll get to see talking animals and real humans.
  • Plot – Disney films are funny and have important lessons that people can learn about. When it comes to anime, things can get quite intense. Animes do not just teach key lessons but also have a degree of complexity.
  • Mouth movement – It takes a lot of time and money to create anime. Since studios want to save money, they tend to ignore mouth movement. On the other hand, Disney does a great job when it comes to mouth movement. This feature can make or break a film.


Just like everything in life, both Disney films and anime have their pros and cons. While most people enjoy watching Disney films due to the variety and quality, anime producers are also working hard to keep their followers engaged. Which of the two do you love and why?

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