Smashing Myths About Timber Windows

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Sashes and window frames are very popular because they are attractive and make your house look good both from the interior and exterior. As a result, many people are usually confused on which option to choose. Plastic models are not a great choice for obvious reasons while those made of natural wood are often perceived to be too expensive. In this article, we will discuss myths about timber windows.

Timber windows are very expensive

People who have difficulty selecting windows often believe that windows made of natural wood are too expensive. However, that is not true. Although they are slightly more expensive than their plastic counterparts, wooden windows are not as expensive as many people perceive. The reason why wooden windows are more expensive than those made of PVC is because they are durable, very attractive and easy to repair.

Fixing timber window is difficult

Fixing wooden windows is not as difficult as many people perceive. In fact, it is the easiest. First,

timber windows do not require regular repair and painting. If well installed and maintained, a wooden window frame can last for up to 10 years. The fact the wood is factory painted means that the installation process is easy. Applying a new coat of paint is also easy. All you need to do is level the surface then sand to smoothen the surface. The window will remain in great condition for years,

meaning you won’t need to make frequent repairs.

Wooden windows are less effective than plastic

Wooden windows are by far more reliable and effective than PVC. They are made of high quality

material and have complied with building safety regulations. More so, wooden window frames are

made of natural wood which is environmentally friendly and also safe for your family. The safety and reliability of wooden sashes cannot be compared to PVC windows.

Timber windows are not energy efficient

Most people usually shy away from installing timber windows because they think they are not energy efficient. However, that is far from the truth. Research has shown that wooden windows are one of the most energy efficient windows on the market, especially if they are well maintained. The double and triple glazing are very efficient in minimizing heat loss during the cold season. They also don’t have draft, which makes them even more energy efficient. All you need to do to ensure that your wooden windows are energy efficient is to ensure that they are well maintained. Inspect your window regularly and fix any defect on time. A major window repair will be done after 10 years, which is pretty a long time.

Wooden windows have impact on climatechange

It is often believed that wooden windows have a negative effect on the environment. However, that is not true because wood is a natural material that is safe and environmentally friendly. Additionally, wood does not emit harmful chemicals when heated, meaning their impact on climate is very low. PVC material, on the other hand, usually releases toxic substances that are harmful to the environment.

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