Disney Cards Against Humanity Is a Raunchy Take on Characters

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Why should kids have all the fun? As an ardent Disney fan, all products with the Disney tag intrigue us. Of course, there are more options for kids than adults, but what if you played a naughty game like Cards Against Humanity with a magic twist? Disney Cards Against Humanity is a Disney version of this game that might change your childhood forever.

If you know Cards Against Humanity, you are familiar with the adult-only game to play with friends. Today I will tell you why buying a pack of Cards Against Humanity Disney version is worth it and what it brings along.

What is Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity, as the name suggests, is a rebellious game strictly played by adults during house parties for bonding. The game includes a stack of cards with unfinished sentences written, and the players must complete them with other cards.

The game lets you go dirty, offensive, and politically incorrect, which is why the name sounds rebellious. Although it was initially called Apples to Apples, it was later changed to refer to ‘crimes against humanity’ due to politically incorrectness.

Disney Card Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity is harmless and played to share a good laugh. But spoiler alert – Cards Against Humanity Disney can ruin your childhood memories with Disney characters.


If you are aware of dark cartoons or find TikTok videos or Instagram Reels showing you an adult perspective of cartoons, you will know the impact it has on your mind.

So, the Disney Card Against Humanity might make you look at Disney characters and storylines differently.

Like the original game, the Disney version of Card Against Humanity comes with two card stacks. While the regular ones are black and white, the Disney cards are red and white.

When the game was newly launched, famous TikTok user ARJ Brown gave a sneak peek at this game. He flipped over some cards and hilariously read them out aloud:

“There’s a little-known Disney movie called The Princess and Bambi’s dead mother,”

“When life keeps you down, you know what you gotta do? Just keep pretending to be a man.”

The comments section had mixed reactions; some people found his funny while others were terrified. It is worth playing if you are not worried that these cards reading can mess up your childhood memories of Disney.

The game is surely not family-friendly, but mingling with friends with similar love for Disney will create a great bonding experience.

Where to buy Cards Against Disney

The first step to play this game is purchasing Cards Against Disney. Many counterfeit products are available online, so you need to buy them from a good source.

Currently, eBay has no list of Disney card games, but you can buy the cards from websites like Amazon, Little Dog Paper Co, Board Game Geek, and Gameology. The price is between $27 and $59, so find the one that gets you the product cheap.

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Once you get the product, you will find a red box with ‘Cards Against Disney – have a laugh’ written on it. It is a two-part box you can open by pulling the red cover with one hand.

The white part full of 828 cards stayed on the other hand. There are 568 white cards and 260 red cards. The scripts on the red card are in white, and the white cards are in red.

You will find red and white cards with Cards Against Disney written on each card. Now you take them out and read what is written to understand how the game works.

When you keep reading the cards one by one, you might lose Disney innocence, but it will surely make you giggle.

How to play Disney cards against humanity?

Here is how you can play Disney Card Against Humanity:

Plan a Disney game night

The box of the game mentions that you can play the game with a minimum of four and a maximum of 20 people. The game is strictly for people ages 17 and above. The duration of playing one round would be 30 to 90 minutes.

Before you plan to play it, you will need at least four Disney enthusiasts willing to play this with you. Once you have gathered around, it is time to turn to dark humor.

Separate the cards

The red stack of cards is present on the left side of the box, followed by all the white cards. You will find a small manual that gives you a quick description of how to play.

Draw the cards and begin

Each player needs to draw ten white cards and keep them handy. The manual reads that the friend’s group must identify the person who pooped last as the cardster and draw in the first red card.

The person has to read out what is written on the red card. Now all the other players must choose an appropriate white card and pass it to the cardster without anyone noticing.

The white card will have one word that fits into the fill-in-the-blank perfectly. So, while choosing one out of 10 white cards, a player can choose the funniest or most relevant term.

Disney Cards Against Humanity

Shuffle and read

The cardster then shuffles all the cards he received from friends and reads out all the combinations individually. The term that suits best will make everyone laugh and give one point to the person who shared the white card.

Here is how you win

The role of cardster and drawee continues by taking turns. So, in the following round, the cardster can win a point like others. The game continues until all the red cards are used or until you want to continue. Ultimately, the player with the higher points will win the game.

What is written on Cards Against Disney?

Here are 10 quotes in the white present in the Cards Against Disney card list:

  1. From Quasimodo’s tower, you can see _____.
  2. In the middle of an isolated forest, no one can hear _____.
  3. It’s Ursula’s creepy eels! Flotsam and _____.
  4. Jane and Michael Banks were very surprised when Mary Poppin pulled _____ out of her carpet bag.
  5. Kids these days don’t appreciate the Disney classics such as _____.
  6. Lady and the Tramp was originally titled Lady and _____.
  7. Legend has it, if you kiss a frog, you will experience _____.
  8. Like Pinocchio’s nose ____ grows when I lie.
  9. Look at ____; isn’t it neat?
  10. Look, Simba. Everything ____ touches ____.
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Here are 10 quotes in the red present in the Cards Against Disney card list:

  1. Thomas O’Malley, the alley cat getting fresh with your mother.
  2. Throwing yourself dramatically into the nearest bed.
  3. Timon and Pumbaa.
  4. Tinker Bell’s tiny titties.
  5. Topsy-Turvey day festivities.
  6. Watching The Lion King in the nude.
  7. Violently murdering Princess Anna after she trashes your ride like a dumb b*tch.
  8. Waking Sleeping Beauty with a true loves d*ck.
  9. Dumbo giving an “ear job.”

Disney Cards Against Humanity

Things to keep in mind

The list of fill-in-the-blanks and answers is raunchy, and it suggests two things:

  • This is not for kids
  • This is strictly for Disney enthusiasts

This game is hilarious if you and your friends have grown up watching Disney and visiting Disney World. It might kill your Disney innocence but it will be a party delight.

If you are unfamiliar with Disney movies and characters, you will not understand the depth and might not seem funny.

Only people who have grown up watching Disney and are ready to look into the naughty side would love it.

While the stack suggests you can play with 20 people, you should ideally play this game with 4-6 people. It will retain the fun and give you countless options for mixing and matching the red cards with white.

What happened when a mom bought Cards Against Disney?

A hilarious incident related to Disney Cards Against Humanity took Twitter by storm in 2019.

Debbie Fanning, a mother and ardent Disney fan, bought the pack to take home for kids. Little did she know the inside content and thought the pack of cards was a regular Disney game. If she knew what Cards Against Humanity was, she’d surely have left the stack of cards at the store.

Debbie expected the box to feature innocent jokes for fun and games, including Disney characters and stories. What she found out gave her a shock and left her speechless.

Debbie’s daughter, Amy, tweeted about this hilarious incident that garnered over 20K hearts! LADbible connected with Amy for the story and covered the incident in-depth.

At first, Debbie was confused by the text on the red and white cards. But eventually, she found it funny and also played the game. The family was awkward about doing this together, but it was destined.

Disney Cards Against Humanity soon became a part of Debbie’s family. Now they play it together, and they recommend doing it around drinks.

disney characters

Final thoughts

If you are looking for a Disney game that is strictly for adults, Cards Against Disney can be your go-to.

As the name suggested, ‘against Disney’ reflects the dirty twist to the personification of Disney characters. But if you are okay with looking at your favorite childhood characters differently, you can buy this. If not, you can choose other Disney games to play.

Disney Cards Against Humanity pdf and printable options are available online. If you do not get the original product handy, you can use these sources to curate your stack of cards.

Ensure keeping kids out of reach, and you are all set to add naughty to the magical world of Disney!

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