How Far Is Universal Studios From Disney

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You want to make the most of your time in Orlando but you’re torn between Disney World and Universal Studios. To have a solid itinerary and manage time, you need to know how far is Universal Studios from Disney World. While the distance between the two is 9 miles, traveling from one to another can be expensive. Imagine paying hefty Disney ticket prices and going over budget with car costs.

To simplify your journey to Universal Studios from Disney World, here is a guide to help you make the best of both worlds – and at the cheapest possible way!

Why travel from Disney World to Universal Studios?

The two prime theme park attractions in Orlando are Disney World and Universal Studios. One lets you dive deep into the world of Disney magic, while the other is for Hollywood movie lovers.

Most people visiting Disney World for the first time think Universal is a part of it. While one way it is true, they are not physically close to each other. It takes 9 miles or 14 km to go to Universal Studios from Disney World, which means you will require a vehicle, a bus, or a taxi service.

How far is Universal Studios from Disney World?

I can tell you how far is Universal studios Florida from Disney World at once because it is 9 miles. But the answer is not as simple as it seems. But why?

Both the theme parks are extremely big, and where you travel from will matter. For instance, the distance between Universal and Disney is approximately 8.6 miles. But when going from Disney to Universal it can be 9.2 miles. Again, if you are considering the most extreme parts of the two theme parks, it can take you 14 miles.

The fastest way to go to Universal Studios from Disney World would be choosing the I-4 route and exit at 75A. If you have a car, it can take you as less as 15 to 20 minutes to go from one theme park to another. As you go pass the International Drive you can stop to get a grab as you continue your theme park-hopping spree.

How far is Universal Studios from Disney World

Size of Disney World and Universal Studios

The reason why the distance between Universal and Disney can vary at large is the sizes of the theme parks. Disney World spread across 25,000 acres and covers an area of 43 miles. Half of this space is developing for future projects. It also includes wetlands and conservatories.

Universal Studios spread across 840 acres. However, they are constantly increasing the space by using the area around it. Since both the places are spread across acres, it is difficult to estimate how far they are from each other.

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Disney World Packages

How to get to Universal from Disney?

You now know how far away is Universal Studios from Disney World. But what are the different ways to cover the 9-mile journey? Here are options to choose from:

Shuttle from Universal to Disney

Mears Connect has every day bus services to take you from Disney to Universal and vice versa. However, the bus service has multiple stops on the way and increase transport time. It can take you roughly two hours to reach from one theme park to another. The cost of Mears Connect is expensive compared to taking a public bus. It is free for kids below the age of 3.

For a one-side trip they charge $16 per person and $13.50 for children. For a round-trip they charge $32 for adults and $27 for children. If you are in a small group of 2-4 people, choosing a cab service is cost-effective.

Apart from Mears, there are other companies that sell shuttle services worth $20. You can also get a hotel shuttle for free if the place to stay provides this service. So, make sure you ask your hotel if they include this with your stay cost.

For example, if you are staying in a resort like Encore and Reunion, you will get free shuttle services. Villas that have resort membership can also offer you this service. So, choosing the right stay in important when wanting to loop in these services with hotel costs.

Taxi from Disney to Universal

If you grab a running taxi, it will be the cheapest option when travelling with at least one person. The travel time is 15-20 minutes and the cost is $25.

There are also Mears Taxis available to take you from Disney to Universal. It will give you the Disney vibe, but cost you at least $10 more than local cab services.

Uber or Lyft

If you choose Uber and Lyft, you can choose car pool services and travel for cheap. It is best option for solo travelers as they share the car cost like shuttle services.

You can get SUV cars with enough space to accommodate 8 passengers. When traveling with family, you can book a personal car and reach Universal from Disney at around $35.

Surge prices are common in these apps especially during opening and closing time. It is best to avoid booking during these times or checking cheaper alternatives.

You might also experience surge charges during holidays and weekends. Again, it will be easy to get a car pool option due to heavy crowd.

Uber from Disney World to Universal

Disney Limo service

If you want to have an experience of a life-time you can book a private Limousine to travel to Universal from Disney World. It is a magical experience that you can get for cheap when traveling with a large group.

Orlando Shuttle Services have offers starting from as low as $7 per person. But you need to pre-book this and be punctual while leaving Disney World theme park.

limo to disney world

Bus services

The longest yet the cheapest way to go from Universal to Disney World is a bus service. It can take you 1 hour 25 minutes to 2 hours depending on the traffic. But the cost per ticket is only $2 or $3. LYNX bus services provided by the Florida authorities is perfect for saving enough money for a ride.

Line no. 302 takes you to Disney World from Universal Studios, while line 50 takes you from Universal to Disney. Note that you need to switch from one bus to another in-between and walk at length to reach either theme parks.

The buses do not stop right in front of the entrance. You should choose these options when you have ample time at hand else it is a waste of time.

Personal car

Bringing your car to Disney World is the wisest option. You will need to pay for car parking, unlike booking bus or cab services. However, you do not need to depend on public transporters. It will also be cost-effective as you only need to pay for gas. But that depends on where you come from. If you are a resident of Orlando, this will be cheap for you.

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Since you already know how to come from Disney to Universal, here is the route to take to go from Uniserial to Disney. At first, you head to I-4 West and take exit 68. Next, take S Apopka Vineland Road by taking right, and then left to Hotel Plaza Blvd. You will be 500 meters away from entering the magical world of Disney.

My Disney Experience App Car Locator Feature Now Out

Things to keep in mind when travel between theme parks

  • Traffic to and from Universal Studios and Disney World is high during weekends and holidays. In worst conditions you might take two hours to reach by bus and over one hour by car.
  • You should at least keep one hour as time in transit and plan park-hopping spree accordingly.
  • Filling up on food on the way is smart as you get to spend more time at Universal when coming from Disney.
  • Rainy seasons can increase taxi prices due and take you more time to reach Universal from Disney World.
  • Private cars are the best and fastest transport mode if price isn’t a constraint.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How far is Universal Studios Orlando from Disney World?

Disney and Universal Studios are roughly 9 miles away from each other. However, when considering two extreme ends of both theme parks, it can be as far as 14 miles.

2. What is the cheapest way to go to Disney World from Universal Studios?

The 302 Bus service takes around $2-$3 to bring you from Disney World to Universal Studios. It is the cheapest way to travel but takes 1 hours 25 minutes, which is more compared to a 9-mile car drive.

3. What is the fastest way to go from Disney World to Universal Studios?

Booking a taxi will help you come to Universal Studios from Disney World and vice versa within 24 to 30 minutes. The cost varies between $50-$60 during weekends and holidays.

4. Are there direct buses from Disney World and Universal Studios?

There is one bus that departs from Seven Seas Dr & Floridian Way once every day. It arrives at Kirkman Road & Windhover Drive and takes around 45 minutes.

5. How far is Disney World from Universal Studios?

The distance between Universal and Disney World is 9 miles or 14 kms.

6. How to get a bus from Disney World to Universal?

Buses operated by Lynx Central Florida Transport leave from Seven Seas Dr & Floridian Way to take you from the magical theme park to the filmy one.

7. Can I bring my car to Disney World?

Yes, the best way to travel from Disney to Universal or vice versa is by bringing your own vehicle. The drive is shorter and allows you to spend more time in the theme parks. You will take around 30 minutes to go from one to another.

8. Are there hotels near Universal Florida?

Yes, there is more than 2000 hotels near Universal with prices starting as low as $100. So, if you don’t want to stay in the affiliated resorts, you can choose a stay nearby.

9. Are there free transportation from Disney to Universal?

If you are willing to go on a runDisney sort of marathon across theme parks, that is the only way you could get there for free. Otherwise, you gotta choose a paid option.

10. How to get to Universal Studios from Disney World without a car?

Taxi services, Limo, Uber, and Lyft are always available for pick up and drop off. You can also avail Alamo, Enterprise, or Budget car renting options. The second option is best if you want to have a car with you for a longer time.

11. Should I visit both Disney World and Universal?

Yes, you should. The two theme parks are highly distinct from one another. They give you diverse attractions, incredible food, and moments to cherish forever. You cannot come all the way to Orlando and not have the best of both.

12. How to park my car in Disney World?

All Disney theme parks and Universal Studios have parking space. You need to use Google Maps to find the spot. At Universal, there is a massive parking garage and it is centrally located allowing you to go across any direction you want. Open Google Maps and type in Universal Studios Car Park and follow as directed.

Final thoughts

You know how far is Universal Studios from Disney World, but I recommend you to not visit the two the same day. If you are staying at a Disney World hotel, it makes sense to find the right way to reach. But park-hopping can be expensive and make you miss out on a lot of free attractions. It is best to keep two separate days to visit two top theme parks in Orlando.

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