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Top 5 Shounen Manga Similar to Tales of Demons and Gods To Read On Mangakakalot

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Are you prepared to go on a grand adventure, including jaw-dropping combat, enthralling protagonists, and exhilarating story twists? Look no further as we present the top 5 shounen manga, similar to Tales of Demons and Gods, which can be read for free on Mangakakalot and will bring out the beast in you! These thrilling series will have you on the verge of your seat and begging for more, whether you’re an experienced manga enthusiast or just plunging your feet into the universe of Japanese comic books. Each manga on this compilation delivers a distinct and captivating encounter that will take you to a universe where superheroes rise, antagonists fall, and the destiny of humankind swings in equilibrium, from superhuman abilities to everlasting connections of friendship. Buckle yourself in, take your weapon, and prepare to enter a realm where the distinction between fantasies and reality is blurred, and regular people are transformed into incredible fighters. Prepare to unleash your inner warrior as you delve into these timeless shounen comics!


Haruichi Furudate


Sports, Shounen.

The Little Giant, who is just 170 cm tall, defeated the lofty net and the line of opponents. In the last year of junior high school, short-statured Hinata, eager to grow to incredible proportions like the Little Giant, eventually assembled a group and competed in his first volleyball competition. However, his group is completely routed in their opening matchup with the dominant school Kitagawa Daiichi, headed by the brilliant but oppressive setter, the King of the Court, Tobio Kageyama. In an official high school battle, Hinata starts in Karasuno High School to exact vengeance on Kageyama and emulate the Little Giant. His ambitions are thwarted when he enters the gymnasium door and sees Kageyama as one of his comrades. To overcome his shortcomings and realize his goal of dominating the high school volleyball world, Hinata needs to get himself on the team and collaborate with the troublesome Kageyama.

  • Noragami




Action, Fantasy, Shounen.

Delivery God Yato, an unpopular minor deity lacking followers, does errands for just five yen to gather sufficient funds to pay for his temple. He also has another issue since his Shinki, or weapon companion, has chosen to leave because she is sick of working with a needy deity. Yato quickly takes on extra work without a weapon to find a new companion. Yato discovers a lost cat while placing flyers and dashes after the animal toward an approaching car. A neighboring girl, Hiyori Iki, attempts to shove Yato aside but injures herself. She realizes the incident pushed her spirit free from her body when she awakens in the intensive care unit. Yato vows to assist in getting Hiyori back to normal after knowing his actions are to blame, but only for five yen. But he needs a new Shinki to get her back to normal, which he discovers in Yukine’s unruly attitude.

  • Kuroko no Basket


Tadatoshi Fujimaki


Comedy, Sports, Shounen.

The respected basketball team at Teikou Middle School is legendary for having created the Generation of Miracles, a group of five geniuses thought to be unstoppable by the moment they were third-year students. Each of these players had a unique, exceptional talent. After graduation, they eventually separated and enrolled in other high schools, but egos overwhelmed them. Taiga Kagami, who just arrived from the United States, leads the Seirin High School basketball squad in quest of capable teammates. Tetsuya Kuroko, a player who first appears unremarkable, is discovered by Kagami. However, Kagami realizes that Kuroko is the Phantom Sixth Man of the Generation of Miracles, a clandestine player that utilizes his flawless throwing abilities to help the team from cover. They make a joint decision to eliminate the Generation of Miracles and elevate the Seirin basketball team to the pinnacle of Japanese basketball.

  • Witch Watch


Kenta Shinohara


Comedy, Supernatural, Shounen.

After completing her six-year witch education, Nico Wakatsuki returns alone to the village. As a novice witch, she must select a friend to go with her. Unlike the other wizards, she would prefer to choose a friend that is not an animal. Morihito “Moi” Otogi, her childhood buddy claiming to be an ogre, is the ideal company. Morihito is adamantly opposed to serving her, but he grudgingly embraces his destiny after discovering that enchantment would transform him into an odd cow-tiger mix if he disobeyed a witch’s command. The two teenagers share a home after Morihito’s dad departs on a company trip, and Nico’s mother stays behind in the Witches’ Holy Land. While Nico is overjoyed to move in with her boyfriend, Morihito discovers that Nico’s supernatural pranks and general carelessness cause more issues than they fix. Morihito has to do all in his power to defend Nico as his protector while also honoring his obligations as her familiar because a foretold catastrophe is set to strike her within the year.

  • Akane-Banashi


Takamasa Moue. Yuuki Suenaga.


Drama, Shounen.

Any disciple must dedicate years to learning Rakugo, an ancient narrative form, before reaching the highest level of shinuchi. Since childhood, Akane Osaki has been enthralled by her father Tooru’s Rakugo skills. She would dedicate hours observing and imitating his job while sneaking behind a sliding door. Tooru must pass an advancement exam in the presence of a crowd and senior Rakugo master Issho Arakawa to get that desired position. After the test, Tooru discovers he has been ejected from the Rakugo school despite his enthusiastic presentation. It causes him to completely give up on Rakugo and settle for an ordinary career, which hurts his daughter’s feelings. Akane is now out for revenge against the guy who won’t acknowledge the brilliance of her father’s Rakugo technique because she is filled with rage and despair. She asks Shiguma Arakawa, the previous Rakugo master of Tooru, to take her under his care. But given what occurred to her father six years earlier, Shiguma felt incapable of teaching another student. Shiguma pushes Akane to put her determination to trial through her performance in the presence of an audience to see whether she has what it takes to succeed in the Rakugo scene.


The top 5 Shounen manga picks will stoke your excitement if you enjoy Tales of Demons and Gods on Mangakakalot. The manga series mentioned above will capture your attention while keeping you on the verge of your seat due to their spectacular fights and captivating protagonists. The curated collection will enthrall you, test the limits of your creativity, and have you wanting more, whether you’re a veteran manga fan or just putting effort into this fascinating medium. Visit Mangakakalot and enjoy online manga reading for free!

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