Cricket Shoes: Amazing Shoes Designed Specifically For Best Cricket Play

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A seasoned cricketer understands the importance of the right pair of cricket shoes. But if you have just started out or play cricket just for the love of this game, it’s essential not to overlook the importance of the right gear. People are spoilt for choices with different shoe types available in the market. But you can’t wear basketball shoes on the cricket field and vice versa. Whether you are a batsman, bowler, a fielder, or an all-rounder, the right shoes can make or break your game. The right pair will help you maintain your balance, run better, and, most importantly, protect you from injuries. If you want to elevate your game, read on to understand more about cricket shoes and buy the right one.

Essential Factors to Consider When Buying Cricket Shoes

Cricket is a physically intense sport. Whether you are practising or on the field engaged in a competitive match, you need a good pair of cricket shoes. Here are some factors to consider that will help you make the right purchase:

  • Role in The Field

The first and foremost thing is to consider your role as a cricketer. If you are a batsman, you need to maintain the correct posture to face the ball. If you are a fielder, you need the right shoes that enable a fast running speed and provide balance. If you are a bowler, look for shoes that help land correctly and offer stability to your hand for an overarm delivery. 

  • Type of Ground Surface

Do you play matches on a synthetic or turf pitch? Choose the cricket shoes depending on the ground surface. For turf fields, spiked cricket shoes work the best. While for synthetic fields, rubber shoes work the best. 

  • Material of The Shoe

Since you have to spend long hours on the field, your footwear must be comfortable and breathable. Cricket shoes are usually made of polyurethane, which is an artificial leather. Due to its softness and flexibility, it allows your feet to move freely. 

  • Cushioning

It is also crucial that cricket shoes have ample cushioning. Since players need to run, it exerts a lot of pressure on the lower legs. Having proper cushioning in the heels and midsole reduces this pressure. 

  • Weight of The Shoes

Primarily, you need to run around on the field while scoring a run, bowling, or fielding. In order to ease your movement on the ground, choose lightweight cricket shoes.

  • Size of the Shoes

You need to find the correct shoe size since ill-fitted shoes can lead to poor performance. If your shoes are too tight, your toe may rub against the shoe. They will also lead to restricted movement. If your shoes are too loose, you will not have a definite stride. Make sure your cricket shoes allow some breathing room for your feet.

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Cricket Rubber Shoes Vs. Spiked Shoes

Among several other factors, you also need to understand if you need to buy rubber-soled cricket shoes or spiked shoes. 

Rubber shoes work well on synthetic cricket pitches. They ensure a firm grip, making them slip-resistant during motion. Generally, their midsoles are cushioned and have additional padding for comfortable and safe landings.

Spike shoes work on wet, greasy, or turf surfaces. They come with tiny metal spikes on their outer soles, providing a firm grip and stability. Compared to golf or football spiked shoes, the ones made for cricket have a higher ankle for protection from injuries. 

What Cricket Shoes Should You Choose?

Depending on your primary role in the field, this may help you decide what shoes will work best for you.

  • Batsman – Batters often receive fast deliveries, and they need to run between the wickets. For you to run around quickly and maintain a firm grip on the field, rubber shoes work the best.
  • Bowler – Bowlers need to run speedily, break at the right time at the crease, and jump high for some deliveries. They need to have cushioned cricket shoes with spikes, which provide a better grip compared to rubber shoes. 
  • Fielder – Depending on their comfort, fielders can choose either spiked or rubber shoes. They just need to ensure their shoes are lightweight for easy and flexible motion.


You cannot undermine the importance of a good pair of cricket shoes during the game. Not only do they prevent you from injuries, but depending on your role in the game, they elevate your performance. While some players need a correct stance to face the ball, some need to land well to throw a delivery. The right set of cricket shoes provides your feet with the required support, grip, flexibility, and fit to ensure comfortable wear. The most expensive pair of shoes may not necessarily be right for you. So, consider factors such as the material of the shoe, ground surface, weight, etc., before purchasing your footwear. As you understand your game better, you can upgrade your shoes accordingly. 

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