Top 3 bisexual characters of Disney World that are inspiring to be yourself

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People love watching films to get absorbed in the plots, especially if there’s an element of escapism. For a few hours, viewers can forget all about daily traumas. But movies have also been extremely successful when they have resonated. When these titles hold a mirror up to real life, they don’t just entertain. They can be deeply inspirational. Presenting identifiable storylines has elevated so many modern movies, and none more so than the Disney franchise. There have been over 490 Disney films, and in recent times, characters are helped audiences by championing LGBT identities. These films have a clear message: be yourself in any situation and place. This positivity is also chiming with another increasingly popular outlet: digital matchmaking. Dating sites have become social hubs where minority groups can also feel empowered. Let’s take a closer look at how modern LGBT individuals are finding inspiration in different places.

Going online to find love

There was a time when any bisexual, gay or trans single might have felt the urge to keep their true feelings private, at least until they developed a degree of trust with any prospective partner. But society has moved on considerably over the past few decades. Nowadays, there are all sorts of outlets catering to sexual leanings that might have raised eyebrows. Anyone seeking a bisexual hookup can check out websites and apps where they’ll come across a diverse pool of like-minded singles. Unlike trying to click in clubs, bars or other social situations, where it can be difficult to track down truly compatible people, the virtual environment makes things so easy. Algorithms will even help newcomers to find those existing site users who would be most appropriate for a relationship. By comparing interests, motivations, and personality traits with others already stored in a vast database, matches can be suggested instantly.

Never hide feelings

What these outlets do is encourage members to be themselves. There will be all sorts of subheadings within the platform where the likeliest candidates for romance can be found. Discreet communication channels are designed to encourage site users to be open and honest about the type of partnership they’re seeking. If you’re looking for conversational icebreakers that will help sow the seeds of chemistry, why not rely on Disney?! As stated, this is a franchise that is all about acceptance, with so many major plots centered on characters discovering the true course of their heart’s desire. As you exchange DMs with someone you’re attracted to, why not chat about visiting Disneyland around Halloween? This would be the perfect setting for your bisexual rendezvous, and you could have a lot of fun debating your favorite Disney movies reflecting this spooky time of year. To give even more inspiration for your online discussions, how about suggesting three strong bisexual characters in Disney films? You just never know where you’ll find love – online, amongst friends, you suddenly see in a different light or even your local coffee shop. But these three leading roles should make you feel empowered to make the most of any opportunity.

Mulan (Mulan)

Remade as a live-action movie, the original animation was released in 1998, tackling various under-represented roles. Firstly, Disney decided they wanted to create an Asian star. They chose the story of a Chinese girl who disguises herself as a warrior (hacking off her hair) to fight the barbaric Huns sweeping over the land. Although her male guise relies on courage and supreme fighting skills, these are not dampened when her true identity is revealed. This is one of the core issues of bisexuality – it doesn’t have to be defined by one gender. It’s all about being yourself to overcome the odds.

Merida (Brave)

The impetuous princess with the flowing flame-haired locks is someone who can hold her own in any duel. She is also fiercely determined to find her way in life, and to do so, she chooses to defy the curse that has brought calamity to her kingdom (a mythical version of Scotland). In classic mythological style, she is granted one wish to fix things. Now, she relies on womanly guile but also slick archery skills. Hers is the sort of wild passion that causes males and females to swoon in equal measure, exacerbated by that irresistible Scottish accent.

Luz (The Owl House)

To conclude our empowering shortlist, Luz is a character deliberately written as bisexual, and featured in this Disney TV series. Although she has no magical abilities, she is on a mission to become a witch. This is another case of someone setting out on a journey against seemingly insurmountable odds, but this twist has driven so many successful Disney titles. If you’re bisexual and want to check out a bi-character determined to achieve her goals, Luz would fit the bill.

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