Sid From Toy Story – Is He Really a Bad Kid?

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If any of you readers have ever been bullied at school, you will despise the presence of Sid from Toy Story. However, the only difference is that you, a human, were perhaps bullied in school, but Sid destroys toys for fun here.

This might scare a lot who think that this is the early seed of a psychopath that was germinating in Sid. While others will try and pacify the situation by saying we have all been there and done that in our childhood.

So, who was this evil Sid from Toy Story? Was he at all evil? Follow the article to know more!

Let’s begin the story by giving you a brief context of the movie. Sid could be a more consistent character in the sequels of Toy Story that were released over the years.

After disappearing in Toy Story 2, he again resurfaces for very little screen time in Toy Story 3. So, what happens to Sid from Toy Story 3 will only be clear if we look at Toy Story briefly.

sid from toy story

The story of Toy Story

As the name suggests, this is not an anthropocentric world. Instead, the film revolves around the world of toys where humans only have a peripheral role. So, when we are making a buzz of Sid from Toy Story, one should remember that he is not the film’s protagonist.

The main rift is between two toys of a little kid named Andy. One is his treasured pull-string cowboy doll, Woody, and the other is the newly arrived one. It is an object of scorn for Woody, named Buzz Lightyear, a space ranger action figure. So, Woody feared that Andy would forget him when Buzz Lightyear arrived.

As an analyst, you can also read this conflict as the age-long tussle between tradition and modernity. The pull-string cowboy is a traditional doll, while Buzz Lightyear takes up all the limelight by being the Space ranger action figure.

Meanwhile, Sid from Toy Story captures Buzz and Woody when the two are out to hitch a ride to Pizza Planet, where Andy went with his family. Upon being captivated by Sid, they went to his toy room, where they encountered many mutant toys that Sid had made by destroying other toys.

When Sid attempts to blow Buzz, Woody and Buzz resolve their conflict. As the story proceeds further, they do many adventures together.

Obviously, I wasn’t going to give you all the spoilers. The film is for you to watch and see how the story unfolds. But, the main motive of this brief storyline was to introduce you to Sid from Toy Story.

As you read, he had a room full of mutant toys and was attempting to blow Buzz off by tying him to a rocket. But he wasn’t aware that the toys were alive. That gives leeway to Sid’s sympathizers, who suggest that this is why one cannot call Sid a psychopath.

Anyway, before making any judgment, let’s now have a detailed look at Sid from Toy Story and also his toys.

sid from toy story

Sid Phillips: Inside his minds

If you ask any ardent fan of Toy Story and inquire about Phillips, you will see a shadow looming over their face.

The shadow suggests an intense dislike for the character. Why? Because he is a torchbearer in toy torture! He does that for fun!

Sid Phillips is a neighbor of Andy but is starkly different from the latter regarding the treatment he metes out to the toys.

Andy is a very soft-hearted character who treats his toys with utmost care and affection. But Sid, on the other hand, was a reason for the trauma of the toys.

Well, he didn’t know that toys were alive, and when he finally got to know that, he was shocked beyond imagination. But how was he before he came upon this realization?


According to many, Sid Phillips was a troubled boy who found pleasure in torturing the toys. It was a way to vent his torment.

Otherwise, he is an 11-year-old punk kid with metal braces and sharp dark looks. He is also a threat to his younger sister called, Hannah.

He snatches her toys and makes dark experiments with them, making a bunch of mutant toys. However, toward the film’s end, his toys turn on him. That is when he realizes that the toys have life. From then on, he promises not to hurt a toy again.

You can read this as a moral message that you shouldn’t destroy anything, be that a living being or a lifeless matter. Otherwise, Sid was a kind-hearted boy.

Had he been a sadist or psychopathic, the knowledge that the toys have life wouldn’t be much help. He would have continued to torment them. However, the way he tortured the toys was very gory.

Only when Woody and the other toys revolted and attacked him did he get his lesson. Thus, one might also surmise that Sid from Toy Story refrained from butchering the toys out of fear of punishment, not compassion.

Mutant toys

Do you want to have a sneak peek inside Sid’s world? If yes, let’s look at the plethora of Sid from Toy Story toys.

Some of Sid’s most popular mutant toys from Toy Story are Babyface, The Frog, Ducky, Jingle Joe, Hand-in-the-box, Roller Bob, Rockmobile, Pump Boy, and Leg.


Babyface doesn’t at all look like an innocent baby. Instead, it’s the face of a one-eyed doll grafted on the body of a spider. Babyface leads the gang of mutant toys. His other names are Spider Baby and Babyhead.


Ducky is a PEZ dispenser with a duck head. It has the torso of a baby doll attached to a plunger base. Other mutant toys cannot speak. But, Ducky can make duck-like noises.

The Frog

The fastest among the mutant toys, the frog doesn’t have much deformation. He has wheels attached in place of his front legs, which helps him move the fastest.


One of the creepiest toys in Sid’s collection is the Hand-in-the-box. It’s a severed hand jutted inside a box attached to a spring.

The box also plays a piece of music-“pop Goes the weasel.” This is a classic toy piece that every horror film always uses. A sudden jingle from the music box sends shivers down your spine.

Jingle Joe

A blend of Combat Carl situated on top and Melody Push Chime, this might outrun any other Mutant toys in Sid’s collection. This mutation is most creepy because it has a Mickey Mouse arm attached to itself.

Pump Boy

One of the astounding imaginations that Sid from Toy Story has produced is when you look at Pump Boy. It is a convertible car with limbs instead of wheels. Even if it’s a walking car, it stands second in the list of fastest mutant toys of Sid Phillips.


Who can compete in this race for the creepiest toy in the Sid from Toy Story collection if not the legs? It’s a pair of barbie legs attached to a fishing rope.

Thus, all of these toys might hint at the psychopathic nature of Sid and his mind. Surprisingly, all the combinations fit in so perfectly in this dark world!

Let’s return to him now that you have gained a glimpse of Sid’s world.


The moment you see Sid from Toy Story smiling, if you are a toy, it might give you some real chills. In the very introduction, he is seen exploding a Combat Carl. Scud, his toy-chewing dog, always accompanies him in his violent acts.

He also captivated Andy’s dolls Woody and Buzz Lightyear. However, the two manage to escape Sid’s relationship with his sister Hannah, which is also troublesome. In the middle of the film, a scene shows he is snatching his sister’s toys.

It was in this encounter of Sid with Andy’s toys that Woody and Buzz got to know that the mutant toys are not like their owner. Thus, they planned a coup to save Buzz from Sid’s plans to blow up Buzz.

Sid was very frightened when all the toys came up in front of him, and warned him to treat his toys better, Sid was very frightened. After this, he was so scared that he returned to his house. Her sister made fun of him and tried to scare him with her toys.

Thus, in this way, the fear factor made Sid more benevolent. Dolls and toys can be very creepy. However, here all the toys are very friendly.

Eric Von Detten played the role of Sid Phillips in Toy Story and Toy Story 3. However, Will Poulter dressed up as Sid in 2017’s Halloween. It was his stance against bullying. Thus, Will Poulter Sid from Toy Story immediately caught the media’s attention and nailed the role-play. Had it not been an animated film, there would be no wonder if he had been chosen as the actor to play Sid Phillips.

Sid In sequels

Toy Story 2

Sid Phillips didn’t feature in the first sequel of Toy Story. However, Buzz mentioned him in passing when he and Mr. Potato Head, Rex, Hamm, and Slinky Dog went to save Woody from an evil toy collector.

Toy Story 3

You will be excited to know that there is a return of Sid in Toy Story 3. Sid from Toy Story 3 is a grown man. Sid grew up to be a garbage man. The story is set after nearly 10 years, and you need to pay attention to be able to recognize Sid from Toy Story 3 as he has a cameo appearance in the film.

He goes to collect garbage material from Andy’s house. The garbage bag also contained Andy’s toys. If you keep an eye out for him, only then can you spot the same old skull t-shirt that was his signature dress in Toy Story. Now, he possesses big headphones, goggles, and a yellow vest.

However, he reappears towards the film’s end when the toys escape the Try-County Landfill. It was on his truck which they used to hitchhike a ride back home. In their earlier encounter, Andy didn’t recognize Sid.

So, here is how Sid gets transformed in Toy Story 3, and this grown-up man is an entirely different person than what he was in Toy Story. Even if there were some darker sides to him, these movies didn’t reveal that. Some other sequels may shed some light on the same.

sid from toy story


So, if you are interested in some trivia about Sid Phillips, here is where you should look!

  • No one other than Sid knows that the toys have a life in the Toy Story franchise.
  • “Julie Mcbarfle has cooties” is a phrase written on Sid’s backpack. It refers to a camera manager named Julie MacDonald, who was keen on seeing her name somewhere in the film.
  • Little Jack Nicholson was the nickname of Sid during the shooting. His house’ rug pattern matches that of the Overlook hotel in The Shining. Jack Nicholson played a role there.
  • One of the primary influences behind sketching Sid’s character was derived from one of the childhood friends of the animator, Ryan Newbert. Whether he was a bully or not has not been revealed.
  • Erik Von Detten’s last acting role was Sid, as he retired in 2010.
  • According to the view of Andrew Stanton, Andy is way weirder than Sid. The reason behind this is he takes more care of the toys.
  • Al McWhiggin and Sid are the only human antagonists of Toy Story. Other antagonists are all toys, including Gabby Gabby, Lots-o’-Huggin’ Bear, and Stinky Pete.
  • Sid from Toy Story smiling features in Toy Story Treats when he swaps Buzz’s and Woody’s heads!

Final Thoughts

So, has all of these given you enough chills? If yes, it is time to watch Toy Story and experience Sid from Toy Story to believe a character like this exists in Disney!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What happened to Sid in Toy Story?

Sid from Toy Story eventually became a garbageman after leading his childhood as a bully. Things changed in his life when the toys started to scare him and he eventually gave up his ill will.

2. Is Sid a villain in Toy Story?

Yes, Sid is the main antagonist in Toy Story.

3. What is Sid’s name in Toy Story?

The full name of Sid was Sidney Phillips.

4. Who voiced Sid from Toy Story?

Erik von Detten was the voice artist behind Sid’s character from Toy Story.

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