Essay Writing on Alice in Wonderland: Tips for Students

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It’s hard to find a kid who hasn’t read or watched Alice in Wonderland. But what can be written about something so weird and impressive at once? It’s common for schools to ask their students for an academic  Alice in Wonderland essay, and it’s nor surprising considering how great of a text it is. But how to make this piece good, and should you dedicate it to a movie or a book? 

What you need to know to write a good Alice in Wonderland essay

Although you can’t find a perfect way to write the Alice in Wonderland short essay, some things can help you get the idea much better. For example, if you have to answer certain questions for your literature class, chances are you should first read the book or at least skim through the summary. Regardless of how much we all love all Disney company adaptations, some of them are creative reflections on the possible. With such books, there’s always an anxiety that you can’t be as good as the writer who made it. Some people like to look for support when they’re only starting. Remember that if you need urgent essay writing help, you can send your “write my essay today” request to experts from FastEssay and get instant assistance in 2 hours.

First of all, although Alice in Wonderland was initially made from a story Lewis Carroll wrote for a young girl named Alice Liddell (she was a brunette, by the way!), it’s still interesting enough for adults. The book explores lots of topics, such as mental health, maturation, power of imagination, and many more. Just like such impressive works as Watership Down or Wind in the Willows, it’s a very deep piece deserving thousands of essays by writers.

Moreover, if you need to make a good Alice in Wonderland essay analysis that studies the movies or cartoons too, you should think about its adaptations. Each author has something he or she sees in the story, so if you love the old movie or need to analyze it for your school, you can take it into account. For instance, Tim Burton’s imagery is much darker than Carroll’s novel because it’s his style. At the same time, the animated film of 1951 is colorful and will quickly engage young children. 

There are so many versions of this book that you can spend an entire year watching or listening to them! There are ballets, musicals, TV shows, games, and even horror adaptations! 

Are there any hidden symbols in the novel?

The debates over the ideas and symbols shown in this novel are quite common. If you want to know what an entire scientific society thinks about this book, you won’t ever stop finding something new. And there’s a reason for it: it was written during the Victorian period, and although we know it due to beautiful stories for children, real life was tough. A lot of them worked in factories and couldn’t afford food or even go to school. That’s why many people think that it could be a deep metaphor on a society that was cruel and unfair for many. However, Lewis Carroll himself often stated that the story came to him in a dream in which he was chasing the White Rabbit. Did he tell the truth? Who knows. But the narrative certainly hits a nerve in a nice way. 

Alice in Wonderland essay topics to get you started

Most often, when you have to do research and offer a list of themes for your Alice in Wonderland theme essay, you can feel a little lost. However, if you want the best list of topics that will help you write a good text now, let’s look at them. 

Childhood and maturity. It’s not surprising that Alice in Wonderland is a reflection of our deepest fear of growing up. She doesn’t want to live a boring life and enter adulthood where people do not read books with pictures and have to follow the rules. The world she enters almost does not have people. The Mad Hatter and the Queen of Hearts are, in a sense, adults, but they are out of their wits. When Alice goes back home, we see that she is ready to be an unconventional girl. But she also accepts that she will stop being a child, eventually. Although it sounds sad, no one makes it impossible for her to be happy and creative regardless of her age. 

Normality and madness. Quite a popular figure in a book, Mad Hatter makes us think about what makes a world normal or crazy. He seems to be a person with unexpected decisions and opinions, and Alice, whose life is too normal for her liking, sees that characters such as Mad Hatter prove that what society labels as adequate is often insignificant. It takes courage to be different, and that’s what we all learn with the heroine of the story. And when you think of it, who decides what is normal and what is not?

Philosophical themes and ideas in Caroll’s novel

Reality. It’s hard to live in real life. Anyone would likely choose a world where rabbits talk, and girls can grow three stories high after eating food. When Alice in Wonderland was written, the book was much nicer than everything the people had to go through. You can dedicate a paper to how Alice’s desire to hide from reality pushes her to run into a world where everything is a little… off. It shows the child’s inability to accept the world as it is; but what she sees, even the strangest things, are still real for her. So, what makes it a reality? Only what others admit to seeing, or anything that you dare to explore?

Vagueness of life. Let’s take a look at a Cheshire Cat. Is he a good guy? You could say so, but his phrases are not always helpful and sometimes even somewhat cruel. He disappears, mocking Alice and the entire world, often not giving her the answers. Alice’s run through Wonderland shows that you can never predict what will happen next. People – or cats – you will meet in your life will not always be good. Or bad. Children and adults should learn to live with a constant sense that they don’t know what is happening to their lives.

Bottom line

Now that you know about essay writing on Alice in Wonderland, you can write your own essay about anything you want. Don’t be hard on yourself; let your imagination free. Imagine what you love about this book and what you’d want to see if you were Alice. We can all be her, and it only takes a small flame to start a fire. 

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