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Space Mountain Disney World Lights on Thrill Ride

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Space Mountain Disney World Lights On is an indoor ride that operates mostly in the dark. It is located in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, right behind Tomorrowland.

AgeAny age
Height44 inches/ 112 cm or taller
Ride typeDark, thrill ride, sudden drops
AccessibilityNeeds to transfer from wheelchair
Guest policyChildren need to be supervised

History of the ride

Walt Disney conceptualized this ride as early as the 1960s. However, the ride was not officially announced till the next year. It was released with good technology five years after on January 15.

Real astronauts attended the opening ceremony. Their opinion contributed to the making of this attraction.

The ride was an immense success making it one of the most popular rides at Tomorrowland today. It encouraged another version of the ride at Disneyland.

Space Mountain lights on

The Space Mountain Seats have front-to-back order seating in structured rocket vehicles. Each seat contains three rockets.

There are two connected rockets in the middle. This allows the guests to experience the ride together.

The seats are fixed low on the ground of the rocket. Additionally, they have a lap bar that the passengers can hold on to during the ride.

Passengers who are a little larger may find it difficult to be seated because this lap bar fits snugly during the ride.

Image Credit: Flickr

Ride experience

Some call Space Mountain an improved Wild Mouse-designed roller coaster. It makes sharp, quick turns and sudden drops.

Its operations are more thrilling in the absence of much light. The ride has two similar-looking tracks that offer the flashing tunnels that one finds in advertisements.

This ride does not have any inversions or loops. However, the intensity of this ride is somewhere between Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

Space Mountain Disney World Lights On can be a rough and jerky ride for guests. However, it is very popular despite the Space Mountain Speed nature.

This ride may be distressing for children who find themselves unable to be seated next to their guardians. Parents may place a hand on their child’s shoulder on certain occasions, and the child finds it comforting.

Space Mountain with lights on ride access

The ride entrance is accessible by a wheelchair. However, the guest needs to transfer from it to the ride vehicle to enjoy the ride. Service animals cannot access this ride attraction.

Guests need to step over a small-sized wall to board this ride before stepping down and sitting in the rocket. The ride seats are closer to the ground. Therefore, guests need to extend their legs straight out in front of them and from under the side of their seat to enjoy some leg space during the ride.

Guests must be 44 inches or taller to board the ride. Rider Swap is available for this ride.

Guests suffering from neck or back problems, motion sickness, high blood pressure, or any other conditions that this ride may aggravate cannot board it.

This list includes expecting women as well. Children below 7 years of age need adults or other children above 14 years of age.

Passengers sensitive towards loud noises, flashing lights, or sudden drops in rides should consider sitting this ride out.

Bad weather is not a problem for this ride. This is because the ride is located indoors. However, if the queue for the ride is long and extends outside, guests may suggest the thrashings of bad weather.

The best time to board this ride is early in the morning or half an hour, right before the ride closes. The ride is busy during other times of the day.

Space Mountain

Facts about Space Mountain lights on

  • In 2009, Space Mountain (Magic Kingdom) had shut down for improvements. These changes involved replacing the tracks, new rockets, new ceilings, intergalactic games, and many more. Additionally, they started using Star-O-Phonic music for their ride.
  • During this refurbishment, the ride was amended to include a lost and found, baggage claim, and many other features.
  • Disney Paris Space Mountain made some changes in 2005 to add a good soundtrack and some special effects to the ride.
  • In 2015, Star Wars took over Space Mountain and built it into Hyperspace Mountain. This was owing to Disneyland’s Season of Force then. This fleeting change showcased an X-Wing fighter battle.
  • The ride’s logo says ‘Star Port Seventy Five’. This is an insinuation of the year the ride opened in.
  • Disney World’s Space Mountain moves at a speed of 30 mph. This may not seem much when you hear it. However, the ride feels quite fast when zooms in the dark.
  • There is a robot dog that one can find post-show. This dog was RCA’s mascot when they first sponsored Space Mountain. RCA’s sponsorship came to a close. However, this dog remains at this attraction.
  • Buzz Aldrin, the famous astronaut, made an appearance at the majestic opening of the attraction at Disneyland Paris.
  • Since 2009, Space Mountain has featured an angry intergalactic ghost that causes trouble for the riders every Halloween. They call this display Ghost Galaxy.

Popularity of Space Mountain with the lights on

Disneyland’s Matterhorn Bobsleds was the person behind the idea of this intergalactic ride. Walt Disney believed in his concept owing to his success.

Matterhorn originally thought of Space Mountain as the renovated central attraction of Disneyland, which included ‘Space Port.’ This area, later on, came to be known as ‘Space Voyage.’

This idea remained merely that for a long time. Imagineers at Disney realized after Walt Disney’s death that there was a serious lack of thrill rides, and they needed to do something about it. Therefore, Space Mountain was set for construction after more technology and land became available. The Imagineers decided to build it on the perimeter berm of the park.

A marching band performed to celebrate Space Mountain Disney World Lights On opening. James Irwin, the pilot of the Lunar Module, attended as a guest of honor on this occasion.

Today Space Mountain is enjoyed by children and adults alike and has gone down as one of the most popular thrill rides in history.

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