Top 8 Best Scariest Rides at Disney World for Ultimate Adventure

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What is fun about Disney until it gets adventurous? If you’re traveling with toddlers who can scare you with their screech, you’d want to be selective about the rides you experience. But Disney is a whole level of intense when it comes to adventure rides. Yes, some can give you a spine-chilling horror experience, so it is about time we explore the scariest rides at Disney World.

Scariest rides at Disney World to make your Disney trip adventurous

Check out these popular rides across Disney World theme parks that will give you goosebumps and chills. Here is a list of the scariest rides at Disney World that you must not miss. Warning, these are not for the faint-hearted Disney lovers!

1. Summit Plummet

Situated at the Blizzard Water Park, this is the scariest ride at Disney World according to tourists. You can climb the Rushmore Mountain here, and sit on top of this 120-foot-high body slide. It is going to be quite a daring and scary activity, but that’s the best part about the Summit Plummet.

Once you climb the mountain, Disney cast members will give you directions on how to launch yourself and take a downward flight at a whopping speed of over 60 miles per hour. Of course, you have to be a hardcore thrill-seeker to even want to try this experience.

2. Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

There has ‘terror’ in the name of this adventure ride that you will find inside Hollywood Studios. Tourists share experiences and attest that it is one of the scariest rides at Disney World.

Here, you will see a vintage Hollywood-style hotel, covered in dust and cobwebs that will instantly send chills down you are your body. The classic ride will take you on a mesmerizing journey into the fifth dimension.

Take a ride in a service elevator located in the basement. It will transport you straight into The Twilight Zone through an abandoned shaft. Once you get inside, guests who once vanished in 1939 from the same spot will appear in front of you.

The scariest part is when after experiencing a few eerie elements, you will start hearing loud thuds around. Imagine the sound of something falling from a great height at a max velocity of over thirty miles per hour.

During the entire experience, the elevator will go up only once. It is for you to enjoy a beautiful view of the whole park. Right after that, the elevator will drop straight to the bottom and enter Sunset Boulevard.

Why will it keep you wanting to come back? Well, it is the fact that every time you are in the elevator, the drop feels different from the previous time. There is an instant adrenaline you experience and you’d want to come back even if it is scary!

tower of terror disney world

3. Expedition Everest

A blend of Himalayan Base Camp and a Yeti Museum, the Expedition Everest is one of the scariest rides at Disney World. The theme of this ride is inspired by the Animal Kingdom and also includes the 200-foot-tall snow-clad mountain that adds to the suspenseful look of the spot.

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As a rider on the train, you will have to cross an abandoned and haunted temple that houses vibrant yeti murals. It serves as a warning for every trespasser who does not know that the mountain belongs to the legendary creature. The suspense gets to the next level when the overall imagery and sound effects give you goosebumps.

During the expedition, the yeti will appear frequently to elevate the scary experience. Finally, the train will stop completely as it arrives in front of a broken railway track. You can see clearly that a mysterious beast is the one behind the destruction.

Now that there is nowhere to go, the train rushes backwards, and you enter complete darkness. You can feel the adrenaline rush because the train is going down the mountain at a high speed along a spiral track.

With an already scary 80-foot drop, an encounter with the yeti at this point will make this one of the scariest rides at Disney World. You can already understand that this expedition is surely not for the ones with a faint heart.

Expedition Everest Reopens After Refurbishment and Available on Genie

4. Rock ‘n’ Rollercoaster Starring Aerosmith

What is the scariest ride at Disney World? Well, it is one where you get a chance to dance and groove to some of the most popular Aerosmith hits! If you are wondering how that can be scary, here is what you are in for.

While you dance your heart out along Los Angeles streets with neon lights, the speed of the luxurious limo goes from zero to sixty miles per hour. That’s not it, because suddenly the vehicle enters a tunnel, and you are in for a roller coaster experience with your heart racing, just like the limo.

During the journey, you will have to navigate three total inversions that include a corkscrew, and double-rollover loops. As you hear “Walk This Way” or “Sweet Emotion” from the speaker booming with a 32000W system with 24 sub-woofers, it is an absolute adrenaline rush of a journey.

5. TRON Lightcycle/Run

One of the newest roller coasters at Disney World, it is also one of the fastest. The top speed is about sixty miles per hour and is an incredibly exhilarating launch. So, get on your Lightcycle and speed under the 50,000-square-foot canopy to enter the digital “grid,” which has a gloomy, neon-lit vibe.

Here, as a member of Team Blue, you’ll engage in a fast-paced race through eight Energy Gates versus Team Orange, all to the electronic sounds of Daft Punk’s Grammy-nominated soundtrack. The sweeping Tomorrowland canopy takes on a whole new visual dimension at night thanks to shimmering light panels, making for an amazing experience.

6. Space Mountain

While Space Mountain is not the scariest ride at Disney World, it sure is one of the most adventurous ones. As one of the Tomorrowland icons, this ride is a must-experience for everyone visiting the park.

What’s best is that once you experience this ride, it makes you want to get back on it again, because it’s never enough! While the speed of the coaster is 27 miles per hour, quite less compared to other fast-paced rides, it feels faster than that.

The futuristic music adds to the amazing experience as your rocket swirls around sharp corners and twists unexpectedly, going past glittering cosmic objects. Parents need to be aware that the Magic Kingdom’s version of Space Mountain has rockets that seat customers individually, one behind the other.

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This means that some children may feel more scared because they are unable to ride alongside an adult. So, does that count as one of the scariest rides at Magic Kingdom? Yes, of course!

7. It’s Tough to Be a Bug

It may be a little surprising to find this name in the list of the scariest rides at Disney World because it is a kid-friendly attraction. This ride is inspired by “A Bug’s Life,” which is a popular Pixar film.

If you are wondering, the fear factor here is the creepy crawlies that almost all children fear a lot. What makes this experience more thrilling is that the ‘bugs’ here can scare not just the kids, but their parents as well.

Right under the huge Animal Kingdom’s Tree of Life, It’s Tough to Be a Bug! Is a live show and 3D film by Flit the Ant, an audio-animatronic. The show begins with Flik introducing all the bugs that are performing different acts on stage.

The army includes a soldier termite that sprays mist in the form of acid, a sting buck trying to showcase self-defense skills, and others along with Hopper, the villain of the show. While Flik lets humans enter the world of insects, it’s time for all the special effects and music.

Be ready because a hornet stinger may suddenly appear to be moving on your back, or a cockroach or two may crawl around your feet. You may also spot spiders if you are lucky enough! While the whole experience is scary and tingly, the music and humor make for a pretty enjoyable experience overall.

8. Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

The Seven Dwarfs from Snow White appear to be all adorable, cute, and innocent. But, if Big Thunder Railroad has taught us anything, it is that mining is serious! The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train will take you through some steep dips, hairpin curves, and dark areas.

Plus, all this is while your cart rocks back and forth. If a standard roller coaster was not thrilling enough, the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train ups the level by including the cart itself in the ride. The visuals are also rather amazing and impressive.

Overall, this one is surely one of the scariest rides at Magic Kingdom, but in a good way. It is because Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is intense and thrilling, and will give you the adrenaline rush it promises!

Final thoughts

If you are planning a Disney trip next, this guide will help you make the most of it. If you were unaware of the thrilling and adventurous options at these theme parks, the above list of the scariest rides at Disney World tells you what you cannot miss at all!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is scariest ride in Disney World?

The scariest ride in Disney World is the Summit Plummet to some and Expedition Everest to some. Only experiences these thrilling rides will help you determine the one that shoots up your adrenaline the most. If spooky things scare you and catch you off-guard, you might find the Twilight Zone the scariest.

2. What is the scariest ride at Universal?

VeolociCoaster is the scariest ride at Universal as it is the fastest. It has several inversions across the 2 minutes of riding time.

3. Is the Everest ride at Disney scary?

Expedition Everest is scary and parents with small kids should have caution. It can ruin the magical experience of Disney World. For adults, it sure is fine as long as your health allows you to deal with loud noise, fast drop, and speed.

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