Disney World Cancellation Policies to Help You Get Money Back

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Knowing the Disney World cancellation policies can help you recover your money during unforeseen circumstances. Here, we give you the details regarding the same if you face any hindrance while getting to WDW.

Do you want to visit Disney World with your family? Or maybe you’ve finally got that vacation you have been waiting for, and now you want to go to the Magic Kingdom?

But you are unsure about the present condition of traveling. Maybe you don’t know what the situation is at the airlines. Or perhaps you have forgotten how it feels to have a typical day outside your home’s confines.

Don’t worry; here are all the possible policies you will need to go to the magical and happiest place on earth with your loved ones! These policies are related to cancellation at Disney World. If your flight tickets are canceled, or massive traffic bogged you down for any reason, you have everything covered now!

Disney World cancellation policies

Since Disney World and the associated places are huge crowd turners and bustling businesses, they have a sound system of cancellation policies. If you are going through some unforeseen incidents, you don’t have to panic about the tickets you’ve bought.

Hotel and Resorts

The hotels and resorts under Disney World are some of the finest and best places you could stay! They have lots of themes, and the food is fantastic!

The cancellation policies regarding hotels depend on certain factors. How much of the trip you have prepaid and how quickly you are canceling your trip after you’ve booked are certain factors you must keep in mind.

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Suppose you’ve canceled your trip 30 days before the estimated arrival. Suppose you have paid for most of the hotels and accompanying things online.

You will get a refund of the charges for the hotel booking. But this amount doesn’t include non-refundable charges, third-party charges, or pending prior amounts.

Do keep in mind that there might be some cancellation charges. If you are canceling 2 or 29 days before coming, then that booking amount will also be returned, minus any other cancellation or costs you might have to pay.

But don’t forget to cancel your plan if you can’t make it. Because if you’ve booked everything but don’t show up or cancel at the last moment, you will lose a lot of money. Because the entire package amount will be deducted. Also, don’t expect any refund under these circumstances.

Canceling your Disney World trip must be done by visiting the official website.

Best hotel in disney world


Disney World allows leeway regarding your tickets. If you’ve bought tickets, you have them until you cancel them. There is no way you can return them. But, you are allowed to change the dates on the tickets.

The timeframe is given at the time of making the purchase. You can change the dates within that given time limit. You can not make any changes once that time is passed. Also, you can change the ticket date through the official website or the app. The app is My Disney Experience.

Disney World Cancellation Policies to Help You Get Money Back


Regarding food, there is no rivaling Disney’s Ohana or Skipper Canteen to Space. You have a plethora of options available to you when it comes to food. Making reservations beforehand will be very handy if you want a pleasant experience.

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There is usually a massive crowd in the food places so getting live seats is very difficult. Canceling your dining reservations at Disney is very easy. You can do that through a helpline number, through the main website, or you can do it from the app.

But there is one thing you must keep in mind. The cancellation should be made before 11.59 of the day of reservation. If you don’t do that, you’ll be charged a fee of $10 per person.

Disney World Orlando Food


There is one exception to the entire cancellation process. Because of a hurricane in Orlando or the state where you are, you can cancel your reservations at no extra cost or fees.

The hurricane announcement must be within seven days of scheduled arrival and announced by the National Hurricane Center. Customers can call them and inform them or reschedule the entire plan.

If the bookings are made directly through Disney, there will be no cancellation fees for the Disney Travel Company Disney Resort Hotel Package.

Final thoughts

While you can plan for many things, You can’t quite anticipate accidents and unfortunate events. So, if you have to cancel your Disney World plan, you are mostly covered due to the cancellation policies at Disney.

That is why it is better to plan things as much as possible beforehand. Make sure of weather conditions and plan for any outcomes. Even though you will be charged a cancellation fee, Disney will refund most reservations and prices for resorts or dining.

Make sure of the dates and hope everything goes fine and you can enjoy a relaxing vacation with your close friends and family at Disney World.

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