Mickey and Minnie Wedding Theme and Decorations

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The Mickey and Minnie wedding theme can be the perfect idea for a ceremony for couples looking to marry in Disney World or have a Disney-themed wedding!

If you have been following our blog, you might already know how Derek and Rachael had the most magical wedding at Grand Floridian.


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Yes! The bride and groom looked like they were right out of the sets of a Cinderella-themed wedding, and everything was gorgeous!

If you have been inspired to have a Disney theme wedding, why not use Mickey and Minnie as your theme?

Why Mickey and Minnie theme?

We all know that Mickey and Minnie are a couple and are Walt Disney’s OG characters!

So, it is no surprise that the first theme that might cross your mind is a Mickey and Minnie wedding. A Mickey and Minnie wedding style is a dream come true for many people. They are seen as perfect for one another.

Getting married at a beautiful place and with people you love is a lovely dream. But you might ask yourself – what kind of wedding do you want? How do you want to decorate it?

A wedding is not just between two people but a collective effort of your families and friends. Everyone comes together to make it the happiest day of your life.

Since Mickey and Minnie are one of the iconic couples Disney has produced, you might want to look at ways in which you can have a perfectly magical wedding!

Mickey Mouse wedding destination

Some people plan destination weddings. A Mickey Mouse wedding is expensive, and if you want to have it at Disney World, there are many things to consider.

A Mickey Mouse wedding is a perfect themed wedding for cartoon fans. People have a lot of dreams and fantasies about their goals.

Furthermore, some want to hire people who roleplay as these lovable characters for their weddings.

Even though the wedding themes are exciting and colorful, couples enjoy having their dreams come true.

If you search Mickey Mouse wedding, you will find several pictures of the characters in various wedding locations. Their wedding pictures inspire you, and you can plan your wedding from their inspo!

When choosing your wedding destination, we highly recommend you consider Disney World resorts. You will get many things available to make your fairytale come true.

From buying merch from Disney stores to being surrounded by Disney themes for decor, the resorts are perfect for tying your knot!

While Grand Floridian is our favorite option, we would like you to weigh your options depending on your budget.

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Choosing Mickey Minnie wedding theme

There are several kinds of Mickey and Minnie wedding ideas that you can use for your wedding.

Mickey Minnie wedding is a popular wedding theme that many couples incorporate into their weddings.

Different kinds of people love other character weddings or destination weddings. Here are some things you can do on this theme to impress your partner:

  • You can get your partner rings with famous Mickey and Minnie quotes or the prominent ears inscribed on them
  • Design your wedding dresses to reflect the characters’ unique features
  • You can also keep a Disney-themed catering service or wedding decorations
  • You can also get your loved one matching wine glasses with characters kissing or hugging one another
  • There are Mickey Minnie wedding sets that you can buy in stores in Disney World
  • You can also buy plenty of similar products from Etsy. Mickey Minnie wedding ornaments are also in vogue

Those who grew up watching them have a special place for them.

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse trivia

If you are planning to have this theme for your wedding, there are some basic things you must know.

The actual name of Minnie mouse is Minerva. They first appeared in 1929 in an animated short.

Mickey had referred to Minnie as his girlfriend in a song in 1929 named ‘Mickey’s Follies.’

In the original cartoon, the voice actors of Mickey and Minnie are married. This helped fuel some speculations that these characters might be in love with each other.

According to the Disney fandom, Mickey and Minnie Mouse have been together through several iterations.

Collectively, they have been together for 92 years. Therefore, many people do not surprise that these lovable and evergreen characters represent true and enduring love.

Minnie Mickey Wedding at Disney World

Though there is no provision for hosting a marriage ceremony on Disney park grounds, you can propose there. Of course, you can make special arrangements in the resorts, but not in the theme park.

Note that a video recently went viral when a guy popped the question in front of the Cinderella castle in Disney theme park Paris. But an Imagineer quickly came and asked them to move as they were apparently not supposed to use the podium.

The onlookers booed him, and Disney later had to apologize due to criticism over the viral video. However, this doesn’t return the magical moment that was ruined!

So, you would definitely not want to propose in a place you are not supposed to be, unless you take special permission. Even though the chances of this scenario repetition are low, why take the risk anyway?

Sometimes, if you have talked with the correct management, you can hire actors to play Minnie Mickey. People have drawn beautiful Mickey and Minnie wedding photos, cards, and drawings.

There are Mickey and Minnie wedding cakes that you can customize. Some people also sell clothing that features the likeness of the Mickey and Minnie wedding.

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Those who are fans of Disney and the Mickey Mouse cartoon love to receive gifts related to Mickey and Minnie wedding. Some people also enjoy surprising the guests who attend the wedding with Disney characters.

Mickey and Minnie Wedding Theme and Decorations

They hire actors who are in full costumes and act like these famous characters. Many Disney fans are feral about theme weddings.

They post several pictures about their expensive Minnie Mickey wedding on social media.

One such story was that a couple had paid the entire catering budget to hire Mickey and Minnie characters for half an hour. This story became quite popular.

Six things for Mickey and Minnie wedding decorations

Here are six things you can add to your dream wedding to make it unique and special:

1. Mouse ears

The signature design of the beloved mice is their round and adorable ears!

You can incorporate a custom mural wallpaper designed with their ears in your wedding hall, or get those ears from Disney World and wear them to your wedding.

You can also arrange those ears for the bridesmaids!

2. The classic Mickey and Minnie dress

The black, red, and white combination for Mickey Mouse and the black, blue, and white combination for Minnie Mouse are classic Disney colors!

You can adapt these colors into the wedding design and themes! Your wedding dress can also be in these colors.

Mickey and Minnie Wedding Theme and Decorations

3. Mickey and Minnie-shaped cake

A wedding cake is the grand reveal of the entire arrangement.

To make it extra unique, you can arrange for a wedding cake that either reflects the original Mickey Mouse house or the couple atop a traditional three-tiered cake!

4. Play the original song

‘O Sun Minnie’ is a romantic song Mickey sings for Minnie in the short film ‘O Sole Minnie’ that opened in Venice in 2013.

This song quickly became a fan favorite, and you might want to play this at the time you take your vows!

5. Color code your wedding in Mickey and Minnie colors

You can adapt any modern or classic variations of Mickey and Minnie colors to make your wedding special.

You can buy candelabras, tapestries, and plates according to red and blue colors.

6. Beautiful roses

In many iterations of the couple on screen, they have given each other flowers! What better way to preserve this beautiful sentiment than giving your partner flowers?

You can go for beautiful dark red roses as they symbolize eternal love and passion. Be as romantic as you want; it’s your wedding, after all!

Final thoughts

Finally, how you want to celebrate your wedding depends on you and your partner. A wedding is not just a commitment, but it is a partnership.

You might love these characters for several reasons. There is no doubt that Mickey and Minnie represent the original couple’s goals!

Mickey and Minnie Mouse have been through a lot in cartoons and movies. They are dear friends of one another. Each recognizes the talents of the other and appreciates each other.

They are also responsible and fun-loving. These characters have been in love with one another, so apparently on screen for a long time.

Walt Disney, the creator of Mickey Mouse and the Disney intellectual property, had to say in an interview in 1933 that Mickey and Minnie were privately married.

So, a Mickey and Minnie wedding is best for you if you want something whimsical and magical like them!

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