Hospitality Jobs in the Entertainment and Leisure Industries

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Unlike most industries that deal with manufacturing and selling products, the hospitality industry focuses more on delivering services. The industry offers qualified candidates numerous job opportunities that fit their unique lifestyles. These roles include working in the tourism sector, events, food and beverage, transportation, or other roles that build relationships with your customers and ensure they have a great time on their vacations.

While you don’t always need a degree to start a career in hospitality, gaining a relevant qualification can show your commitment to hospitality recruiters and potentially boost your career opportunities. Since most employers have fewer formal requirements for interested candidates, you can get into a smaller role, allowing you to get experience while still studying to improve your career prospects. Here are some roles in the entertainment and leisure industry that you may want to explore:

1. Entertainment Concierge

A career as an entertainment concierge allows you to work in different environments, including resorts, hotels, private companies, and other places that focus on elevating visitors’ everyday lives. As a concierge, your responsibilities typically involve offering guests VIP treatment while on vacation. These services can include offering help with hotel offerings, finding a restaurant, booking flights, and recommending fun things to do.

You will often recommend curated experiences that delight your guests based on their preferences. Then help them secure a place at their chosen destination, make reservations, and purchase tickets. To excel in this role, you need great verbal and written communication, active listening skills, and basic computer skills. This will enable you to efficiently communicate with your guests and gather important information about their preferred activities, budget, and other needs. Extensive knowledge of the local areas and excellent customer service skills can come in handy in performing your duties as an entertainment concierge.

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2. Event Planner

Another job in the hospitality industry that you should consider is working as an event planner. Your main role as an event planner is to plan every aspect of events, whether large or small, to ensure your guests have an amazing time. You’re often responsible for choosing the right event venue, hiring caterers, organizing entertainment, and dealing with vendors.

To successfully plan events, you will need to work closely with your clients and various professionals involved in planning. You also need active listening skills to clearly understand your client’s preferences and make their dream event a reality. Excellent communication and negotiation skills can help you better interact with vendors and venue owners and negotiate the best deals and quality services for your client. Great critical thinking and organization skills can also serve you well as an event planner.

3. Casino Host

A career as a casino host is another excellent opportunity to enter the hospitality industry. This role allows you to work at casinos and other popular gaming centers to guarantee customer satisfaction. As a casino host, you’re required to work within the set rules to ensure guests have the best moments playing the various games offered in a casino.

Your day-to-day duties include welcoming customers into the casino and directing them to their preferred games for an elevated experience. You’re required to identify regular customers and offer them incentives to elevate their casino experience and make them return again and again. You may also be involved in hosting and planning special events in the casino, helping patrons enjoy their visit to the maximum. To perform exceptionally in this role, you should be able to work well with other employees, have impeccable customer service skills, and have a propensity for multitasking.

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4. Theme Park Manager

A theme park manager is responsible for managing day-to-day operations and activities in a park to ensure patrons have an enjoyable experience. As a manager, your duties usually include ensuring all the theme park attractions, stands, and rides are staffed and that all employees understand their roles and are properly equipped to work efficiently. You also decide the days and hours of operation, the admission fees, and the policies to be followed when an issue or concern arises.

As part of your theme park management role, you’re responsible for planning for tomorrow, which may involve fixing and updating old and broken equipment to ensure everything is in the best condition and fully functional. You may also be required to oversee and plan the park’s expansion to ensure attractions are accessible to all patrons.


Currently, the hospitality industry has employed more than eight million Americans, and as one of the fastest-growing industries, you should expect to see new job opportunities across all sectors of the industry.

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