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Do you know who can acquire citizenship in Poland, and what conditions must be met? Do you wonder how to check eligibility for citizenship, and where to look for help? If you have considered any of these issues, please stay with us for a moment. We have prepared a short list of the most asked questions, and we would like to share the answers with you.

How can I get Polish citizenship?

Becoming a citizen of Poland seems to be wonderful, for sure. We do not know if you are aware of the fact you gain many rights associated with that. Moreover, citizenship automatically makes you a European citizen which is even more beneficial. From now, you also get easy access to EU countries and not only! Before we start our Q&A about Polish citizenship, we need to focus on the basics.

What are the ways of acquiring Polish citizenship? The current regulations point out that an individual may derive it by the right of blood. This principle concerns the child born to citizens of Poland (at least one parent must be Polish). The right of soil only applies to a child found on the territory of Poland whose parents are unknown. 

However, we can distinguish a few more ways that you might find interesting. 

  • Citizenship by descent – which is also called the confirmation of Polish citizenship. That means an individual has Polish origin but still does not have his state confirmed. It is crucial to prove that his ancestors were Polish and passed him citizenship.
  • Citizenship by naturalization – as you probably know, foreigners living in Poland can also lodge an official motion and, based on that, become fully-fledged citizens. In such cases, they need to prove their strong links to Poland.
  • Citizenship by adoption – applies to kids under 16.
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To put it simply, if you qualify for one of the above-mentioned options, you should check here – https://fivetoeurope.com/faqs/ – what steps you need to take to finally become a part of our nation.

Where can I apply for Polish citizenship?

As you are here, you probably checked your eligibility for citizenship of Poland, didn’t you? Well, depending on the process that concerns you, you need to lodge an official motion at the appropriate institution. When it comes to citizenship by descent, the Voivodeship Office is the place you should visit and leave the application which includes the evidence of your roots.

What to do if you do not qualify for citizenship confirmation? As a foreigner who has connections with Poland and, at the same time, would like to become Polish, it is crucial to apply at the President’s Office. He has the competence to conclude whether the factors stated in the motion are sufficient enough for him to give positive consent. It is good to know that he is not bound to any deadlines and you cannot appeal the decision. However, you can apply once again.

Once you obtain citizenship, you are also ready to get a Polish passport and start a new life here!

Can I lose Polish citizenship?

We noticed that many foreigners who were interested in the confirmation or naturalization process are also afraid of losing citizenship of Poland. The moment you become Polish, there is no possibility of forfeiting your status.

The current principles say that an individual can only renounce Polish citizenship at his request but he needs to hold citizenship of another country. The regulation came into force to prevent statelessness.

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Each case is unique and it must be assessed individually. We hope we were able to dispel any doubts associated with this topic!



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