Is Wakanda Forever on Disney Plus and OTT platforms?

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The wait is over for all fans of Black Panther, as the answer to is Wakanda Forever on Disney Plus is yes!

Wakanda Forever is streaming online on Disney+ since February 01, 2023. The movie was released on the platform 82 days after its theatrical release. It was one of the longest waits but worth it.

If you have not yet subscribed to the OTT platform, we will help you navigate the movie across other platforms.

Where to watch Black Panther?

If you have not watched the first part of Wakanda Forever, you must start with it first. The movie is also streaming on Disney Plus so that you can binge one after another.

Led by the late Chadwick Boseman, the Black Panther movie was a breath of fresh air due to cultural inclusion. Both these movies are a part of the Marvel series, and Wakanda Forever was Phase 4.

Boseman’s untimely demise after delivering one of the first and exclusive Black community inclusion topped charts after its first release. Black Panther is also the first Marvel movie to get a nomination at the Oscars for Best Picture. Again, Angela Bassett got a nomination as the Best Supporting Actress for Wakana Forever.

There was a lot of pressure to create Wakanda Forever after Boseman’s loss. While audiences were disheartened not to have him on the show, they rooted for the tribute that followed.

Much like the first half, critics loved the second, and the Wakanda Forever box office made over $842 million globally. It was one of the highest grossing in 2022.

Black Panther storyline

The Black Panther story takes us back to thousands of years ago when there were five African tribes at war with each other to procure a meteorite. The out-worldly meteorite is made of a special element named ‘vibranium.’

One of the warriors (T’Chaka) ingests it and obtains magical powers and abilities that give birth to the first king – Black Panther. He is a part of the Jabari Tribe and, with his people, forms the country Wakanda.

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The power of vibranium allows the tribe to create thousands of useful technology and weaponry. They live in isolation from the rest of the world. But soon T’Chaka finds out that his brother N’Jobu had been unlawfully trading vibranium to another country.

T’Chaka tried his best to fight against the forces but died in the process. The king is ascended by T’Challa, played by Chadwick Boseman. He is the protagonist of the movie who becomes Black Panther and fights to keep Wakanda protected.

Wakanda Forever storyline

The Black Panther Wakanda Forever full movie streaming now on Disney Plus. But let’s dive into a glimpse of what you will watch.

The movie begins on a sad note as the people of Wakanda mourn the death of T’Challa, their king. They constantly fight to protect their home from powers trying to put them down.

The central characters are Queen Ramonda, Dora Milaje, M’Baku, Okoye, and Shuri, on a continuous quest to protect their kingdom from malice. The movie exemplifies how powerful people unite to pave a new direction for their kingdom. Everett Ross and War Dog Nakia help them as they seek refuge under their power and expertise.

Is Wakanda Forever on Disney Plus and OTT platforms?

When is Wakanda Forever on Disney Plus or other OTT platforms?

‘Forever’ is the term to use for answering is Wakanda Forever on Disney Plus, as the movie is out already! We can assume having the film on the platform forever or for several years before Disney discontinues it.

If you are wondering is Wakanda forever on Disney Plus for free, then yes, the movie is free if you have a monthly or yearly subscription.

You can buy it for $8 per month if you do not want the more expensive packages. It is the starting range and goes up according to the number of devices or quality you wish to possess.

How to watch Wakanda Forever on Disney Plus?

You need to subscribe to Disney+ to watch Wakanda Forever on the platform. To do so, you must:

  • download the app on your smartphone or open Disney+ website and sign up
  • you will get a 7-day trail period that instantly enables you to watch it for free
  • search for Wakanda Forever from the search bar in the homepage
  • click on play to start watching the film

Disney Plus costs $8 per month with ads and $11 without ads. You can also pay $110 for a one year pack that saves you $22 when paying for ad-free service per month.

If you have Apple TV, you don’t need to subscribe to Disney+ separately. More details on this below.

Let us now find out is Wakanda Forever on other OTT platforms as well:


Since Netflix and Disney are competitors, it is less likely to find Wakanda Forever on Netflix ever. Currently, the streaming platform does not have the show, and there are no intentions of this inclusion.

Amazon Prime

Yes, Wakanda Forever is available on Amazon Prime. But the answer is not affirmative for all geographic locations. For example, India has yet to have this movie onboard, while the US already has it streaming.

How to watch Wakanda Forever on Amazon Prime?

Don’t have a subscription to Amazon Prime yet? I will help you through it. Before you pay for the yearly or monthly subscription, note that Amazon also lets you rent and buy movies on their platform. It helps you to have the movie with your forever or rent it for limited time.

But if you want to stream multiple shows, it is best to stick to subscription model. You can buy a monthly pack for $12.99 or $119 for one year.

To subscribe and watch Wakanda Forever on Amazon Prime you need:

  • open Amazon and select the Prime option
  • redirected to a new page to add sign-in credentials
  • start the 30-day free trial after adding banking credentials for auto-renewal monthly or yearly
  • once you have access to the trial period you can stream Wakanda Forever online


No, Hulu does not host the movie on their platform yet. There are no announcements of inclusion in the near future.

Apple TV

Yes, you can watch Wakanda Forever on Apple TV right now. It is streaming on this platform.

How to watch Wakanda Forever on Apple TV?

To watch Wakanda Forever on Apple TV you need to buy the device from the Apple Store. Post purchase and acquisition you need to:

  • connect the device with your television system
  • link the devices together to use it seamlessly
  • open Disney+ network available on Apple TV
  • search for Wakanda Forever and play it


No, the movie is not on HBO Max.

Wakanda Forever was the best way to say goodbye to Chadwick Boseman. Fans from all over the world came together to be a part of this journey. You, too, can join them by watching them online.

Since the answer to is Wakanda Forever on Disney Plus is yes, you can stream both parts of this movie online. You can also try Apple TV and Amazon Prime if you don’t have a Disney Plus subscription.

FAQs Is Wakanda Forever

Is Wakanda Forever on Disney Plus?

Yes, Wakanda Forever is streaming on Disney Plus since February 01, 2023.

Is Wakanda Forever on Netflix?

No, it is not on Netflix and will not be on this platform.

Is Wakanda Forever on Amazon Prime?

Yes, it is available on Prime. You can watch it if you have subscription.

Is Wakanda Forever on Hulu?

No, Hulu does not stream Wakanda Forever.

Is Wakanda Forever on Apple TV?

Yes, everything available on Disney+ is available on Apple TV, and it includes Wakanda Forever.

Is Wakanda Forever on HBO Max?

No, you cannot stream the movie in this platform.

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