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7 Memorable Horses In Disney Movies

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Disney Movies have given us plenty of magical adventures over the years, creating memorable characters that captured our hearts. However, it seems like horses in Disney Movies deserve more love.

These four-legged companions of the main characters left an incredible mark on our memories. Horses in Disney movies apart from making the story much better, have deeper meanings such as strength, bond, and power.

On top of that, it is always nice to see the bond between humans and horses which is truly heartwarming.

Horses in Disney movies might not look like Breeders’ Cup winners, but they definitely make the story more fun and showcase some true emotions.

This is what inspired us to go on a search for the most unforgettable equine stars from Disney Movies that galloped their way into our hearts.

Maximus from “Tangled”

When we talk about horses that took center stage in a Disney movie, we immediately think of Maximus, the horse that is wild, funny, and charming. Maximus is the loyal companion to Flynn Rider.

Maximus’s expressions and antics are pure comedy gold, showing that even a tough guy can have a soft side. And let’s not forget his unexpected friendship with Rapunzel that tugs at our heartstrings. Maximus proves that friendships come in all shapes, sizes, and species.

Pegasus from “Hercules”

Now we move to some mystical creatures, and in this case the legendary flying horse. Hercules was a Disney movie that we grew up with, and it captured our hearts with its incredible story and heartwarming characters.

When it comes to flying horses, Pegasus takes the cake in “Hercules.” This winged wonder isn’t just a sidekick; he’s the embodiment of loyalty and connection. Without saying a word, Pegasus and Hercules understand each other, showing us that actions often speak louder than words.

This is the perfect representation of a human-horse friendship and shows us that it has no boundaries.


This is a rather different movie than the previous ones, and not what you would expect from Disney. This is a real movie with actors (not an animated one) that follows the story of the Secretariat, the greatest horse that ever lived.

Secretariat is a movie that is quite interesting to watch, especially for horse racing enthusiasts!

If you love the thrill of the races and want to hear an incredible story about a horse that set records that still remain unbeaten, you should definitely watch it. The Secretariat became a Triple Crown winner after a long time, which brought the excitement back to horse racing.

It is a true story movie about Penny Chenery, portrayed by Diane Lane, as she inherited her father’s stables and took the challenging task of climbing on top of the male-dominant horse racing world.

Through her incredible bond with the horse, Penny manages to transform the Secretariat into a legendary horse that sets record times in multiple races.

This is a Disney movie where the horse is in the spotlight the entire time. So, if you want a break from animated movies and want to experience the thrills of horse racing as a sport, you should definitely watch it.

Khan from “Mulan”

Do you remember Mulan? The Asian Disney Movie where the main character wants to become a warrior and Khan is her partner along the journey.

Khan’s unwavering support for Mulan during her journey to bring honor to her family showcases the profound bond between humans and animals. Through battles and challenges, Khan’s resilience remains unshaken.

Khan is also a funny horse spreading some wit into the movie, but it is always there to take Mulan out of embarrassing situations.

Through battles and challenges, Khan’s determination never wavers. His presence reminds us that sometimes, the quietest companions are the most powerful.

Bullseye from “Toy Story”

Toy Story is a movie that doesn’t feature their classic Disney animation, but it is one of their most popular movies. 

As we all know, Woody is a cowboy action figure that comes to life, and how can you be a cowboy without a horse?

Fortunately, Disney included a witty, sometimes crazy but loyal companion to Woody called Bullseye.

You might remember the line “Run like the wind Bullseye” as Woody shouts to his horse to run at full strength.

Even though in most Disney movies horses speak, Bullseye has charming non-verbal expressions reminding us that the bond between horses goes beyond words. Bullseye is there for Woody in the toughest times which shows the loyalty between horses and humans that goes for thousands of years.

Black Beauty

Even though animated Disney movies are quite interesting to watch even for adults, sometimes watching the action with real horses makes all the difference.

Black Beauty is another horse-themed movie produced by Disney, about a carriage horse that lived on the streets of London.

The Black Beauty movie is based on a book, and it is one of the first adaptations dating to 1917.

This is a movie that showcases the true bond between humans and horses that dates back thousands of years. In Black Beauty, we can see the lifetime connection between a teenage girl and a wild horse. 

The best thing about Black Beauty is its views on the humane treatment of horses. It is what the world needs at the moment, especially after many accusations of sports like horse racing being unethical.

With that said, if you cannot handle sad and intense moments, you should focus on the other animated movies we covered in this article.

Frou-Frou from “Cinderella”

Even though Cinderella is a Disney Movie that focuses on the connection between her and Prince Charming, Frou-Frou comes from the back taking center stage.

In the film, Frou-Frou holds the honorable position of being Madame Bonfamille’s horse while also enjoying the esteemed status of being a trusted companion to the Duchess and her adorable kittens. 

The story kicks off with a heartwarming scene where Frou-Frou provides Madame, Duchess, and the kittens a cozy ride from the town back to their residence.

Frou-Frou, just like its name, the horse spreads some comic into the movie that it is impossible to ignore, especially the eye-rolling when Prince Charming is around.


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