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Which Disney Prince Are You Based on Your Personality Traits?

Which Disney Prince Are You Based on Your Personality Traits?

Who are the Disney princess without their perfect prince? While the female characters have always dominated in the world of Disney, if it wasn’t for the men, they would have not had their perfect other halves. Disney has some of the most desirable princes and if you are a male Disney fan, you’d definitely resonate with one. Let us find out which Disney prince are you!

Are you like Prince Phillip who brings Aurora back to life and assists the fairies in defeating Maleficent? Or do you have resemblances with Flynn Rider who is admired by all for his charming and adventurous nature?

So, which Disney Prince are you?

For decades, Disney has been making princess movies that are adored by millions of fans worldwide. The princesses are extremely witty and extraordinarily beautiful, and the princes can never be just as dazzling as them.

There are still some unforgettable male leads that the fictional female leads would love to date. These princes, despite having less important roles than the princesses, are popular among fans. So, without further ado, let’s find out which Disney prince are you.

Prince Charming

Prince Charming and Cinderella met for the first time at the royal ball. The Prince was progressive enough to fall in love with a stranger who didn’t even disclose her identity.

Although he was born into royalty, he gave his heart to a commoner. He also overcame all obstacles to be united with Cinderella. He supported, respected, and made her the queen of his kingdom. All these prove that he has a heart of gold.

Can you love as selflessly and innocently as Prince Charming? If destiny separates you from your partner, will be pursue her relentlessly? Then chances are high that you are a Prince Charming and who values love and loyalty.

Prince Phillip

Prince Phillip is the kind of passionate lover that all women revere. That he is a soft-hearted man is evident when he appreciates the melodious voice of Aurora. Like him, are you too moved by powerful music?

Before he could profess his love, Aurora gets kidnaped and he embarks on a mission to rescue her. This is the first time the viewers get a glimpse of his fearless side. He isn’t scared to fight a fire-breathing dragon for the sake of his ladylove.

So, if you are a brave person who can take a stand for his near ones, you are more like Prince Phillip. He is the perfect balance between a tender lover and a fierce protector. To have assurance that you’re Prince Philip, you can try the Which Disney Prince are you Quiz.

Prince Eric

Don’t feel disheartened if you didn’t find any similarities with Prince Charming or Prince Phillip. In Disney’s movieverse, there are other gallant characters like Prince Eric who are worth celebrating.

What makes Eric special is his ability to accept and respect uniqueness. His wish to be with Ariel forever grows stronger when he discovers she isn’t human. He puts his life in risk and goes to the underworld to save her.

Eric also has the maturity to understand that Ariel is the one even if she cannot speak. If you have these traits in you, they indicate that you’re Eric. So, although many criticized Ariel for trading her voice for a man’s affection, it is evident that she chose wisely.

Robin Hood

Does your heart ache when you see the sufferings of poor people? Do you find deep satisfaction in helping the ones in need. Then have you ever paused to consider that you are like Robin Hood?

Technically a thief, Robin Hood is irresistibly attractive because of his noble deeds. His devilish grin when he cheats a rich person can make anyone weak in the knees. It is this playful spirit that make him a cheerful character.

Another reason why you might feel a genuine connection to this guy is because he is approachable. Unlike most Disney princes, Robin Hood is a boy-next-door who’s eager to solve everyone’s problems.

So, look within and ask yourself if you are as kind and generous as Robin Hood? If the answer is yes, then you should be proud of these qualities and continue to serve humankind. That explains why he had to be included on our list even if he’s not a traditional prince.

Prince Adam

Have you always been unhappy with your looks? Do you feel unsure of yourself when you meet someone new? Prince Adam from Beauty and the Beast encountered the same kind of problems as he felt he was ugly.

While initially Adam appears to be cruel and insensitive, it is later revealed that he is capable of change. He starts to enjoy the lively Bella’s company and even lets her see her father by gifting her the magic mirror.

So, if you imagine you’re Adam, you should try to focus more on improving your skills. Like the prince, you too will find a soulmate who won’t prioritize outward beauty.

Final Thoughts

While some Disney princes are easily forgettable, others stand out as charismatic and chivalrous. With their timeless charm, they have etched a permanent place in our hearts and every boy with a wild imagination wants to be like then.

So, now that you have figured out which Disney prince are you, how happy are you? Will you be dressing up as your favorite character for an upcoming event? Now that’d be fun and an awesome surprise for your girlfriend! If you don’t have a paramour yet, behaving like a prince will certainly make girls fall for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is the most intelligent Disney prince?

Different Disney princes are praised for their diverse virtues and intelligence is one of them. Fans have voted Prince Eric, Aladdin, and Robin Hood as the wittiest ones.

2. Who is the No 1 Disney prince?

Many are of the opinion that General Shang is the most attractive Disney Prince. He is not a flawless person but someone who learns from his past mistakes. Although he abandons Mulan, he later gathers the courage to bid adieu to regressive traditions.


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