All That Happened at Disney World Easter 2024

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Disney World Easter 2024 celebrations got over last week, and if you missed this one you can plan for the next. But for starters, let us have a sneak-peek through what happens at Disney during Easter to know how you can be a part of the festivities.

Disney celebrates holidays like no other, and spring break sees quite a rise in footfall. From egg displays to activities, from food to decor, Easter is the third best time to be here after Christmas and Halloween.

Activities at Disney World

Every event at Disney World Orlando is celebrated exquisitely, and Easter is no exception. Here is all that you can expect if you visit Disney during Easter:

Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom becomes the most happening place during Easter and 2024 wasn’t any different. While other theme parks of Disney too have Easter decorations and events, Magic Kingdom secured a special place in the hearts of visitors for these reasons.

Meeting and greeting the Easter Bunny

Mr. and Mrs. Bunny were busy throughout the year stocking up on edibles and painting eggs. But on March 31, 2024, they spent the whole time greeting and clicking pictures with visitors at Magic Kingdom.

As per sources, people who were at Magic Kingdom a few days before Easter were also fortunate to take selfies with the Easter Bunny. In case you intend to visit in 2025, you may find them at Bunny Lake Garden.

Spring Trolley Show

The inhabitants of Main Street, USA couldn’t contain their excitement on the Easter weekend. Dressed in bright pastel hues, several iconic Disney characters arrived in town. It is known as the Spring Trolley Show or Easter Procession.

The main personalities of this parade are Mr. Easter Bunny and Mrs. Easter Bunny who kept waving and throwing gifts. They were accompanied by springtime characters as well as dancers. White Rabbit, Clara Cluck, Daisy Duck, Thumper, Dancing Chicks, and Ostriches were some of them.

What grabbed the attention of visitors was their horse-drawn trolley decorated with beautiful bouquets of ribbons and flowers. The procession was a sight to behold and now you have to wait a whole year to witness it again. But don’t be upset as the mini parade will be back in 2025 prior to the Festival of Fantasy Parade.

Disney World Easter 2024


When guests were done rejoicing at Magic Kingdom, they proceeded towards EPCOT and were thrilled beyond expectations.

EPCOT hosted the Eggstravaganza or the Disney World Easter Egg Hunt competition. Searching for hidden Easter eggs is a traditional Easter game and EPCOT organizes it each year.

The participants collected their Easter Egg Hunt Maps at specific merchandise locations. Equipped with the maps, guests commenced their egg hunt. The eggs are themed rabbits as they are among the cutest cartoon characters.

The participants were seen placing the right character sticker in the location displayed on their map. After the game was over, they had to return their maps to the shop from where they bought them. Then the winners picked up their surprises and returned home with a wide smile on their faces.

Disney World Easter brunch

A day trip to the happiest place on Earth is incomplete unless you tantalize your taste buds with scrumptious delicacies. The visitors were super happy with the Disney World Easter 2024 food fest.

Multiple restaurants across Walt Disney World Resort had a specially curated menu for Easter. From sweet to spicy – there were so many types of yummy snacks that the visitors were spoilt for choices.

They announced the details for the special brunch meals several weeks before the holiday. As the place was extremely crowded, guests had the option of reserving a table at their chosen restaurant in advance.

Easter Egg displays at Disney World

One of the prime attractions was the Easter Egg display reflecting the culinary expertise of world-class bakers. The bakery team spent weeks designing large chocolate eggs. The giant eggs were completely edible and topped with royal icing, fondant, sugar sculptures, and cocoa butter.

The egg displays were at the lobbies of select resorts and all eggs displayed were handcrafted. Guests drool over and take pictures of the Disney-themed eggs, but cannot touch them though!

How crowded was Disney World on Easter?

By now it is clear to you that being at Disney World on Easter is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Naturally, this year’s number of guests at Disney parks exceeded the previous year’s guest count.

This means people had to stand in a queue for hours before experiencing a famous ride. The eateries were equally jam-packed and so, the people who visited early saved a lot of time.

You can check the April Disney World crowd calendar to acquire more details. If you ever go to Disney World during any holiday like Halloween or Christmas, the crowd is almost double!

Final thoughts

So, when it comes to giving guests an unforgettable time, Disney leaves no stone unturned. Like other years, Disney World Easter 2024 was all about meet and greets, egg hunts, delectable food, and special events. If it is one of your dream destinations, you won’t regret going to Disney World during your Easter vacation.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Disney World do anything special on Easter?

When it’s Easter, Disney World’s egg-cellent offerings grab everyone’s attention. The theme parks have decorations all over, and they arrange everything from egg hunts to art displays. Posing for photographs with Easter Bunny was a highlight of Disney World Easter 2024.

2. How is the Disney in April weather?

Orlando weather is warm in the months of March and April, and it ranges between 64 degrees and 84 degrees. So, it is pleasant in the morning and evening. As you’ll visit Disney World in the daytime, wear casual and breathable clothes to reduce sweating.

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